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Weather Table
Clear 35% Thunder 5%
Cloudy 40% Foggy 5%
Overcast 10% Rain 5%
Snow 0%
Map showing the Heartlands region of Cyrodiil

The Heartlands are a lowland area in Cyrodiil consisting of the central areas of the province. It forms a border with the regions Great Forest on the north and west, Nibenay Basin on the east, and Nibenay Valley on the south. The Red Ring Road forms the border on most sides, but its eastern border stretches roughly halfway to Cheydinhal, and its southern border extends down the Niben River to the end of Niben Bay. The Blue Road enters the region from the east, and the Yellow Road from the southeast.

The region is dominated by Lake Rumare and City Isle, on which stands the Imperial City.

Most of the vegetation of the region is found close to water, where Sacred Lotus, Water Hyacinth, and Nirnroot predominate. Fly Amanita, Lavender, and Morning Glory plants are also found throughout the region.

Heartlands PlacesEdit

A list of places found in the region of Heartlands.

Major CitiesEdit

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  • Blue Road — Main road from the Imperial City to Cheydinhal.
  • Red Ring Road — The ring road circling Lake Rumare (and the Imperial City).
  • Yellow Road — Eastern road from the Imperial City to Leyawiin.

Bodies of WaterEdit

  • Lake Rumare — A large lake surrounding the Imperial City.
  • Niben Bay — The large lake that forms the outflow from Lake Rumare into Topal Bay.

Ayleid RuinsEdit




  Imperial Prison Sewer (Tutorial) — A large sewer northeast of the Imperial City where the tutorial takes place. Later, it may be seen as Imperial Prison Sewer (Scheduled for Execution). (map)
  Imperial Prison Sewer (Scheduled for Execution) — The sewer system northeast of the Imperial City you access to kill Valen Dreth. (map)

Heartlands QuestsEdit

A list of all quests involving the region of Heartlands.

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Dark BrotherhoodEdit

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  • On the in-game map, much of the terrain labeled as "The Heartlands" to the northeast of the Imperial City is actually part of the Great Forest.