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This article is about The effect in combat. For Scribing script, see Damage Shield (script).

Damage Shield is an effect which absorbs all incoming damage up to a certain value. It is available from a number of skills, set bonuses, and champion perks. Damage Shields from different sources can stack, but multiple castings of the same spell will not. Note that there are a number of attacks which can penetrate Damage Shields and cannot be resisted. While active, your health bar will appear as below, the purple section showing how much shield you have remaining:

ON-misc-Status Damage Shield.png

Your allies and/or pet(s) will have a similar change to their health bar:
ON-misc-Status Damage Shield (target).png


Skill Shield Strength Duration Affects Cost Notes
Hardened Armor (Draconic Power) 10% Health 2.5-3.5 sec. Self Only 3240 Magicka Dragonknight only
Ferocious Leap (Draconic Power) 100-103% Health 6 sec. Self Only 125 Ultimate Dragonknight only
Obsidian Shield (Earthen Heart) 1312-1357 6 sec. Self and Allies 4050 Magicka Dragonknight only
Magma Shell (Earthen Heart) 100% Health 9 sec. Self and Allies 200 Ultimate Dragonknight only
Conjured Ward (Daedric Summoning) 2628-2868 6 sec. Self and Pets 3510 Magicka Sorcerer only
Sun Shield (Aedric Spear) 27-30% Health 6 sec. Self Only 4320 Magicka Templar only
Radiant Ward (morph) 3980 Magicka
Annulment (Light Armor) 2626-2708 6 sec. Self Only 4590 Magicka
Dampen Magic (morph) 2708 + 3-6% per piece
Shielded Assault (One Hand and Shield) 1049-1083 6 sec. Self Only 3780 Stamina
Steadfast Ward (Restoration Staff) 1649-1701 + up to 300% 6 sec. Lowest Health Ally 4590 Magicka
Ward Ally (morph) 1701-1753 + up to 300% Self and Ally
Life Giver (Restoration Staff) 1649-1701 + up to 300% 6 sec. Lowest Health Ally 125 Ultimate
Brawler (Two Handed) 659-681 × enemies hit 8 sec. Self Only 3240 Stamina
Bone Shield (Undaunted) 30% Health 5-6 sec. Self + Synergy 3780 Stamina
Bone Wall (synergy) 60% Health 10 sec. Self
Barrier (Support) 9424-9708 30 sec. Self and Allies 200 Ultimate Legionary Rank+ only


Set Pieces Shield Strength Duration Affects Triggered By Cooldown
Brands of Imperium 5 140-12040 6 sec. Self and Allies 10% chance when damaged 15 sec.
Combat Physician 5 95-8195 8 sec. Ally When you critically heal yourself or an ally 6 sec.
Hatchling's Shell 5 260-3200 6 sec. Self Whenever you take damage 6 sec.
Hexos' Ward 5 286-12305 6 sec. Self Dealing direct Critical Damage 7 sec.
Iceheart 2 100-8600 6 sec. Self 20% chance when dealing Critical Damage 6 sec.
Lunar Bastion 5 27-2399 10 sec. Self and Allies Using a Synergy (every 2 seconds for 8 seconds) 20 sec.
Para Bellum 5 195-8412 6 sec Self Not taking damage for 10 seconds 6 sec.
Prayer Shawl 5 28-2425 6 sec. Ally When you overheal yourself or an ally 2 sec.
Relics of the Rebellion 3 105-3080 5 sec. Self 5% chance when dealing damage 1 sec
Undaunted Bastion 5 160-13760 15 sec. Self Taunting an enemy while below 75% Health 10 sec.
Whitestrake's Retribution 5 120-10320 8 sec. Self Dropping below 30% Health 15 sec.


Perk Points Shield Strength Duration Triggered By
Reinforced (The Steed) 120 1254 10 sec. Blocking
Revival (The Lord) 75 10230 5 sec. Being resurrected
Determination (The Lord) 120 1287 15 sec. Drinking a potion
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