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Dark Heart of Skyrim

The Dark Heart of Skyrim is the fourth main story arc of the Elder Scrolls Online, following on from the Season of the Dragon. It is an overarching story which spans multiple content updates in the form of DLC, Chapters, and free quests, covering the entirety of 2020's content releases. Details of the plot were officially announced on January 16, 2020, though teasers in the form of a letter from Sai Sahan and maps with Daedric text and tribal objects were sent to various influencers prior to this.[1]

The eventual return to Skyrim has been hinted at in the past, with Lyris Titanborn being mentioned as having returned to her homeland to deal with an urgent matter.

Quest OrderEdit

Dark Heart of Skyrim

Due to the multiple content releases involved in the Dark Heart of Skyrim, there are no prerequisites for completing these quests and they can be done in any order. However, they do follow a chronological order as listed here.

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