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Location Throughout Murkmire, Teeth of Sithis
Along the coast of Southern ElsweyrDragonhold, BlackwoodBlackwood
Species Hackwing
Health 31364
Normal98,233Veteran(?) (Blackrose Prison)
Reaction Hostile
A solitary Hackwing

Hackwings are hostile winged creatures often found in packs throughout Murkmire or passively flying above the treetops. The indigenous Argonians hunt them for their hide for use in crafting armor.


  • Hackwings' first mention in The Argonian Account claimed they were birds rather than reptiles. In ESO, the terms bird and flying lizard seem to be used interchangeably to describe them. The Legends card Hackwing Feather depicts a bird's feather. The leathery "horn" on the top of their head is referred to as a plumage in the Hackwing Plumage style item.