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Online:Mastercraft Exchange (Grahtwood)

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Mastercraft Exchange:
Mastercraft Exchange
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Discoverable No
Green HallGrahtwood
Island south of the Elden Root tree, connected by bridges
The Mastercraft Exchange

The Mastercraft Exchange is the Dominion Master Writ drop-off spot in Grahtwood. The Exchange is located on a small island south of the Elden Root tree and is connected by two bridges to the north and south, with some elven ruins to the east.

Rolis Hlaalu and Faustina Curio can be found here and will offer special crafting items and furnishings in exchange for 0000000Writ VouchersWrit Vouchers. Ordinary Crafting Writs can also be shipped off from this location via the Delivery Crates and Malbirra.

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