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Help find a lost minstrel.
Zone: Grahtwood
Quest Giver: Enda, northeast of Cave of Broken Sails
Location(s): Southpoint, Sweetbreeze Cottage
Reward: Sweetbreeches
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 4882
The show must go on
Enda's husband, a minstrel named Sorion, went missing after going on tour through Grahtwood. I agreed to help track him down.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Enda.
  2. Search for the minstrel in Southpoint.
  3. Head to Sweetbreeze Cottage.
  4. Return to Enda.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

On the road west of Haven, you may encounter an Altmer woman named Enda at her campsite. She has come to Grahtwood from Auridon in search of her husband, a minstrel named Sorion. Offer to help track him down, and she will point you towards Southpoint, his last known whereabouts.

Journey to Southpoint and enter the inn. It may be necessary to avoid or fight the city's insane inhabitants if you have not yet completed The Grip of Madness. Inside the abandoned inn, you will find an incriminating note. In it, Sorion reveals that he is currently staying with a girl he met at Sweetbreeze Cottage. Travel to the cottage and you will encounter a rather odd Bosmer woman called Lobelathel, who grows and eats vegetables in defiance of the Green Pact.

Lobelathel will not reveal anything about Sorion, so you will need to investigate the cottage. Inside, you will find a trapdoor which leads to the basement: it is locked, so you will need to find the key to open it up. Interact with the hanging laundry outside to nab the key and head into the basement, where a macabre scene awaits: several skeletons, arranged as if watching a minstrel perform. Approach the skeleton on stage to confirm Sorion's fate.

Once you exit the basement, Lobelathel will attack, though it is not necessary to kill her. When you return to Enda, you will be given the option to either tell her about her husband's infidelity or claim that he was eaten by a troll. If you tell the truth, she will not be surprised or terribly broken up about it. Regardless of your choice, you will receive Sweetbreeches and gold as a reward.


  • Lobelathel won't exist at the cottage before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.
  • Lobelathel appears as Mad Meleniril if watching another player fight Lobelathel while you are at an earlier stage in the quest.

Quest StagesEdit

The Wandering Minstrel
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Enda told me Sorion was supposed to play at Southpoint, but the guards there wouldn't let her inside town.
Objective: Find Sorion in Southpoint
I found a note Sorion wrote to an innkeeper in Southpoint. It seems he left to stay with a woman in a place north of The Gray Mire called "Sweetbreeze Cottage". I should look for him there.
Objective: Find Sorion at Sweetbreeze Cottage
I found a suspicious hatch beneath the bed in Sweetbreeze Cottage. I should look around the immediate area to see if I can find the key.
Objective: Find Key to Hatch
I found the key to the hatch in some clothes drying outside the cottage. I should use it on the hatch to see what's in the basement.
Objective: Use Laundered Key on Hatch
I've discovered a veritable dungeon of horrors beneath the cottage. There's a skeleton holding a lute, set up on a macabre stage. I should take a closer look.
Objective: Examine Minstrel's Lute
Sorion is dead. I should inform Enda.
Objective: Talk to Enda
Finishes quest  I told Enda the truth about Sorion's death. I should see if she has anything else to say. OR (?)
Objective: Talk to Enda
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