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Help Alessandra make peace with her dead father.
Quest Giver: Alessandra
Location(s): Riften Hall of the Dead
Reward: Multiple Restoration spell tomes
Disposition: =1 (Alessandra)
ID: FreeformRiften13
Alessandra praying at the Shrine of Arkay

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Alessandra.
  2. Deliver Alessandra's dagger to Andurs in Whiterun.
  3. Return to Alessandra.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

A Daughter's PathEdit

Alessandra is the priestess of Arkay in Riften. She tends the Hall of the Dead, located beneath the Temple of Mara, by herself. When you speak with her, you will note a certain bitterness about her position: "I didn't ask for this job, I got stuck with it thanks to my father." Her father was a Priest of Arkay and it was his desire that she follow his footsteps. As a result, her entire life has been spent around the dead, learning the proper burial rituals and prayers. While she seems to have accepted her lot in life, albeit reluctantly, she feels the need to make peace with her father. Unfortunately, her father did not live to see his daughter become a priest. Alessandra holds her father's ceremonial dagger as well as the one she received when she did complete the training. She asks you to journey to the Hall of the Dead in Whiterun (see Bugs) to place her ceremonial dagger with her father's remains, fulfilling her honor-bound obligation to him and making peace with his memory. The dagger needs to be delivered to Andurs, the caretaker at the Whiterun Hall of the Dead, who will inter it with her father's remains. If you agree to help her deliver the dagger, she'll appreciate your help and entrust you with it.

The PilgrimageEdit

Travel to Whiterun and talk to Andurs in the Hall of the Dead. Hand Alessandra's dagger to him and he will be delighted to see she finally decided to return it to her father: "I will make sure this finds its way to his tomb as soon as possible. Thank you for bringing it, my child."

Return to Alessandra and tell her that you have fulfilled her request. She will tell you she felt a caress on her cheek some time ago and she thinks it was a message from her father: "We've made peace with one another without even uttering a single word and I'm content for the first time in my life." She will then thank you for your selfless act, and tell you that you are welcome to come back and speak to her anytime.

The reward for this quest is five adept Restoration spell tomes: Close Wounds, Greater Ward, Heal Other, Repel Lesser Undead, and Turn Undead, though there are some bugs with the quest reward. Please refer to the Bugs section below.


  • Alessandra says Andurs is in Windhelm, but he is actually in Whiterun.
  • When completing the quest, Alessandra may not give any reward, though her dialogue suggests otherwise: "Here, please accept this as a token of your selfless action." There is a minimum Restoration skill level requirement of 40 before she gives you anything.
  • When given, the reward is every Restoration spell tome in the list, instead of a single random spell tome.
  • You can put Alessandra's dagger in a display case and complete the mission as though you still had the dagger.

Quest StagesEdit

Pilgrimage (FreeformRiften13)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective 10: Bring Alessandra's Dagger to Andurs in Whiterun
Objective 20: Return to Alessandra
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