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Knight-Paladin Gelebor
The Great Statue of Irkngthand, a rare depiction of a Snow Elf

Snow Elves (also known as Ancient Falmer to distinguish them from their devolved modern counterparts) are a largely extinct race of mer that once inhabited the province of Skyrim. They resemble the golden-skinned, white-haired, pale Altmer, and have very long lifespans, as well as a strong resistance to frost. They worshipped Auri-El and built the Chantry of Auri-El and various wayshrines in the Forgotten Vale. Following their defeat at the Battle of the Moesring, Snow Elves were the victims of a genocide by the Atmorans that left their numbers significantly low. Many took refuge with the Dwemer, who in exchange for protection forced them to eat a toxic blinding fungus that turned them into the twisted and primal modern-day Falmer, known by surviving Snow Elves as "The Betrayed".

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Snow ElvesEdit

There are a total of seven Snow Elves; only Gelebor is unaffected by a form of undeath, as Vyrthur is also a vampire and the prelates are all ghosts. They are all encountered in the Dawnguard add-on.

Name Location
Arch-Curate Vyrthur Inner Sanctum (Forgotten Vale)
Knight-Paladin Gelebor Darkfall Cave (The Reach)
Inner Sanctum (Forgotten Vale)
Prelate Athring Wayshrine of Sight (Forgotten Vale)
Prelate Celegriath Wayshrine of Learning (Forgotten Vale)
Prelate Edhelbor Wayshrine of Radiance (Forgotten Vale)
Prelate Nirilor Wayshrine of Resolution (Forgotten Vale)
Prelate Sidanyis Wayshrine of Illumination (Forgotten Vale)

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  • In the game files, every member is part of a newly-created race known as SnowElfRace. It is largely based off of the High Elf race, and even bears the name "High Elf" internally, but for all purposes all members of the race are to be considered Snow Elves.
    • All Snow Elves that can be met, are male. This appears to be a deliberate design decision, as there are no traces of female Snow Elf NPCs ever having been created. In fact, the racial traits of snow white skin and the unique albino white hair color aren't even set up to work with female NPCs, further suggesting they were never meant to exist.

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