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Skyrim:Void Salts

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Void Salts
Void Salts
Value 125 Weight 0.2
Alchemy Effects
1st Weakness to Shock Weakness to Shock
2nd Resist Magic Resist Magic
3rd Damage Health Damage Health
4th Fortify Magicka Fortify Magicka
# Samples 49
Creature Storm Atronachs
Merchant Avail. Rare
Void salts

Void Salts are dropped by storm atronachs.


In terms of combinations of two ingredients, Void Salts can be combined with 56 other ingredients.

2 EffectsEdit

Desired Effect Combine with:
  Damage Health   Fortify Magicka Ectoplasm, Emperor Parasol MossDB, Red Mountain Flower
  Damage Health   Resist Magic Crimson Nirnroot (3.0× ), Nirnroot (12.6× )
  Fortify Magicka   Resist Magic Tundra Cotton
  Weakness to Shock   Fortify Magicka Stoneflower PetalsCC (1.25× ,1.27× ) (1.33× ,1.36× )

1 EffectEdit

Desired Effect Combine with:
  Weakness to Shock Ashen Grass PodDB, Bee, Giant Lichen, Hagraven Feathers, Ogre's TeethCC (1.33× ,1.36× ) , Trama RootDB
  Resist Magic Aster Bloom CoreCC (1.2× ,1.22× ), Bleeding Crown, Bungler's BaneCC (1.2× ,1.22× ), Chicken's Egg, Felsaad Tern FeathersDB, GleamblossomDG, Hagraven Claw, Hawk's EggHF, Hypha FaciaCC (1.2× ,1.22× ), Lavender, Wisp Wrappings
  Damage Health ChokeberryCC (1.5× ,1.56× ), Coda FlowerCC (1.5× ,1.56× ), Deathbell (1.5× ), Falmer Ear, Fire PetalCC (1.5× ,1.56× ), Gnarl BarkCC (1.5× ,1.56× ), Human Flesh, Human Heart, Imp GallCC (1.5× ,1.56× ), Imp Stool, Jarrin Root (100× ), Mort FleshCC, Nightshade, Poison BloomDG (1.5× ), Redwort FlowerCC (1.5× ,1.56× ), River Betty (2.5× ), Scalon FinCC (1.5× ,1.56× ), Skeever Tail, Small Antlers, Troll Fat, Wisp Stalk CapsCC (1.5× ,1.56× )
  Fortify Magicka Blind Watcher's EyeCC (1.25× ,1.27× ), Blister Pod CapCC (1.25× ,1.27× ), Briar Heart, Histcarp, Hunger TongueCC (1.25× ,1.27× ), Jazbay Grapes, LichorCC (1.25× ,1.27× ), Red Kelp Gas BladderCC (1.25× ,1.27× ), Salmon RoeHF (12.5× , 0.08× , 1.05× ), SaltriceCC (1.25× ,1.27× ), Watcher's EyeCC (1.25× ,1.27× )


49 guaranteed samples can be found in 32 different locations. Locations with multiple samples are:

It is categorized as a rare ingredient, meaning that most apothecary merchants have a 21% chance of carrying 1-4 samples. In addition, it may be randomly found only in rare-type apothecary's satchels. Other possible locations for already-harvested samples include:


Void salts are dropped by all varieties of storm atronach, including Pelagius's storm thrall, potent storm atronachs, and storm thralls.

Related QuestsEdit



  • Fine-cut void salts may cause all of your regular void salts to be unusable to upgrade blacksmithing items such as the Nightingale armor.
    • To fix this, simply give the fine-cut void salts to Captain Wayfinder in Dawnstar.
    •   Alternatively, remove all of your void salts (as they all have the same ID) by using the command player.removeitem 3AD60 X (X being how many you have both fine-cut and regular combined). Then type player.additem 3AD60 X to get them back. You should now be able to use your void salts again.
  • Combining void salts with the fine-cut void salts will consume two void salts from your ordinary void salt pile, so long as you have two that can be consumed, allowing you to keep the fine-cut void salts. Doing this reveals all four effects of the void salts.