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Skyrim:Bleeding Crown

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Bleeding Crown
Bleeding Crown
Value 10 Weight 0.3
Alchemy Effects
1st Weakness to Fire Weakness to Fire
2nd Fortify Block Fortify Block
3rd Weakness to Poison Weakness to Poison
4th Resist Magic Resist Magic
# Samples 28
Plant Bleeding Crown
# Plants 369
Garden HF 3
Merchant Avail. Uncommon
A bleeding crown plant

Bleeding crown as depicted in the Herbalist's Guide to Skyrim

Bleeding Crowns are red-capped mushrooms that are commonly found on cave floors.

Bleeding crown and tundra cotton have both Fortify Block and Resist Magic effects, making it easy to create a dual-effect defensive potion.

"The caps of these mushrooms do indeed appear smeared with blood, though it is often hard to see in the dark, damp places in which they grow. Not uncommonly found in Skyrim, their abundance is countered by the difficulty in acquiring them. As any experienced herbalist knows, the darkest of caves often conceal far more than mere mushrooms."
"Nonetheless, these potent fungi, when combined with certain powdered antlers, produce a mixture rendering one quite susceptible to poison. Their usefulness is also quite apparent when mixed with Lavender, creating a substance highly resistant to magic." - Agneta Falia in the Herbalist's Guide to Skyrim.



28 guaranteed samples can be found in 19 different locations. Locations with multiple samples are:

It is categorized as an uncommon ingredient, meaning that all apothecary merchants have a 15% chance of carrying 1-5 samples. In addition, it may be randomly found in uncommon- and rare-type apothecary's satchels.


369 bleeding crown plants can be found in 71 different locations. Locations with the greatest numbers are: