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Skyrim:Moon Sugar

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Moon Sugar
Moon Sugar
Value 50 Weight 0.25
Alchemy Effects
1st Weakness to Fire Weakness to Fire
2nd Resist Frost Resist Frost
3rd Restore Magicka Restore Magicka
4th Regenerate Magicka Regenerate Magicka
# Samples 17
Merchant Avail. Uncommon
Moon sugar

Moon Sugar is the unrefined form of skooma but, unlike skooma, the substance does not seem to be illegal, as it can be purchased from many apothecaries.


In terms of combinations of two ingredients, Moon Sugar can be combined with 55 other ingredients.

3 EffectsEdit

Desired Effect Combine with:
  Resist Frost   Restore Magicka   Weakness to Fire Frost Salts

2 EffectsEdit

Desired Effect Combine with:
  Regenerate Magicka   Restore Magicka Dwarven Oil, Fire Salts, LichorCC (1.2× ,1.22× ) (1.2× ,1.22× ), Taproot
  Resist Frost   Restore Magicka Steel-Blue EntolomaCC
  Resist Frost   Weakness to Fire Flame StalkCC (1.33× ,1.36× ) (1.33× ,1.36× )
  Restore Magicka   Weakness to Fire Congealed PutrescenceCC (1.2× ,1.22× ) (1.33× ,1.36× )

1 EffectEdit

Desired Effect Combine with:
  Weakness to Fire Bleeding Crown, Burnt Spriggan WoodDB, Hunger TongueCC (1.33× ,2× ,2.93× ), Ice Wraith Teeth, Imp GallCC (1.33× ,1.36× ), Juniper Berries, Powdered Mammoth Tusk
  Resist Frost Daedroth TeethCC (1.33× ,1.36× ), Frost Mirriam, Hawk Beak, Hydnum Azure Giant SporeCC (1.33× ,1.36× ), Purple Mountain Flower, Redwort FlowerCC (1.33× ,1.36× ), Silverside Perch, Slaughterfish Scales, Small Pearl, Snowberries, Thistle Branch
  Restore Magicka Blister Pod CapCC (1.2× ,1.22× ), Bog BeaconCC (1.2× ,1.22× ), Briar Heart, ComberryCC (1.2× ,1.22× ), Creep Cluster, Ectoplasm, Elves Ear, Elytra IchorCC (1.2× ,1.22× ), Fungus StalkCC (1.2× ,1.22× ), Giant Lichen, Grass Pod, Green Butterfly WingCC, Human Flesh, Mora Tapinella, Pearl, Red Mountain Flower, Vampire Dust, White Cap, Wild Grass PodCC, Withering MoonCC (1.2× ,1.22× )
  Regenerate Magicka Garlic, Jazbay Grapes, Minotaur HornCC (1.2× ,1.22× ), Purple Butterfly WingCC, Salmon RoeHF, Screaming MawCC (4× ,0.2× ,0.78× ), Scrib JellyCC (1.2× ,1.22× ), Salt Pile, Thorn HookCC (0.6× ,0.6× ,0.32× )


10 guaranteed samples can be found in 4 different locations, with five more samples in one location added by Dawnguard and two more in a location added by Dragonborn:

It is categorized as an uncommon ingredient, meaning that all apothecary merchants have a 15% chance of carrying 1-5 samples. In addition, it may be randomly found in uncommon- and rare-type apothecary's satchels. Other possible locations for already-harvested samples include: