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Value 15 Weight 0.5
Alchemy Effects
1st Weakness to Magic Weakness to Magic
2nd Fortify Illusion Fortify Illusion
3rd Regenerate Magicka Regenerate Magicka
4th Restore Magicka Restore Magicka
# Samples 33
Creature Spriggan
Merchant Avail. Uncommon

Taproots are dropped by spriggans.

Taproots have all the same effects as Dwarven oil, allowing you to make a potion with all four effects.


In terms of combinations of two ingredients, Taproot can be combined 46 other ingredients.

4 EffectsEdit

Desired Effect Combine with:
  Fortify Illusion   Regenerate Magicka   Restore Magicka   Weakness to Magic Dwarven Oil

2 EffectsEdit

Desired Effect Combine with:
  Fortify Illusion   Restore Magicka Mora Tapinella
  Fortify Illusion   Weakness to Magic Scaly Pholiota
  Regenerate Magicka   Restore Magicka Fire Salts, LichorCC (1.2× ,1.22× ) (1.2× ,1.22× ), Moon Sugar
  Regenerate Magicka   Weakness to Magic Jazbay Grapes, Salt Pile
  Restore Magicka   Weakness to Magic Creep Cluster

1 EffectEdit

Desired Effect Combine with:
  Weakness to Magic Dreugh WaxCC (1.5× ,1.56× ), Kresh FiberCC (1.5× ,1.56× ), MarshmerrowCC (1.5× ,1.56× ), Rock Warbler Egg, RoobrushCC (1.5× ,1.56× ), Torchbug Thorax
  Fortify Illusion Bliss Bug ThoraxCC (0.25× ,0.21× ), Dragon's Tongue, Watcher's EyeCC (5× ,5.87× )
  Regenerate Magicka Garlic, Minotaur HornCC (1.2× ,1.22× ), Purple Butterfly WingCC, Salmon RoeHF, Screaming MawCC (4× ,0.2× ,0.78× ), Scrib JellyCC (1.2× ,1.22× ), Thorn HookCC (0.6× ,0.6× ,0.32× )
  Restore Magicka Blister Pod CapCC (1.2× ,1.22× ), Bog BeaconCC (1.2× ,1.22× ), Briar Heart, ComberryCC (1.2× ,1.22× ), Congealed PutrescenceCC (1.2× ,1.22× ), Ectoplasm, Elves Ear, Elytra IchorCC (1.2× ,1.22× ), Frost Salts, Fungus StalkCC (1.2× ,1.22× ), Giant Lichen, Grass Pod, Green Butterfly WingCC, Human Flesh, Pearl, Red Mountain Flower, Steel-Blue EntolomaCC, Vampire Dust, White Cap, Wild Grass PodCC, Withering MoonCC (1.2× ,1.22× )


28-33(DB) guaranteed samples found in 22-24(DB) different locations. Locations with multiple samples are:

It is categorized as an uncommon ingredient, meaning that all apothecary merchants have a 15% chance of carrying 1-5 samples. In addition, it may be randomly found in uncommon- and rare-type apothecary's satchels.


Taproots are dropped by all varieties of spriggan, including spriggan matrons and spriggan earth mothersDG.

Related QuestsEdit


  • Contrary to what is stated in the official Game Guide, spriggans only drop taproot, and never drop spriggan sap.
    •   The Unofficial Skyrim Patch, version 2.0.0, addresses this issue. Both ingredients can be dropped when spriggans die.
  • Objects which look exactly like Taproots in netting can be found in witches' lairs, Hagraven nests and Forsworn camps and are apparently used as light sources by the inhabitants. You cannot harvest taproot from these objects, however.
  • Although all varieties of spriggan are different colors, the harvested taproot of each one is always the brown and green of the base type of spriggan.