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Lore:Akatosh (planet)

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The names of the heavenly bodies around Nirn

The planet Akatosh, sometimes called AKHAT,[1] is one of the Dominion Planets found in the skies of Mundus.[UOL 1] According to the Warrior-Poet, Vivec, its one of the eight worlds known to the Dwemer.[1] There are no known satellites orbiting around it,[2] but it marks the eye of the Warrior constellation. The planet is simultaneously Akatosh and the plane of Akatosh, just like the other planets and their eponymous deities.[UOL 1] Akatosh ruled from here before Convention took place in ME 2500.[3][UOL 2] Though scholars largely agree no mortal beings live on Akatosh or Arkay, Azandar al-Cybiades theorized that the power Ayleid Wells reroute back towards the heavens was being collected by someone.[4]

The Spilled Sand is an obscure realm of existence associated with Alkosh. It has been speculated to be the realm of Alkosh, but this was not confirmed; indeed, it is not a physical place at all.[5]


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