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Iana-Lor, the Violet StarEdit

Iana-Lor, the Violet Star, the Soul Matron, the Silent Mother is one of the lesser-known Magna Ge, one of the Star-Orphans and an Anuic ur-entity. She was one of Magnus's daughters and the sister of Merid-Nunda, Mnemo-Li, Londa-Vera, Xero-Lyg, the eldest Prime Archon, Sheza-Rana, Unala-Se, and Valia-Sha. Alongside her sisters, she was part of the Nine Coruscations, who followed the parabolas that led away from Magnus and separated from him when he withdrew from the creation of the Aurbis. Similarly to other Magna Ge she is now synonymous with the star, which she created.

In the text authored by Star-Queen Varalias, she is associated with the element of light. Perched upon a throne, she disperses mortal souls along countless pathways. Within this, fate finds its opportunity to manifest, dictated by the Prime Archon's decree. Iana-Lor salvages souls with no predetermined destination. Their essence fuels the magicka essential to the Aurbis. She is a celestial entity capable of truly dispassionate love. What is required shall come to pass, as ordained. Under her influence, the cosmic disks persist in their rotation.

According to Mankar Camoran, Iana-Lor together with other Magna Ge as a whole were responsible for the creation of Mehrunes Dagon in "the bowels of Lyg".

Igon, the Sphinx of CanusEdit

Igon, the Sphinx of Canus, is an entity venerated in Elsweyr.[1]


Ilni symbolizes the air in Tsaesci culture. She is said to own a colorful fan.[2]

Insect GodEdit

A deity whose name was lost to history, known only as the Insect God, was venerated by Flower King Nilichi. The Nedic Men-of-ge were eventually "destroyed" when the Flower King made a great sacrifice to this long-forgotten insect god.


Ithelia, known as the Prince of Paths, the Mistress of the Untraveled Road, the Unseen, the Fate-Changer is the Daedric Prince of Paths. She supposedly had the ability to shape destiny, alter fate and rearrange its strands to her whims.[3]

Ius, God of AnimalsEdit

Ius the Extremely Agitated is the God of Animals in some folklore, who has statues throughout Valenwood and parts of Hammerfell and Elsweyr. These statues depict Ius as a little misshapen humanoid carrying a rod with scales on each end.

The tale behind the rod he carries states that one day an evil farmer decided to kill all of his animals and have a big party. As the story unfolds, animal after animal is killed and prepared for a big meal. Lastly, the farmer comes to the ox and prepares to slit its throat. The ox, not wishing to be anybody's dinner, prayed very vocally (in the form of a moo) to Ius. Then, Ius appeared carrying a rather large set of balance weights and, without explanation, ate the farmer and vanished. Ever since that day, Ius has always been portrayed as carrying a large set of scales with him. Local Ius worshipers are said to neither know nor care about the reason behind the scales.


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