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A watcher (ESO)

Watchers (also called Doom-Truths)[1] are flying tentacled Daedra with a large eye in the center of their body.[2] Watchers are quite nimble, and can shoot beams of energy from their large eye.[3][4] They may be the most intelligent of the Daedra, possibly receiving ranks in a hierarchy.[UOL 1] They are knowledge gatherers and minions found in the service of Hermaeus Mora, modeled after the prince's appearance. He often employs them as overseers and guardians, with them tending to his important concerns.[5] However, they are known to serve other Daedric Princes, such as Molag Bal,[6] Vaermina,[7] Mephala,[8] and Sheogorath.[9] Locking eyes with a Watcher is dangerous; a mortal's soul can be eaten away if one stares too long into their large central eye.[1] Some Watchers have a necrotic gaze, causing the skin on a mortal's face to tear away if they stare too long.[10] They are able separate the lies from the truth, which comes in handy to Mephala, adding to her powers of deception.[11]

A watchling (ESO)

The term Pocket Watcher refers to watchers that are far smaller in size than the average watcher. These are occasionally kept as pets by some warlocks.[12] Another term used to describle small watchers is Watchling, a term that some of them find insulting.[13] They are no bigger than a human's fist and are not the offspring of Watchers. They are described as runts of their kind and curiosities as opposed to terrors. It is unknown whether they keep their form forever or eventually transform into the larger versions.[14] Hermaeus Mora frequently employs Watchlings as messengers and recorders, tasking them with obscure clerical duties in the hidden bureaucracy that quietly administers Apocrypha.[5]

Most watchers, particularly those in service to Mora,[15] are varying shades of green with orange or cloudy eyes.[16][17] The watchers that serve Molag Bal are typically grey with blue eyes.[6] Amaranthine Pocket Watchers are vibrantly hued white/purple watchers with purple eyes that once inhabited the ruins of Zaintiraris until an unfortunate explorer set them free. Given their color and origin, Sheogorath is suspected to hold some sway over them.[18] Powerful watchers can also be red with green eyes.[19] Dagonic Watchers serve Mehrunes Dagon and are red in appearance with yellow eyes and nerves, similar in color to lava, and shoot searing beams of lava.[20] Those in service to Mephala are black with red eyes and highlights.[11]



A Beholder in Arena
  • Watchers share many similarities to Beholders from Dungeons & Dragons, which appeared in early builds of Arena. They were later cut (likely due to copyright reasons), but mentions of them remained in the files.

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