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Imperial Chapels
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Console Location Code(s)
Ebonheart, Imperial Chapels
Ebonheart, [1,-13]
The Imperial Chapels

The Imperial Chapels is the center of the Imperial Cult on Vvardenfell, located in the city of Ebonheart.

The heart of the Imperial Cult may be found behind the Grand Council Chambers. This chapel houses all of the main Cult officials, and all quests for the faction begin here. A full variety of services are offered by the staff here, though some are reserved for higher ranking members of the Cult. The Imperial Cult altar gives the usual blessings for a small price (free to Cult members above Novice rank). This chapel is one of the locations where a Divine Intervention spell may take you.

Related QuestsEdit

Imperial CultEdit


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Frik Male Nord Apothecary Service Imperial Cult Adept(Adept) 13 100 144 100 30 Merchant
Iulus Truptor Male Imperial Savant Service Imperial Cult Initiate(Initiate) 9 79 130 100 30 Merchant; Trainer
Kaye Male Redguard Trader Service Imperial Cult Adept(Adept) 9 104 86 100 30 Merchant
Lalatia Varian Female Imperial Priest Service Imperial Cult Oracle(Oracle) 19 115 130 100 30 Merchant; Spell Merchant; Spellmaker
Sarmosia Vant Female Imperial Monk Service Imperial Cult Novice(Novice) 9 83 92 100 30 Trainer
Sauleius Cullian Male Imperial Enchanter Service Imperial Cult Novice(Novice) 9 73 144 100 30 Merchant; Enchanter
Synnolian Tunifus Male Imperial Healer Service Imperial Cult Novice(Novice) 9 71 98 100 30 Merchant; Spell Merchant