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Polish up your dragonslaying skills with the Elsweyr Dragon Defense Force.
Zone: Northern Elsweyr
Faction: Elsweyr Dragon Defense Force
Quest Giver: Crown Store Quest Starter or Captain Samara or Elsweyr Defense Force Summons
Location(s): Rimmen, Orcrest, Rimmen Necropolis, The Stitches, Dragonscours
Reward: Elsweyr Coffer
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 6851
The Elsweyr Dragon Defense Force have set down a series of tests for would-be dragonslayers
This quest is only available during the Season of the Dragon Celebration
The Elsweyr Dragon Defense Force is training new members in Elsweyr. I agreed to undergo their trials to join their ranks.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. (Optional) Pick up the quest from the Crown Store or at a noticeboard.
  2. Talk to Captain Samara.
  3. Talk to Apprentice Taz.
  4. Complete the three trials.
    • Trial of Knowledge
    1. Go to the Scar and search for the buried Tablet of Dragon Slaying.
    2. Travel to the Stitches and hand over the tablet to Taz.
    3. (Optional) Complete Apprentice Taz's Dragon Knowledge Quiz.
    • Trial of Endurance
    1. Go to either Public Dungeon and collect the Elsweyr Defense Conference Banner.
    2. (Optional) Kill a dungeon boss.
    • Trial of Bravery
    1. Kill a Dragon and collect the Dragon Heart.
    2. (Optional) Kill a second dragon.
  5. Return to Captain Samara and hand over the items.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

This quest can be started by reading the Elsweyr Defense Force Summons on a notice board at any Event Exchange outside of Northern Elsweyr. It can also be started directly from the Crown Store. Either, way, you will be directed to Captain Samara at the Event Exchange outside of Rimmen .

Speak to Captain Samara. She will inform you of the need to train up for the fight against Dragons, and give you three trials to complete: The Trial of Knowledge, the Trial of Endurance, and the Trial of Bravery. You must speak with Apprentice Taz to get more information on these tasks.

Trial of KnowledgeEdit

The Trial of Knowledge comprises of going to the Scar and finding the Tablet of Dragon Slaying. This is located directly east of the Stitches and southwest of Orcrest. The tablet is in a dirt pile at the bottom of a cliff, with sparkling motes of light above it. Once you have it, return to the Stitches and hand it over to Taz.

You also have the optional task of completing a quiz to test your knowledge. The answers are: Flying, Akatosh, Atronachs.

Trial of EnduranceEdit

The Trial of Endurance comprises of going to either of Northern Elsweyr's public dungeons, Orcrest or the Rimmen Necropolis, and taking the Elsweyr Defense Conference Banner that lays within. If you are doing this stage directly after the Trial of Knowledge, Orcrest is very close by.

In Orcrest, the standard can be found in front of the Plague of Crows. In the Rimmen Necropolis, the standard can be found in the Tomb of the Manes, in the hallway before the group event with Jinninji-ri, Zebiden-jo, and Tullar-dra.

You also have the optional task of killing any dungeon boss. Note that while delves can be considered dungeons, delve bosses do not count for this. Group Events do count for this, and in the case of Rimmen Necropolis where the group event comprises of three individual bosses, only one boss must be killed to count for this trial.

Trial of BraveryEdit

The Trial of Bravery comprises of finding and killing a Dragon and looting a Dragon Heart from it.

You also have the optional task of killing a second dragon.

When all three of the above tasks are complete (and any optional steps), return to Captain Samara.


  • Dragon Heart quest item not dropping from dragons during quest ?

Quest StagesEdit

Bane of Dragons
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The summons directed me to a Khajiit named Captain Samara in Northern Elsweyr.
Objective: Talk to Captain Samara
  Captain Samara asked me to talk to her second-in-command, Apprentice Taz, for more details.
Objective: Talk to Apprentice Taz
I need to complete the three trials. I need to recover a tablet of Dragon-slaying knowledge in the Stitches and bring it to Apprentice Taz, retrieve a Dragon Defense Force banner from inside a dungeon and retrieve a Dragon heart after slaying one.
Objective: Complete the Trials: 0/3
Objective Hint: Complete Trial of Knowledge
Objective Hint: Complete Trial of Endurance
Objective Hint: Complete Trial of Bravery
(Trial of Knowledge, after collecting the tablet)
Objective Hint: Bring the Tablet to Apprentice Taz
(After handing over tablet)
Taz has an additional knowledge challenge for me, and asked me to speak with him.
Optional Step: Complete Apprentice Taz's Challenge
(After completing the Trial of Endurance)
Optional Step: Kill Any Season of the Dragon Dungeon Boss
(After completing the Trial of Bravery)
Optional Step: Kill Another Dragon
I completed all three trials. I should return to Captain Samara to report my progress.
Objective: Return to Captain Samara
Finishes quest  I completed all three trials. I need to speak to Captain Samara and give her the items she asked me to recover.
Objective: Talk to Samara
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