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The Mabrigash are an Ashlander tribe settled in the Vale of the Ghost Snake, a swampland located to the east of Mournhold. They worship an entity known as the Ghost Snake. Despite being distrustful of outsiders, they are not openly hostile towards them.

Mages GuildEdit

The Mages Guild is an association dedicated to magical learning found all over Tamriel. To gain reputation with them, you must bring them lost tomes of Tamrielic lore. Each lorebook adds five points to the Mages Guild skill line, and an increasing number of points is required to gain a rank. Good relations with the guild can earn you new skills, perks, and abilities. The Mages Guild quest line is focused around the Daedric Prince of Madness, Sheogorath.

Magnar PackEdit

The Magnar Pack are a pack of werewolves led by Magnar Child-Eater. They can be found within Argent Mine.

Malacath FanaticsEdit

The Malacath Fanatics are a group of Orcs that invaded the Temple of Ire and took the priests of Trinimac hostage. They are secretly members of the Vosh Rakh, extremist Trinimac worshippers who hope to give Wrothgar's Malacath traditionalists a bad name.


The Maulborn are a secretive cult, mainly found in Deshaan. Although initially posing as a philanthropic group working to combat the Llodos plague, it soon comes to light that they are the ones spreading the disease in order to raise an army of plague husks. They are led by the mysterious Magistrix Vox, who seeks to return Morrowind to Daedric worship due to a personal vendetta against Almalexia.

Merethic SocietyEdit

The Merethic Society is a loose group of adventurers collecting antique, historical relics, displaying them in a museum in Rulanyil's Fall.

Midnight UnionEdit

The Midnight Union are a band of smugglers in Stormhaven. Despite being known for being on good terms with the Spirit Wardens, they attacked Pariah Abbey and stole a powerful artifact, the Dream Shard. This, along with other recent suspicious activities, raised doubts about the mental health of their leader, Count Hosni at-Tura, a nobleman of the Wayrest court.

Miredancer TribeEdit

Mistrunner ClanEdit

The Mistrunner Clan is a clan of Reachfolk. They worked to bring more green to the city of Markarth.

Moon-Hunter PackEdit

The Moon Hunter Pack is a massive pack of werewolves that follows Vykosa the Ascendant. They are found in Moon Hunter Keep, a former Silver Dawn fortress that they ransacked. A contingent of the pack is also found in the Nightlands of the March of Sacrifices, assisting Balorgh in the Great Hunt.


The Moon-Sentinels are ancient and mysterious guardians found both inside the Shadow Dance Temple and the Plane of Jode. They resemble desiccated Khajiit and are hostile to those who trespass.


Moon-Singers are the secret order of Khajiit storytellers and lorekeepers. They travel around the world and guard secrets of the Khajiit history.

Morag TongEdit

The Morag Tong are a Morrowind-based group of assassins who have recently been outlawed. They have an old rivalry with the Dark Brotherhood, originally a splinter organization of the Tong.

Morkul ClanEdit

The Morkul are a clan of Orcs who possess a stronghold in Wrothgar. A group of them has recently occupied Torog's Spite, a cave located near the city of Evermore, from where they intend to exact their revenge on the Bretons for the sacking of Orsinium.

Moss-Skin TribeEdit

The Moss-Skin Tribe is an Argonian tribe found within Murkmire. The tribesmen are mellow and inscrutable; often taking life as it comes and offering no resistance to the river's flow. They nurture the Hist, and the Hist nurtures them. They believe that if something happens, then that is how it's meant to be. When Sithis decides that things have become too ordinary, it disrupts the river's flow, and the Moss-Skins find a new routine until it's time to change again.

The Moss-Skin tribe is malleable to the flow of time, and very willing to enact change. They tend to appreciate impermanence, such as the stilts on reed-houses, which will eventually need to be rebuilt or replaced.

Murkwater TribeEdit

The Murkwater Tribe is a tribe of Goblins. They are located in Fungal Grotto I, and are at war with the dreugh in the cavern.

Murtag ClanEdit

The Murtag Clan are a clan of Orcs led by General Godrun. They work for the Daggerfall Covenant military. They are currently facing the Ironhand ogres, an old enemy of the Orcs back in Wrothgar.