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League of Kwama MinersEdit

The League of Kwama Miners is a collective of kwama miners. They can occasionally be encountered excavating for a possible mine in the Smuggler's Den.

Legion of the West WealdEdit

The Legion of the West Weald (also known as the West Weald Legion) are an Imperial Legion based in Colovia. While the primary mandate of the West Weald Legion is to defend Skingrad and its surrounding territories, in recent years, parts of the Legion are known to have invaded Aldmeri Dominion lands. This splinter group, also known as the Vlastarus Cohort, are led by General Lavinia Axius. They recently annexed Arenthia Vale in northern Valenwood and occupied the city of Arenthia. They are also involved in operations to take over most of the Northern Woods of Reaper's March.

In the process of liberating Arenthia, it is revealed the legion is working on behalf and under threats from the Stonefire Cult, which have grander plans for the entire region of Reaper's March.

Legion ZeroEdit

Legion Zero is an Imperial Legion that has sworn fealty to Molag Bal. They are the survivors of the legions that were present in the Imperial City when the Daedra invaded, although members are forced to drink the Blood of Coldharbour and eventually become mindshriven.

For more information, see the main lore article.

Lhurgash ClanEdit

The Lhurgash are a clan of Wood Orcs found in Greenshade. They are known to attack Bosmeri settlements in the region.

Lion GuardEdit

The Lion Guard are the elite guards of High Rock and the Daggerfall Covenant. They are deployed all across High Rock and serve as High King Emeric's personal guard. They espouse a meritocratic hierarchy, where ability alone determines progression.

Long Tooth TribeEdit

The Long Tooth Tribe is a tribe of goblins. They are located in the Gold Coast, particularly within the northwestern corner.

According to the book Gold Coast Goblin Tribes, The Long Tooth Tribe is a recent arrival on the Gold Coast. Originally, two tribes, the Long Claws and Tooth Rocks, were warring for territory close to Chorrol but were driven away by the Fighters Guild. During their migration, they came across the Rock Stick tribe, and decided to band together to destroy them, thus forming the Long Tooth tribe.

Lord-Warden's CouncilEdit

The Lord-Warden's Council is a group of four Xivkyn who serve Lord Warden Dusk. They act as the third mini-boss encounter in the Imperial City Prison. All four become immune to attacks when a Bone Surge Totem spawns.

Lost SwordsEdit

The Lost Swords are a team of gladiatorial fighters participating in the events at the Dragonstar Arena in Craglorn. Prior to becoming pit fighters, the Lost Swords were a much larger mercenary company hailing from Cyrodiil.

After struggling to find work in the war-torn province, they moved to Hammerfell, where they were contacted soon after by a representative from the Scaled Court. Right after turning down their offer, the original leader of the group, Milvern One-Sword, was killed on the spot, causing most of the mercenaries to join the cult out of fear, leaving only a few members who later rebranded into what they are today.

Lothid ClanEdit

The Lothid Clan are vampires based in Reachwind Depths around 2E 582. They are led by the cruel Boss Trenlor.