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(RefID: 00016B8F)
(lore page)
Location Brellach
Race Golden Saint Gender Female
Level PC+6 Class Golden Saint
RefID 00016B8F BaseID 00016B8E
Other Information
Health 55 + (6+1.8)x(PC+5), PC=1-15
Magicka 100 + 1.5x(PC+5) (max=250)
Respons. 50 Aggress. 0
Essential Until The Helpless Army (Conditional Scripted Death)
Follower During The Helpless Army
Faction(s) Aureal
Staada trapped in her crystal cell

Staada is the commander of the Golden Saints at Brellach. She needs rescuing in The Helpless Army quest if you have chosen to become the ruler of Dementia.

She wears a leveled Golden Saint armor (always strongest possible for Staada's level), and wields a golden longsword. She can also cast the standard set of Golden Saint spells to aid her in battle, as well as possessing the standard Aureal birthsign and lesser power.

During The Helpless Army, you will have to free her from a "cell" made of crystals of Order in the Hall of Reverence. If you talk to her before having shattered the crystals, she'll explain: "You must set me free! The barrier can't be broken by you. It's too tough... use the chime! Ring the chime, and that may shatter it!" After ringing the chime, the crystals will shatter and she will walk up to you to thank you: "You have my thanks for freeing me, but... Just who are you?" When you tell her you're the Duke/Duchess of Dementia, she'll apologize for her ignorance: "Your Grace/My Lady! I am sorry, I did not realize... Where is Thadon? Have you seen him? That traitorous coward!" When you ask her what happened, she'll explain: "Thadon... the snake. He showed up, asked for a contingent of guards. Said there was trouble, and that we were needed. We were so focused on organizing quickly that by the time we realized he'd let Order in himself, it was too late. We were split up and picked off. But it doesn't matter anymore. The only thing that matters now is the Wellspring. We must reach it at once!" When you ask her about the Wellspring, she'll tell you about it: "The Wellspring of the Aureal. It's what links us to this realm, where we return to the world from the Waters of Oblivion. If Thadon helps Order sever that link... my kind will be annihilated. The realm will be lost to us. We must get to the Wellspring and stop them! I will follow your lead. The Wellspring is at the heart of Brellach; follow the waters to reach it. I am yours to command, Your Grace." She will then follow you around everywhere. If you talk to her again, she will remark: "Forgive me, but now is not a time for talk. We must reach the Wellspring with all possible haste. If it is damaged, we are lost."

At that point, you can ask her for some additional information. When you ask her about Brellach, she'll ask you: "What would you have me tell you about it?", after which you can ask for some specific details about several aspects. If you ask her to tell you about Brellach in general, she'll explain: "Brellach was given to us by our Lord Sheogorath as a sanctuary and place of restoration. It is our home. It is where our numbers are strengthened, and where we return to the realm from the Waters of Oblivion. What else would you ask of me?" You can ask her to tell you about the chimes, after which she'll remark: "They are a key part of the ceremony for restoring fallen comrades. The ringing of the chimes is said to help call the souls back to Brellach, guiding them to us, so they may return to our Lord's service. What else would you ask of me?" If you ask her to tell you about the Wellspring, she will add: "The Wellspring is a cynosure, a place where the Animus of lost Aureal can return to this realm from the Waters of Oblivion. The Darkness is a frightening place, even to us, and so our Lord has given us this beacon, a light to guide us back to Him. What else would you ask of me?" When you feel you've had enough information, she will utter the following after you tell her "Never mind": "As you wish, your Grace."

When you reach the Hall of Devotion, any other Golden Saints following you will fall to the ground petrified, causing her to plea for your help: "No! The Wellspring!... They've stopped it up. You... you must make it to the Wellspring, and let the waters flow...", after which she too will fall to the ground petrified, temporarily dead.

After having restored the wellspring in the Font of Rebirth, she will quickly catch up to find you there. When the last of the Forces of Order have perished, she'll thank and reward you upon greeting you: "The Wellspring is restored! You have saved us. We are forever grateful, your Grace. Please, allow me to teach you this spell, so that you may summon our kind to you in times of need. Also accept this gift of armor. It is the least I can do to show thanks for your help.", the spell being the Summon Golden Saint greater power for 120 seconds and the armor being a leveled Golden Saint armor and Golden Saint helmet. If you ask her about Thadon, she'll tell you: "No sign of him yet. We'll do our best to track him down, and deliver him to Lord Sheogorath for a fitting punishment. The traitor must be brought to justice!" If you ask her what happens now, she'll explain: "Our warriors will scour the halls of Brellach, removing any last elements of opposition. Then, we will immediately return to our duties." When you tell her you'll take your leave, she'll remark: "Indeed. Lord Sheogorath will be anxious to hear of our victory, I am sure." Greeting her again after that but before having reported to Sheogorath will make her point you towards him: "Your work is done here, Your Grace. I'm sure Sheogorath will want news of your success." She will remain where she stands at that point for the rest of the game.

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  • Interestingly, if the player leaves Brellach after restoring the Wellspring without first speaking to the newly-revived Staada, then she, Issmi, and the other resurrected Golden Saint followers will relentlessly follow the player wherever they go. If the player returns to Cyrodiil, is arrested for a crime there, and then pays the fine or goes to jail, Staada and the other Golden Saints will appear outside the castle/prison and resume following from there. They will continue doing so until Staada finally engages in conversation with you. Once she talks to you (her quest-related dialogue is unaffected by the "I have no greeting" glitch), she and the other Golden Saints will remain in whatever area they were when Staada spoke to you.


  • Strangely, Staada will still prompt the player to inform Sheogorath of their success at Brellach, even after the questline has ended and the player has become the new Sheogorath.
  • The Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch lists in version 1.5.8 that it properly removes Staada's essential status at the end of The Helpless Army. This bug is unconfirmed, perhaps it is already fixed in an official version as well. The infobox has not been edited, and currently says that it is properly removed at the end of the quest.