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Skyrim:Damphall Mine

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Damphall Mine
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# of Zones 1
Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Level Min: 10
Console Location Code(s)
DLC2DamphallMine01, DLC2DamphallMineExterior01
North of Raven Rock
South-southwest of Fahlbtharz
Special Features
# of Alchemy Labs 1
# of Tanning Racks 1
# of Smelters 1
# of Forges/Anvils 1
# of Fishing SuppliesCC 1
# of Wood Chopping Blocks 1
Ore Veins
# of Iron 2
# of Silver 1
Damphall Mine

Damphall Mine is a small iron and silver mine north of Raven Rock containing reavers. It contains only one zone, Damphall Mine.

The mine also serves as a sanctuary for forest vegetation and alchemical ingredients that have long since disappeared from the surface of Solstheim due to ashfall from Red Mountain, and there are hints that it was once a Nordic ruin.

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A reaver stands guard outside the entrance to the mine, near a partially buried and burnt caravan wagon. There is a lit brazier on a stand to the left of the entrance.

Damphall MineEdit

Upon entering, you are at the top of an earthen ramp leading down to the southeast. The tunnel is wide and lit by a lantern hanging from a support beam in front of you. As you follow the tunnel forwards, you will overhear two reavers talking. As the tunnel narrows, you will be able to see one of the reavers through a broken part of a wooden wall. You can snipe them through the gap with a bow, which will cause the other to investigate and emerge into the tunnel where you are. As the tunnel bears to the south, there is a long wooden table on your right against the wall, with a basket underneath. The basket contains two pieces of iron ore. On the table is a pickaxe, two large pieces of charcoal, another piece of iron ore, and three bottles of ale. There are two unusable barrels to the left of the table.

Farther along the same wall is an open crate containing a deer pelt and two leather strips. There is an opening into a large partially flooded room to the southeast with a lit brazier on a stand in front of you; to the left of the opening, on the east wall, is an iron ore vein. To your left, behind the wooden wall where the two reavers were talking, are three unusable barrels. On top of one of them is a medium coin purse and a random potion.


Through the opening, the flooded cave has a floating dead reaver. Under the water, very deep down (an enchanted item of waterbreathing or an Argonian character are highly recommended), are three more dead reavers. Scattered under the water are five lootable skeletons, an unlocked chest, two clams, three pearl oysters, and a satchel. To the southeast are two statues, one on either side of the wooden ramp leading out of the water to the next room; on the ramp is another Nordic barnacle and a pearl oyster. A waterfall cascades into a pit directly ahead, with a path around to the left and a low wooden railing between the path and the drop. You can see wooden ramps descending to the lower level on the other side of the room, as well as an opening to the southeast at eye level. Following the path around, you will pass an open crate containing two pieces of iron ore and a pickaxe, with a knapsack next to it.

What's for dinner?

There is a reaver sitting next to a fire through the opening. A second reaver to the right is quite difficult to see until you're close. Just to the left of the opening is a sack and a barrel. The opening leads to a kitchen area with a large fire pit at the far end of the room. There are three sacks and an unusable mead barrel on your left, followed by a low set of shelves containing two leeks, two potatoes, a leg of goat, a bulb of garlic, a random common book, and a wooden bowl containing a raw rabbit leg and an iron dagger. Above this is a rack with a garlic braid and a rabbit hanging from it. On your right as you enter is a large set of shelves containing two sacks, a salt pile, a leveled poison, a leveled healing potion, a random magicka potion, an apothecary's satchel, a slice of goat cheese, and a bulb of garlic. To the left of this is an alchemy lab with two pearls on top.

Wooden ramps

Following the wooden ramp down, you'll pass a crate with a clam and a portion of clam meat on top, with a bottle of wine beside it. At the bottom of the second ramp is a tunnel heading southeast and a ramp down into the water to the northwest. If you have the Fishing creation, some Fishing Supplies can be found here. Fish from Underground waters can be caught here. At the bottom of the latter ramp is a Nordic barnacle cluster; there are two more under the water along with three more pearl oysters.

Following the path to the southeast, you'll enter a tunnel with shallow water and three spiky grass plants before the tunnel turns to the southwest. In the corner in front of you is a small ledge within jumping distance; there is an imp stool growing up there. The tunnel is quite dark, and has vegetation along both sides. Just before you reach a patch of natural light coming from above, there is a tripwire that activates a falling boulder trap. You can avoid this by jumping onto a second ledge on the left. Among the vegetation on this ledge is a cast iron pot containing a bottle of ale and a wooden bowl on a wooden block containing a sample of scaly pholiota and a knife. Just past these items is an unlit fire against the south wall.

Window dressing

Farther along, the tunnel opens into another area with a caged window in front of you, through which you can see an oil lantern and various treasures. To the right of the window is a large opening to the west. Through this opening, you may see a reaver wandering over a rock bridge and another mining at the back of the room, with some deep water to the left. Entering the opening and following the left wall around, you'll pass under some rocks and climb a ramp into the small room behind the window. The room features a long wooden table holding a Dibella statue, a goblet, a candlestick, three gold ingots, a copy of Ahzidal's Descent, a flute, an unusable mead barrel, and a bowl containing two loaves of bread and an eidar cheese wedge. To the left of the table is a stack of five unusable barrels. On the wooden flooring are two Nordic barnacle clusters and a spiky grass plant. Hanging from a stone strut are two hanging mosses. Behind a pillar to the east is an unlocked chest.

Under the water back in the main room, there are three clams surrounding a partially buried skeleton with its arm around an unlocked strongbox. Also under the water, there's another skeleton that can be looted, a sapphire, and two more clams. Under the bridge are three hanging mosses. On your right as you enter the main room is a lit lantern on the floor against the north wall; the path up to the rock bridge starts here. At the top of the earthen ramp, there is a silver ore vein on the north wall. Crossing the bridge, there is a lit lantern on the floor, with a flawless ruby nearby and an oil lantern overhead. On the other side of the bridge on your left is an open crate containing three iron daggers.

Front door

The tunnel narrows, with half of it at a slightly lower level. You can jump down and find a skeleton that can be looted for a few septims. At the top of a short rise, natural light beams down to the left. Also to the left is a wood chopping block and a woodcutter's axe. In front of you is an old fire pit, with two bottles of Nord mead beside it. The path continues to the northwest, and is full of vegetation. As you go along, a total of nine purple mountain flowers and two blue mountain flowers are on the way, as well as a statue on your left with three hanging mosses growing on it, with another hanging moss growing from the ceiling opposite. You'll reach a tunnel blocked by a gate after this. It isn't locked, but there is a reaver standing directly behind it.

You call this home?

Through the gate is the main living area for the reavers. Two large tents are in front of you, with two reavers in front. One of the reavers is hammering at an anvil, while the other wanders in and out of the tent on the right. To the east at the back of the room is a large wooden scaffold structure with ramps leading up. There is a reaver patrolling up and down near the top. Sniping will cause two more reavers to investigate: a magic user will descend the ramps, while an archer looks down from a higher ledge. In the center of the room is an oil lantern hanging from the ceiling. On the left just past the gate is a hanging moss plant and a torch lighting part of the room.

To the left of the first large tent is a crate, a sack, and an unusable mead barrel. Inside the first tent is a bed roll on the left and a novice-locked chest directly ahead; to the right, a long wooden table holds a pickaxe, three random poisons, a large coin purse, a random healing potion, and a wooden plate with a goat cheese wedge on it, while underneath the table is a deer pelt. In front of the tent is the anvil one of the reavers was using. Behind the first tent is a smelter, with an open crate to the left containing two pieces of iron ore. In front of the second tent is an unlit fire pit, with an open crate beside it containing two bulbs of garlic and a wooden bowl holding a sample of frost mirriam, and a block of wood and a leg of goat beside that. Inside the second tent are three more bed rolls. To the right of the second tent are two food barrels, two sacks, and a crate, which is mostly under the ramp to the south.

Against the south wall is a lit brazier on a stand with a tanning rack beside it. To the left of the tanning rack is a deer pelt on a crate, and to the left of this is a loose red apple. Farther to the left, a ramp leads up to the east to a small empty ledge. The next ramp heads up to the north. At the top is a large ledge with a lit brazier on a stand in front of you, two tents at the rear (one large and the other small), and a long wooden table by the front edge. Beside the brazier is a basket containing two sheaves of wheat, with a third sheaf behind the basket. On the table is a quiver of steel arrows, a long bow, and two small coin purses. To the left, between the table and the large tent, is a food barrel. Inside the large tent is a bed roll and a common book on the ground. In front of the tent is an open crate containing a bottle of alto wine and a metal bowl holding three eidar cheese wedges. The smaller tent contains a pile of firewood, including two loose pieces, and a crate. The ramp up is to its left.

Two more ramps take you up to the next level, with another ramp leading up to the east, and a second ramp leading down to the west. Following the path west, at the bottom of the ramp is a bucket on your left containing a piece of corundum ore. Continuing onward, you are on a natural bridge over the cavern far below. After a few paces it splits; staying to the right leads to the end of the cavern, and a grisly sight of a wooden block and the remains of a human. There is a drum and an open crate containing a flute and a copy of Song of The Askelde Men next to the block. Behind and above these items is an unlocked chest. You can jump down to the other fork from here to save backtracking. The path continues against the southern wall towards the east. You will come to another junction, with another stone bridge climbing to your left, and a wooden ramp continuing to the east against the wall. Just past the ramp, there is an oil lantern hanging from the wall.

Climbing the bridge to the left as it recrosses the cavern below, at the top is a skeleton sitting in front of an archery target, with an iron arrow in its lap and a large coin purse and a satchel on the ground to the right. Numerous hanging moss plants grow from the ceiling around this cavern, but use caution when jumping for them, as the long drop will kill you should you fall to the bottom of the cavern. Return to the base of the bridge and take the ramp leading up to the east. At the top of the ramp, wooden planking joins with the ledge reached by going to the east up the ramp at the first junction.

On this ledge an archer reaver waits, unless you dealt with them from below. A large statue is flanked by a fly amanita fungus to the left and a white cap fungus to the right, with a sack and a barrel farther to the right beside a tunnel heading southeast. A few paces along the tunnel is a lit brazier on a stand, with a lootable skeleton behind it. The path turns here to the south and climbs sharply. At the top, you can turn either northwest to reach the skeleton, or east to climb further. At the top of this earthen ramp, there is yet another lit brazier on a stand in front of you, and a ledge to your right. The path continues up to the northwest.

Jumping on the ledge and following it up and around leads you to another ledge with an unlocked chest, where you can see a reaver below you; this reaver is around the corner and out of sight from below. Climbing the ramp heading northwest, halfway up a fly amanita is on your right. The ramp switches back to the east and continues up, with another lantern on the floor at the top. In front of you is the reaver you may have sniped from above, by a chain which opens a hidden door.

Know who your friends are

Opening the door reveals another room with several small waterfalls pouring down the opposite wall. A dead reaver is bent backwards on a trap door in the floor, with a lever to its right. You can hear two reavers talking, and if you move forward, you will see them off to the left slightly. The boss is partway up an earthen ramp, and the other reaver is leaning against a master-locked gate to the boss's left. To your right is a tunnel heading east; there is a third reaver in this tunnel.

Treasure room

The tunnel to the east is blocked after a few paces by a cave-in on some stairs leading up. Apart from the reaver, there is nothing of interest. To the right of the trap door is an open crate containing a bowl, two loaves of bread, a small coin purse, and two garnets. Behind this is a crate with a goblet, a salt pile, an eidar cheese wedge, an empty lesser soul gem, and two loose coins on top.

The reaver boss carries a key, which opens the master-locked gate leading to the treasure room. Between the ramp that the boss stood on and the trap door is an open crate containing a flute, an iron dagger, two cups, and a leather strip. Beside this are two crates holding a red apple, an iron dagger, a sample of jazbay grapes, and three loose coins. Behind these is another open crate on a rock above the others, which contains a small coin purse, a leather strip, and a gold ingot.

Climbing to the top of the ramp the boss stood on and jumping to the south onto a small ledge, you can make your way along to find a hidden chest behind the second waterfall (there's a bottom row of four waterfalls, then two on the next level up; it's behind the second of these).

Inside the treasure room, there is a wooden table holding a leveled enchanted greatsword, two goblets, a garnet, an emerald, a diamond, ten loose coins, and two pieces of gold ore in a metal bowl. There is also a random enchanted shield leaning against the table. The boss chest is to the right. The shortcut out is found by dropping through the trap door; you'll land in the deep water near the entrance.