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This article is about alchemy labs used to make potions and poisons. For the player-built home addition related to the Hearthfire add-on, see Alchemy Laboratory.

An Alchemy Lab

Alchemy Labs are places where it is possible to perform Alchemy. A category listing all places where alchemy labs can be found is available at Category:Skyrim-Places-Alchemy Labs.






The PaleEdit

The ReachEdit

The RiftEdit


Whiterun HoldEdit


Player Owned HousesEdit


  • The player may clip through the alchemy lab, and appear to be standing in the middle. This has no effect on exiting or using the table. ?
  • Sometimes after making many potions the lab doesn't let you select more ingredients. This is fixed simply by leaving it and then selecting it again. ?
  • Very rarely, the alchemy lab will be invisible; if it is part a tabletop, only the bare surface of the table will appear, and if the lab is a freestanding piece of furniture such as the one in the Midden, the whole piece will be invisible and any items stacked on top will appear to be suspended in midair. The lab will still be visible to the cursor and can be interacted with as normal, although the animation will also show the lab as invisible. ?