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Bloodmoon:Isinfier Plains

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A typical landscape in the Isinfier Plains
Conditions here can be very challenging
Isinfier Plains
Weather Table
Clear 10% Thunder 0%
Cloudy 10% Foggy 0%
Ash 0% Blight 0%
Overcast 30% Rain 0%
Snow 30% Blizzard 20%

The Isinfier Plains are the central tundra on the island of Solstheim that stretches from Thormoor's Watch in the west to the eastern coast, between Thirsk and the Hirstaang Forest. The Moesring Mountains, Lake Fjalding and the Isild River form the northern border and Bloodskal Barrow, Brodir Grove and the Sun Stone form the southern border. Most of the Isinfier Plains are covered in snow and frequently endure savage blizzards especially to the north, near the Moesring Mountains.

Flora in the region is diverse and includes Belladonna, Holly, Solstheim Pine trees and several species of shrub just to name a few. However, it is the fauna in the region that is what makes the Isinfier Plains an excellent hunting ground. Various species include the common grizzly bear, snow bear, common wolf, snow wolf, tusked bristleback, grahl, white horker, draugr, ravens and Rieklings.

The unique river systems and sheltered bays of the Isinfier Plains makes the region an excellent place for various smuggling operations and camps for reavers, berserkers, Fryse Hags and hunting parties of the Skaal and Thirsk. Many people call the dozens of ice caves in the Isinfier Plains home. The area also includes magnificent tombs like the Jolgeirr Barrow. The Altar of Thrond is located in the north of the Isinfier Plains, on the banks of the Harstrad River.

Just west of that is the crash site of an air ship that is part of The Patchwork Airship quest. Unfortunately, only one person survived the crash and was later killed by a snow wolf. Also located here is the Wind Stone, where the Harstrad River and the Isild River meet, as well as the Cave of Hidden Music.


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