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Oblivion:Weakness to Frost

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OB-icon-Frost.png Weakness to Frost
School Destruction
Type Offensive
Effect ID WKFR
Base Cost 0.1
Barter Factor 0
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Weakness to Frost M% for D seconds

Weakness to Frost increases by M% the damage inflicted on the target with subsequent Frost Damage attacks; the effect lasts for D seconds. For example, a target with Weakness to Frost 50% active will suffer 105 points of damage from an Ice Bolt spell, instead of the usual 70 points. The Weakness effect must already be active before the Damage effect; the increased damage will not occur if the Weakness and Damage effect are combined into a single spell.

Magnitudes greater than 100% are possible if multiple effects are simultaneously active. Weakness to Frost can be combined with Weakness to Magic to inflict even more damage: the two enhancements are multiplied together for frost damage caused by spells or enchantments (i.e., Weakness to Frost 100% and Weakness to Magic 50% results in 3 (=2x1.5) times the damage).

Some creatures (and some character races) have natural weaknesses to frost.


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