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Oblivion:Weakness to Normal Weapons

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OB-icon-Weakness.png Weakness to Normal Weapons
School Destruction
Type Offensive
Effect ID WKNW
Base Cost 0.25
Barter Factor 0
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Weakness to Normal Weapons M% for D seconds

Weakness to Normal Weapons decreases the target's ability to withstand physical attacks by M% for D seconds. So if you had 50% Weakness to Normal Weapons and were hit by a non-enchanted and non-poisoned weapon normally dealing 20 points of damage, your health would go down by 30 points as a result. In the case of enchanted and poisoned weapons only their base physical damage will be increased by M%; the enchanted damage and damage from poisons they carry will be applied separately. Note that many creatures (mostly undead and Daedra) have an innate immunity to normal weapons, and this spell is one way of counteracting that—although just using a silver, Daedric or enchanted weapon is usually the easier way. Your fists also do regular damage provided that your Hand to Hand skill is at least Journeyman.

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