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Location Hag Fen, Boar's Run Overlook, Blackheart Haven
Frostbreak FortressOrsinium
Alik'r, Glenumbra, Grahtwood, Cyrodiil, Vateshran HollowsMarkarth
High IsleHigh Isle
Species Hag
Health 31,364
Normal49116Veteran136704 (Blackheart Haven)
Reaction Hostile
A Hag

Hags are witches who have been corrupted by dark nature magic. They are not to be confused with hagravens.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Staff Strike
A basic melee attack that does minor physical damage.
Steal Essence
The hag casts a spell on the player that does moderate magical damage over time. This attack can be interrupted to set the hag off balance.
Reflective Shadow
The hag puts up a shield that reflects all spell projectiles back towards the player. The player should switch to melee based attacks for the duration of this spell.

Unique HagsEdit