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This article is about the group events. For the DLC, see Harrowstorm.

A Harrowstorm from a distance
The reliquary at the center of a Harrowstorm

Harrowstorms are "giant supernatural confluxes" which plague Western Skyrim and the Reach. Much like Dark Anchors, Abyssal Geysers and Dragonscours, Harrowstorms function as group events, where a number of players must work together to shut the Harrowstorm ritual down.

Only one Harrowstorm per zone can spawn at once, and the order is selected randomly; the same Harrowstorm can spawn multiple times in a row. Western Skyrim, Blackreach: Greymoor Caverns, and the Reach are on separate spawn cycles. You can tell if a Harrowstorm has recently spawned as it will lack the camp in the center; otherwise, you will meet three travelers gathered round a fire. These people will be killed when the storm spawns. You can tell when a Harrowstorm is about to begin by the red mist that begins to gather, and once the storm begins it can be seen from far distances.

You must destroy the three Witch Pikes in the midst of the storm; each pike draws in Lost Souls, which will heal the pike if they are allowed to reach it. You will need to destroy all three pikes as quickly as possible to prevent the reliquary at the center of the storm from summoning ever greater monsters. In addition to the high number of enemies, the storm above can cause AoE damage via red lightning strikes, sometimes resulting in instantaneous death if you aren't looking where you're standing. Once all three pikes are destroyed, the boss will spawn in the center of the ritual site. Once the boss is defeated, a pile of "Reliquary Remnants" will appear in the center and can be searched for loot, but be careful as you approach as the storm will discharge a few more lightning strikes before it dissipates. Matron Jagiska taunts you throughout the fight.


Reliquary Remnants, which appear after a Harrowstorm is stopped

Western Skyrim Edit

Blackreach: Greymoor Caverns Edit

The Reach Edit

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A wide variety of items can be looted from the shattered Gray Reliquaries. Notable items include:

Common Items Ash
Alchemical Reagents Vile Coagulant Emetic Russula Fleshfly Larva Imp Stool Luminous Russula Namira's Rot Nightshade Spider Egg Stinkhorn Violet Coprinus White Cap
Fine Items Eternal Vigor jewelry Venomous Smite jewelry Winter's Respite jewelry Ancestor Ash Blood Capsules Blood-Encrusted Thorn Blood-Friend's Silken Neck Wrap Bloodfed Rose Dragonbone Fang Caps Fangs of Sacrifice Ivory Teeth Kotu Gava Blood Cocktail Opulent Family Funerary Jar Ornate Skull Goblet Twisted Root Vial
Superior Items Gray Reliquary Satchel Vampiric Furnishing Recipes Eternal Vigor jewelry Venomous Smite jewelry Winter's Respite jewelry Breton Funeral Urn Crimson Rose Walking Stick Feast of Souls Miniature Painting Filigreed Ash Urn With Portable Altar Jeweled Bloodletter Ritual Daedra Skull Vampire Clan Lineage Vampiric Hourglass Vial of Vampire Blood
Epic Items Blood Amber Eternal Vigor jewelry Venomous Smite jewelry Winter's Respite jewelry

Quest-Related HarrowstormsEdit

The Deepwood Vale Harrowstorm
The Darkstorm

You will encounter several quest-related Harrowstorms during the following quests:

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