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Legacy of the Bretons

The Legacy of the Bretons is the sixth main story arc of Elder Scrolls Online, following on from the Gates of Oblivion. It is an overarching story which spans multiple content updates in the form of DLC, Chapters, and free quests, covering the entirety of 2022's content releases. Details of the plot were officially announced on January 27, 2022. Legacy of the Bretons takes you to the Systres to unravel a plot threatening secret peace talks to end the Alliance War.

On January 5th, a teaser trailer was released showing ships belonging to each of the Alliances traveling to High Isle.

It is the last year-long story arc, and was followed up by a multi-year story arc called Secrets of Apocrypha.[1]

The year heavily features druids in its overarching story, which ties into the name of the story arc. Originally mentioned in The Elder Scrolls: Arena, the Druids of Galen were the Nedic ancestors of the Bretons, a moniker the Breton descendants they led would later adopt. Guided by their god Y'ffre, these Bretons fled to Systres Archipelago to escape persecution. There, they fractured into several druidic circles, and their faith of their Nedic ancestors survived.

Quest OrderEdit

Due to the multiple content releases involved in the Legacy of the Bretons, there are no prerequisites for completing these quests and they can be done in any order. However, they do follow a chronological order as listed here.

Marketing MaterialsEdit

A letter warning of the Ascendant Order

Influencers received ornate medallions and a letter warning of a danger from a mysterious organization. One side of the medallion featured a sailing ship. The other face of the medallion features a symbol of Stendarr with the colors of the Alliance War factions in front of the Empire's Red Diamond emblem.