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Skyrim:Fortify Health

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SR-icon-spell-Magic Hat.png Fortify Health
School Restoration
Type Defensive
ID 0003eaf3
Base Cost 0.35
Base Mag 4
Base Dur 60
ID 000493aa
Base Cost 7.5
Items Neck, Chest, Finger, Shield
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Built-In Potions
Blessing of Arkay

Alchemy description: Health is increased by <mag> points for <dur> seconds.
Enchanting description: Increases your health by <mag> points.
Fortify Health boosts the target's health by <mag> points. When the effect expires, the target loses <mag> points of health unless that would reduce the target's health to 0 or less (the target is left with at least 1 health point when the effect expires).


The following alchemy ingredients can be used to create a potion of Fortify Health:


The following items use this effect. You can learn how to enchant custom items with Fortify Health if you find one of the following items and disenchant it:

  • All varieties of Armor of Health
    • Includes the enchantments of Minor Health, of Major Health, of Extreme Health, of Eminent Health, and of Peerless Health.
  • Enchanted Ring

Artifacts and unique items that use the effect but cannot be disenchanted include:



  • Rally spells include a secondary Fortify Health effect.
  • Restore Health may be more ideal for immediate health gain while in combat.
  • Fortify Health enchantments work a little differently on NPCs (mainly followers) than it does on you: whereas on your character it is added to your overall health (example: 300 health + ring with a Fortify Health enchantment of 50 = 350 health), with NPCs it is considered almost separately, mostly when in combat. For example: a Fortify Health enchanted cuirass, ring, amulet and shield of 100 each + 300 normal NPC health should equal 700 overall health, but only in non combat situations. During combat, the added health is damaged first by enemy attacks, then the regular, base health of the follower or NPC is damaged.
  • When a Fortify Health effect from a potion or enchantment expires or is removed, if your current health is equal to or below the value of the effect, then you will be put at 1 health by default. However, some other sources of Fortify Health, such as the Blessing of Arkay, don't do this, so if your current health is below 25 when the Blessing of Arkay expires, you'll die.