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Lore:Five Finger Dance

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The Five Finger Dance
Type Plane
Realm Mundus
Appears in ESO
The Five Finger Dance

The Five Finger Dance (also called Baan Dar)[UOL 1] is the realm of Baan Dar,[1] the Bandit God and trickster spirit of thieves and beggars in primarily Khajiiti culture.[2] Among the deity's followers, the Five Finger Dance is considered the greatest party in existence and many compete in an event called the Boast to earn Baan Dar's favor and enter his realm. These events are held all once a year in Tamriel and are overseen in secret by the Daughters of Baan Dar.[1]

The land resembles a desert under a purple night sky. The party is centered around a lush oasis and people are invited to eat, drink, dance, and sing to their heart's content.[3] In Astronomy, Baan Dar is considered one of the largest shooting stars, which are typically planets with independent orbits. It is also called the Rogue Plane.[UOL 1]


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