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Blockers, also known as blockusers, are senior editors—usually patrollers or autopatrolled users—who have been granted restricted blocking rights by administrators.

Blocks issued by blockers are limited to six hours or less and should only be issued when no administrator is available, in accordance with the Blocking Policy. Information about the block should be added to the Block Notifications page. To request blocker privileges, please contact an administrator about taking on the extra responsibility.

Becoming a Blocker

An administrator looks for a few basic requirements when granting blocker rights, and certain things are cause for immediate disqualification.


  • Already a patroller or autopatrolled user. Exceptions may be made for userspace patrollers who qualify for either of these statuses
  • Has demonstrated consistent activity on Recent Changes for the last three months
  • Regularly reverts bad edits and issues warnings to spammers and vandals
  • Courteous and friendly with other users

Immediate Disqualifications

  • All disqualifications for patrollers apply. In particular, receiving a recent warning or block will be taken even more seriously. A serious block on a user's record may disqualify them from being a blocker indefinitely.

List of Applicants

Add your name to this section if you would like to become a blocker. Once an administrator confirms that you meet the requirements, they will grant you the rights, move your name to the Current Blockers section, and notify you on your talk page. If no action has been taken for a week after your nomination, please contact an active administrator directly (talk page, email, etc.).


Current Blockers

Active Blockers

Semi-Active Blockers

Inactive Blockers


Blockers may add the {{User Blocker}} userbox to their user pages.

  This user is a Blocker.

See Also

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  • Blocking Policy — UESPWiki's policy governing blocking user accounts.