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Elder Scrolls Online: Creatures
(lore page)
Location Summerset: Eton Nir Grotto, Karnwasten, Rellenthil Sinkhole, Shimmerene Waterworks, Wasten Coraldale
Murkmire: Teeth of SithisMurkmire
Southern ElsweyrDragonhold, NchuthnkarstGreymoor, Blackwood: near Farmer's NookBlackwood
Species Salamander
Health Varies
Reaction Hostile
A salamander

Salamanders are large, hostile amphibians found throughout Summerset. They can also be found in Murkmire, Southern Elsweyr, and Blackwood, and appear within Nchuthnkarst. They attack using various elemental abilities, as well as their long tongues and tails.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

A large, naturally occurring amphibian only seen on the Summerset Isles (and mainly along the coastline). Salamanders adapt to their surroundings and threats by changing their appearance and behaviors: To this end, they have thee different forms: Fire, Shock, and Ice. — Prima guide description[1]:214
The salamander suddenly lunges forth, attempting to bite you for low physical damage.
Tongue Dart
The salamander extends its tongue to strike you from a distance, dealing physical damage.
displayed by salamanders at Graveld's Hideaway
Adaptation (flame, shock, frost)
The stripes along the salamander's back change color to represent the element it's adapting to. This occurs after the salamander is struck by a specific element for a certain amount of damage (frost, shock, or fire, usually from player attacks), or simply at a time of the salamander's choosing (at random, but with a cool down period). When it adapts to an element, it receives resistance to the element it adapted to, but a weakness to the other two elements. Once it's adapted, its abilities also change to become specific to that element.
Tail Whip
The salamander whips its tail, inflicting moderate physical damage if the attack isn't blocked.
The salamander slithers at high speed, excreting a slippery, unknown substance that slows you down if you step on it.
Embers (flame only)
The salamander shakes violently, emitting embers that linger and inflict fire damage. Should be avoided to prevent damage.
Static Release (shock only)
The salamander concentrates its body's electricity, rolling forward and slamming its tail down to release an expanding line of electricity. The damage dealt by this ability decreases as it travels farther away from the salamander. It can hit enemies at a range, and also stun them.
Cellular Hibernation (frost only)
The salamander's metabolism slows, and it briefly casts a shield around itself. Attacking the shield will break it, but not before the salamander throws a frosty projectile at you. If this projectile hits other salamanders, it will heal them slightly.

Unique SalamandersEdit