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Elder Scrolls Online: Patch
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Released on August 22 2022 (PC/Mac/Stadia) or September 6 2022 (PS4/Xbox).

Update 35 is the thirtyfifth major update patch for The Elder Scrolls Online, and will introduce the Lost Depths DLC. It will be available on the PC/Mac Public Test Server (PTS) on Monday, July 11. Launching in tandem with Lost Depths is Update 35, a new base-game patch that all ESO players can enjoy, no purchase required. This update includes balance changes, fixes, and new features, including changes to the combat system, the introduction of bonus “mini-events” for Battlegrounds (for example, a weekend that grants bonus Alliance Points), and broad improvements to XP gains in PvP in general.[1]

Update 35Edit

New Features / Updates / Big ChangesEdit

According to Roadmap:[2]

  • Increased XP in PvP Arenas
  • 3 New PvP Item sets
  • New Furnishings & Master Writ Recipes
  • Combat Adjustments
  • Update 36 Prologue Quest
  • Featured Battleground Modes with Bonus XP