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Lady Clarisse Laurent
Location (?), The Portal Chamber
Bal FellMorrowind
Near the Ruined Guardhouse, Renewal LodgeMurkmire
Race Breton Gender Female
Health 39,959
15,000 (At Bal FellMorrowind, In MurkmireMurkmire)
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower Tongues of Stone
Lady Clarisse Laurent

Lady Clarisse Laurent is a Breton noblewoman, author, and treasure hunter. She appears in several quests across the length and breadth of Tamriel along with her hapless manservant, Stibbons.

Though her ladyship sees herself as an accomplished adventurer, she often finds herself in situations requiring the assistance of a more seasoned individual, namely yourself. And while pursuing the knowledge behind some ritual or artifact, she often uses her manservant as a guinea pig, much to Stibbon's dismay and detriment.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Daggerfall CovenantEdit

The Jeweled Crown of AntonEdit

She can found inside the Tomb of Lost Kings, where she will introduce herself. If you have not accepted the quest from Stibbons yet, she'll only say:

"Good day to you. You've heard of me, of course. I'm Glenumbra's foremost expert on ancient artifacts."

If you have accepted the quest and spoken to Forgotten Seneschal, she'll be more talkative:

"Ah, another adventurer! Of course you know who I am. I'm famous, as you know. When it comes to ancient artifacts, no one in Glenumbra has more expertise than I do."
Stibbons sent me to find you.
"Ah! Excellent. My other assistant has been … well, I suppose the technical term is consumed. I told her not to get so close to that giant lizard.
Anyway, I could use your help."
What do you need?
"I'm going to recover the legendary Jeweled Crown of Anton. Well, as soon as we can get into the locked vault. I understand the place is filthy with traps and undead creatures.
You see where I'm going with this, don't you?"
You want me to get the crown for you.
"Ah, you do understand! Four keys open the vault: the Keys of Flames, Blades, Strife, and Crowns. Three of the keys are hidden in this tomb.
I have the fourth key. It's an heirloom. Been in my family for generations. Take it and get the other keys."

Speak to her before setting off and she'll reiterate:

"Collect the keys and retrieve Anton's jeweled crown. I'll reward you handsomely.
Even better, I'll mention you in my next book."

After retrieving the crown, return to her back at the camp outside:

Jeweled CrownEdit

If you retrieved the Jeweled Crown of King Anton:

"Ah, you're back. And in a timely manner. Did you find the crown?"
Yes, I have it here.
"That's it—the Jeweled Crown of Anton. You are quite the capable dungeon delver.
Please, place the crown on the table so that I can look upon its splendor."

She'll then turn to Stibbons:

Lady Clarisse Laurent : "Stibbons! Could you come and put this lovely crown away, please?"
Stibbons : "Of course, my lady."
Forgotten Seneschal : "Why? Why isn't he bound?"
Stibbons : "There we are, my lady. Safe and sound."
Forgotten Seneschal : "No! That's not the right crown!"
Forgotten Seneschal : "You betrayed me! Betrayed me!"
Stibbons : "I'll go see about more fish for the stew, my lady."

Speak to her before leaving and she'll prophetically say:

"Perhaps you'll have another chance to assist me in the future. Until then, good luck to you."
Cursed CrownEdit

If you retrieved the Cursed Crown of King Anton:

"You made it. Well done.
Did you get the crown?"
Yes, I have it here.
"That's it—the Jeweled Crown of Anton. Why, you are quite the capable dungeon delver.
Please, place the crown on the table so that I can gaze upon its majesty."

She'll then turn to Stibbons:

Lady Clarisse Laurent : "Stibbons! Could you come and put this lovely crown away, please?"
Stibbons : "Of course, my lady."

Stibbons touches the crown, screams in agony, and falls to the ground.

Stibbons : "Oh, dear. I seem to be dead. How very inconvenient."
Stibbons : "I feel drawn to this place now … bound to it somehow."

Stibbons spirit will enter the ruins.

Forgotten Seneschal : "I'm free! Er, now what?"
Forgotten Seneschal : "I … I only know how to be a servant. How pathetic."

Forgotten Seneschal possesses the body of Stibbons:

Lady Clarisse Laurent : "Stibbons! Are you all right?"
Stibbons : "I … of course, my lady. Let me just put this away for you."
Stibbons : "There we are, my lady. Safe and sound."
Stibbons : "If you'll excuse me, my lady, I think this stew could use more fish."

She will note that Stibbons is acting strangely.

"This crown is quite a marvel.
But why is Stibbons acting so strangely? No doubt it's all this open air. He's not cut out for adventuring. I'm sure that's it."

The Emerald ChaliceEdit

Lady Laurent can later be found at her camp outside Breagha-Fin with her manservant. She will be saying "Now where have they disappear to? Good help is hard to find these days." This time she is working on behalf of the Mages Guild to recover a stolen artifact.

Speaking to her:

"Ah, wonderful! You're just in time.
I'm in urgent need of assistance. In fact, I just said to my man Stibbons, "Stibbons, we are in urgent need of assistance." And here you are!"

Or if you completed The Jeweled Crown of Anton before:

"How splendid! Look, Stibbons, it's our friend … the one from Glenumbra! What good fortune. I was just saying to Stibbons, "Stibbons, I do wish someone would come along who has proven their worth!" And then you turned up, in answer to my summons!"

Or if you completed Thwarting the Aldmeri Dominion before:

"Look, Stibbons, it's our friend … you know, the one who helped us in Alik'r! How good to see you again, and at such an opportune moment too."
Do you need help?
"I'm looking for a cup. Not just any cup, mind you. A Mages Guild cup. They call it the Emerald Chalice.
The Nord mage, Malofar, stole this relic. I offered my assistance and tracked Malodor here to Breagha-Fin—home to a group of Nord exiles."
What sort of help do you need?
"Patience! I was just getting to that. I acquired a few hirelings and sent them in to look around. They haven't returned. Now I need someone to go in there and retrieve the Emerald Chalice.
And my lazy hirelings, as well, of course."
All right. I'll go in and look around.
"I knew I could count on you! If you find that blasted cup, you will have my eternal gratitude."

Once you have agreed to help, you can ask her some additional questions before heading in.

You seem very concerned about the relic, but what about your hirelings?
"Of course I'm worried about my hired help, as any woman of noble birth would be.
But the chalice is a priceless, irreplaceable relic of historical importance. You really can't compare the two."
What's so special about this Emerald Chalice?
"It possesses some kind of enchantment. But as to why they call it emerald, I have no idea. The Mages Guild was adamant about making sure it returns to them in one piece."
What can you tell me about the hirelings?
"Lazy, good-for-nothing loafers, if you want my honest opinion. They insisted the caves were full of Goblins.
That's ridiculous! My sources tell me that Malofar and a clan of Nords moved into these caves. No one said anything about Goblins."
Who is Malofar? Why would he steal the chalice?
"I don't know much. Malofar was the leader of a Nord clan back in Skyrim. He and his clanmates were banished for performing dark rituals, so they came to this forsaken wilderness.
He stole the relic and the Mages Guild sent me to retrieve it."

While in Breagha-Fin you will discover the truth about the Emerald Chalice from one of the hirelings which experienced it's powers. The chalice can transform whoever drinks from it into a goblin and the owner of the chalice can then control them. The transformed hireling wants revenge on Lady Laurent and asks that you hide the truth from her.

After the goblin leads you outside, you can present the chalice to Lady Laurent who has been waiting for you.

"You've returned! Smashing! Were you able to recover the Emerald Chalice?"
Yes, I was.
"Wonderful! Please, set it on the table. I want to take a good look at the thing before I pack it up and take it back to the Mages Guild."
I found your hirelings too.
"My hirelings? Oh, yes. Of course. I'm glad you found them. Now, please, put the cup right there, if you would."
One was killed and the other was turned into a Goblin.
"Oh my goodness! How terrible for them. Positively ghastly!
Well, nothing to be done about it now. The chalice, if you please?"
I learned the secret of the Emerald Chalice. / I've also learnt the secret of the Emerald Chalice.
"Oh really? And what, pray tell, is this secret?"
Anyone who drinks from the chalice is turned into a goblin.
"A Goblin, eh? That explains what happened to the Nords.
And, I suppose, that's why they call this relic the Emerald Chalice. Goblins are greenish, you see. Well, now we know."
Can you reverse the magic of the chalice?
"I suppose I might be able to. I would need a little blood. Stibbons hold out your arm. This won't hurt a bit."
Anyone who drinks from the chalice gains amazing powers. [Lie.]
"Excellent! Thank you so much for recovering the cup from that terrible Nord ruffian.
Stibbons! Oh, Stibbons! Be a dear and drink from the Emerald Chalice. I want to see how its magic works before we return it to the Mages Guild."

If you choose to tell her the truth and exited out of the conversation, she will alternatively say:

"So the Emerald Chalice turns ordinary people into green Goblins? Remarkable!"
Here's the cup. Do you think you can break the spell? (leads to quest completion dialogue)

If you choose to lie to her and exited out of the conversation, she will alternatively say:

"Amazing powers, you say? Well, I can't wait to test your theory and see what happens!"
Here's the cup. (leads to quest completion dialogue)
Tell the truthEdit

If you told her the truth, she will then attempt to reverse the transformation after paying you for your help:

Stibbons: "Yes m'lady. Please try not to get any on my clothes. Blood is murder to get out."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Now just hold still Stibbons …."
<She takes some blood and puts it in the Chalice.>
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Now you, Goblin, drink from the chalice."

When the goblin takes a sip, he will transform back into Amberic. However, Laurent appears to have miscalculated:

Stibbons: "What? What's happening …?"

Stibbons will then transform into a goblin and will walk away to sulk.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Oh, dear … that was an unexpected side effect."

Speaking with her afterwards, Laurent is confident she can eventually reverse the effects on Stibbons.

"Perhaps I shouldn't have used Stibbons' blood …. He must have gotten caught in the spell somehow. Ah well, I'm sure I can figure out a way to undo it eventually."

If you lied to her ladyship, you'll witness the following:

Stibbons: "As you wish, m'lady."
<Stibbons drinks from the cup>
Stibbons: "What? What's happening …?"
Stibbons: "What happened? No. No! I'm a Goblin!"
Amberic: "Har! Yes … revenge!"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "What have you done? My manservant is a Goblin! It'll take me forever to undo this!"

Speak to Clarisse and she'll exclaim:

"Stibbons is … Stibbons is a Goblin! Whatever am I going to do with a Goblin manservant?"
Why did you make Stibbons drink from the cup?
"That's what Stibbons does! And just for such situations as this, I suppose.
Well, nothing to do now but head back and see if the Mages Guild can help him. I do hope this doesn't affect his ability to make my favorite fish stew."

Thwarting the Aldmeri DominionEdit

Lady Laurent in the Alik'r

Lady Laurent can be found on the outskirts of her digsite at Salas En with her cat Mistress Lamae. As you approach you can hear her lamenting to her cat, "Oh Lamae, when will I learn not to trust Stibbons? He's ruined everything!".

Her work has hit some setbacks, namely the Aldmeri Dominion invading the site. If this is your first meeting, she'll greet you with:

"Aha! Perfect! You look like the fit sort. I wonder if you can assist me in an archeological project of considerable importance.
I came here searching for some rather valuable relics, but I've encountered something of a setback."

Otherwise, she'll say:

"Oh! Such a relief to see a familiar face in this ghastly desert! Particularly today.
You helped me get the Crown of Anton. Would you consider assisting in my archeological efforts again? I've encountered something of a setback here."
What kind of setback are we talking about?
"Well, I discovered this fabulous portal in the Ayleid ruins. I sent my assistant through, and … it was a mistake.
The portal apparently leads to somewhere in the Grahtwood, and … basically, he returned with the Aldmeri army at his heels."
Aldmeri forces came through the portal?
"Yes, and unfortunately, it seems they're now planning a full-scale invasion, establishing a base, building siege weapons …. We need to close the portal, quickly.
I discovered an old tome that explains how, if I can find it again. Will you help me?"
Yes. I'll help you.
"You're a true hero—and I mean that. My camp is beside the ruins. That's where I left the book we need.
Get the book, use it to activate the large pillars in the ruins, then meet me inside the west door to the lower ruins. The portal's down there."

You can ask her some questions before you leave.

Why do I have to activate the pillars?
"I suppose that's a reasonable question. As you might imagine, the Elves have locked the main entrance to the portal room.
There is a back way, however, through an old prison of some sort. The pillars unlock the door into the prison."
What's inside the prison?
"Oh, I haven't the foggiest notion what's in the prison. It's been centuries though—whatever was down there is surely dead.
If not, well, you seem capable enough, and it can't be any worse than the damned Elves."
Can you tell me more about the ruins?
"My researchers in High Rock gave me the essential background. Salas En was an Ayleid stronghold, built by human slaves in the Merethic Era.
The Elves eventually got what they deserved during the Yokudan colonization of Hammerfell in the First Era."
What purpose do you think the portals served?
"It's quite fascinating really. It would seem to prove that the Altmer and the Ayleids were still connected further into the Merethic Era than we believed.
I actually wrote a book on the subject. Well, someone wrote it for me, but who's counting?"
So how have you been doing?
"How kind of you to ask. Let's see … I was in Wrothgar for a while, but Orcish history is such a bore, so I left there and visited some Dwemer ruins in Morrowind. Then I wound up coming here.
Stibbons has remained with me, of course, regrettably."
Where is Stibbons now?
"Who knows? Who cares? The blathering fool created such a mess here. He's become a liability, especially since the Tomb of Kings.
I have a new man assisting me now. He's much more … efficient. Not as efficient as you, but you're not for hire."

After retrieving the tome and accessing the ruins, Lady Laurent will be waiting for you in the Lower Ruins.

"You certainly made short work of those Elves. There seem to be few odd skeletons down here, no problem for you, I'm sure.
Now, I assume you found the old tome in my camp?"
Yes. Here's the book.
"Thank you very much.
Fortunately, I can translate the ancient Ayleid, and that should tell us how to close the portal."
Where is the portal?
"It's through this door right behind me. The problem is that it's locked, but … it appears that it's controlled by a switch deeper in the ruins.
Would you be a dear and find the switch?"
Yes. I'll find the switch.
"If only I could have someone like you around full time.
If you'll get the switch, that will give me time to study up whatever words I need to speak to close the portal. Once you get it opened, I'll just go on in, so meet me in the portal room."

Before you head to the portal room, speaking to her again:

"Come now, I don't expect that switch is just going to throw itself.
If you get the switch, I'll go in the chamber. Then you can just meet me inside."

Once in the portal room, she will ask if you are ready to close the portal.

"Arrogant Elves! They have so much faith in that seal they put on the main door, they don't even have anyone guarding the portal!
I'm not complaining though. Are you ready to do this?"
Let's do this.
"All right. You're going to have to protect me though.
The chamber may be clear now, but as soon as I start the ritual, they'll realize it on the other side. They might try to charge through and stop us."
I'll take them as they come.

Waves of Aldmeri Dominion soldiers will come through the portal while Lady Laurent attempts to translate the phrase properly.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "All right, let's get this started. Gol … ro … so … me-aka?"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Woo hoo! Take that, you damned Elves. Wait. I just lost my place."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Alooo-saba … takeo? Takeeeo? Taco? How do you pronounce this?"

Eventually she completes the translation.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "All right. I think I've got it! Malla Aloo takeo!"

After the portal closes, Lady Laurent will be relieved and will request that you keep this incident quiet.

"Well that takes care of that, now doesn't it?
I'm actually quite relieved. It would have been so embarrassing to have been responsible for the fall of Alik'r. After I opened the portal, I considered just leaving and denying that I was ever here."
I'm glad you stayed to close it.
"I am too … now.
If you would though, I still would prefer to keep this quiet. I do have a reputation to uphold, you know."

Speaking with her afterwards, she will glad to get back to her research.

"Finally! The Elves came damn near ruining my entire expedition! Of course, Stibbons was really to blame.
Regardless, I'll be glad to get back to studying the ruins instead of skulking around and trying to hide from the Elves."

Tongues of StoneEdit

Retrieving her EquipmentEdit
Lady Laurent in Bangkorai

After being directed to her by Adifa, Lady Laurent can be found near the northern camp of the Qharroa Ruins. If you met her before, she will say:

"My expedition is ruined! One catastrophe after another!
Oh, we meet again! You wouldn't happen to be interested in performing a few light duties, would you? I'm in need of a temporary assistant."
Perhaps. What are you doing out here?
"I'm conducting research into ancient Yokudan ruins to see what light they cast on modern Redguard society.
Fascinating, but not without peril—an alchemical experiment led to my assistant becoming, er, incapacitated. But I hope to recover him."
Recover? So he's still alive?
"Oh, quite. Stibbons should recover, once I reverse the process.
All my supplies are at my new camp, through these ruins. We'll need to get some things here, then go to my first camp at the dig site. Which, unfortunately, has been overrun by Goblins."
Goblins? Is that what you're researching?
"Goblins? Certainly not! I've been studying the local gargoyles…I believe they're the key to certain Yokudan myths and legends. It's my own theory.
Now, I'll need you to retrieve my supplies, and then perform Stibbons' duties in his absence."
Very well. Where can I find these supplies?
"My alchemical gear is at the new camp, through these ruins. You'll have to find where Stibbons set it up. Be careful with it, it's delicate.
Once you've collected that, we'll move on to the old camp."

If you speak to her again she will remind you of what needs doing:

"All my best things are at my second camp, through these ruins.
Then we'll need to make our way over to my first camp, by the dig site. Unfortunately, its overrun by Goblins."

If you choose to start the quest from her directly and you met her before, dialogue will be slightly different:

"My expedition is ruined! One catastrophe after another!
Oh, we meet again! You wouldn't happen to be interested in performing a few light duties, would you? I'm in need of a temporary assistant."
Perhaps. What are you doing out here?
"I've been researching ancient Yokudan ruins to see what light they cast on modern Redguard society. It's quite fascinating, but not without peril.
My erstwhile assistant was, er, incapacitated during one of my experiments, and I hope to recover him."
Recover? So he's still alive?
"Quite so. At least he should be, once I reverse the transmogrification.
But all in good time! I'll need you to find where Stibbons put my alchemy supplies, and perform his other duties while he's absent. Best get started!"
All right. Where do you think he put your supplies?
"All my best things are at my second camp, through these ruins.
Then we'll need to make our way over to my first camp, by the dig site. Unfortunately, its overrun by Goblins."
Goblins? Is that what you're researching?
"Goblins? Certainly not! I've been studying the local gargoyles—I believe they're the key to certain Yokudan myths and legends.
The Goblins are irrelevant. Their interference has been most inconvenient. Do be a dear and show them no mercy."

After retrieving the equipment:

"Let's get on with it, shall we? Stibbons isn't going to revive himself!"
Here's your alchemical equipment.
"Yes, most satisfactory. Stibbons would have dusted them off as well, but one mustn't be choosy, must one?
Now, off to our first camp at the dig site, where we'll find my man Stibbons. Shall we?"
Let's go.

You then escort Lady Laurent to her camp which contains what appears to be a stone statue of Stibbons. When you arrive she will run up to Stibbons:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Stibbons! You're your old self again!"

She will then look around the camp grumbling "What a hodgepodge! How is one supposed to find anything in here?"

If you started the quest through Adifa, Lady Laurent will alternatively say a different line when she sees the stone statue of Stibbons:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "I'm back Stibbons. Glad to see you haven't run off anywhere."

She can then be spoken to:

"Please, pay me no mind. I didn't expect to react so strongly to seeing poor Stibbons in this state.
Now, where did he put those notes?"
"I suppose you should know the truth. Ancient inscriptions here described some unique alchemical processes, which I tried to duplicate.
I fear I succeeded all too well, and Stibbons' unfortunate condition is the result."
You turned him to stone?
"Yes, but I'm certain I can restore him if we find his, er, my notes. Stibbons put them in a safe place somewhere in this camp.
I'm sure you can find them—you're ever so handy at that sort of thing."

Before you find the notes:

"I do hope those horrid Goblins didn't mistake my notebook for something edible!"

Once the notes have been found:

"Julianos' little teapot! Where could they be?"
I found them.
"Praise the Divines! You're a lifesaver, Stibbons. Er, I mean … whatever your name is.
At any rate, give me a moment to read these over, and I'll know what I need next."
Creating Test SubjectsEdit

While she reads her notes, Laurent will eventually find something:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Ah yes, now I recall how it was!"

Speaking to her:

"Stendarr smite them, the Goblins took my reagents! It would serve them right if they ate them, the wretches!
Hmm, that gives me an idea."
What's that?
"I need to develop an antidote for the Yokudan stoneflesh potion. And to be safe, I'll need to test it on other research subjects before applying it to Stibbons.
So I need the original reagents back so I can make more of the stoneflesh potion."
What good would that do?
"So we can use it on the Goblins, of course! Once they're petrified, they'll be the test subjects for my antidote.
Let's go recover my reagents from those beasts. Then I must check my notes against the Yokudan inscriptions. If I can find them again."

Speaking to her before you go into the ruins:

"Let's get on with it, shall we? Stibbons isn't going to revive himself!"

While escorting her around the ruins looking for the inscriptions, she will comment on them.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "This is a curious one! I must have missed it on my first pass."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "I'll have this in an instant…."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "These writings are very old indeed. How gratifying!"

Once the regents and inscriptions are found, she can be spoken to for the next step in her plan.

"You're rather useful, in your own way. Meritorious work!
Now according to my notes, I just need to combine these reagents, and shake the vial …."
And the potion is ready?
"Indeed it is. It's up to you to administer it, of course. You should probably pour it into whatever noisome slumgullion they're brewing up in those cookpots.
'While you're attending to that, I'll consult with our hireling guide."
You have a guide?
"Oh, yes—his name's Mareh. He's rather a crazy old hermit, but he certainly knows his way around these old Yokudan ruins.
He lives in a nearby cave overlooking the ruins. Hermit's Climb, they call it."
Why didn't you ask him to help rescue Stibbons?
"I tried, but he refused to go near the Goblins. Besides, he's quite mad—he's become entirely preoccupied with some ancient Yokudan riddle.
You'll see when you meet him. Perhaps you'll be able to talk some sense into him."

Speaking to her again before you find Mareh:

"Off with you, now! If the Goblins have their dinner before you administer the potion, why, who knows how long we'd have to wait for them to ingest it?"
Solving the Hermit's RiddleEdit

Once you have added the potion to the food, she can be found at Hermit's climb in the northern part of the ruins.

"Ah, there you are at last! This daft old hermit is simply talking in circles. See if you can persuade him to be sensible.
If that doesn't work, have a look at these inscriptions yourself."

After speaking with Marah, you can ask Lady Laurent for her opinion.

"You see? Quite maddening!
And all I have to go on are these similarly arcane inscriptions from the ruins."
What do you need from him?
"The Yokudan inscriptions are mysterious. Frankly, I'm baffled by them. But Mareh has dropped hints that he knows what they mean.
I'm sure he could tell me what I want to know, if I could only figure out how to give him what he wants."
So what does he want?
"He wants the answer to the riddle of the inscriptions. He'll tell me my answer if I'll give him his answer. Or something like that. It's maddening!
Stibbons would know what to do, I'm sure. He was always good at seeing what's right in front of me!"
But what do you need the inscriptions for?
"They contain the key to the antidote for my stoneflesh potion.
Somehow, the gargoyles inspired the early Redguards to experiment with their own flesh and bone. If I could only understand their cryptic inscriptions, I could master their alchemy."

Once you help Mareh figure out the riddle in return for information. Lady Laurent will shout out:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "The tongue! Of course!"

She can then be spoken to:

"The gargoyle's tongue! Of course, what a simply obvious answer!
Well, let's get on with it. You'll be able to dispatch one of those beasts, I assume?"

While she harvests a gargoyle corpse "Ugh, how very disgusting!"

Testing the AntidoteEdit

When she returns to the camp, she will be studying Stibbons, Lady Laurent can then be asked if she needs anything else.

"Arkay's beard! Could anything be more disgusting than this gargoyle's tongue?
One must make the best of it, I suppose. Now, how to prepare the antidote?"
You don't know?
"That's why I had you dose the Goblins' stew! Do pay attention. Several of them must have been petrified by now.
I've prepared several versions of the antidote. I'll need you to apply it to the petrified Goblins and record the results."
What will you be doing?
"I shall have to somehow drag Stibbons back to the other camp. It's a bother, but there's no help for it.
Once you've observed the results of your trials, meet me back there with your report. That data should enable me to concoct the final antidote."

Before you test out the antidotes:

"Daedra take it! Gargoyle spit, and on my best breeches. Now let's see….
Really, this is quite revolting."

After testing the antidotes, she can be found at the ransacked camp along with Stibbons.

"Did you use all of them? I do hope you paid close attention to their effects."
I did. The petrified Goblins either melted or exploded.
"That's … just what I was counting on! Right, now I know how to adjust the concoction to make a working antidote.
Soon Stibbons will be right as rain, thanks to my brains and your brawn!"
Are you sure?
"Now see here. Your lack of confidence in me is quite unjustified. I know exactly what I'm doing.
All right, stand back! I've no doubt these results will be spectacular!"
Restoring StibbonsEdit
Lady Laurent with Stibbons in Bangkorai

She will then attempt to reverse the stoneflesh on Stibbons:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Now, if my calculations are correct…."
<She pours the antidote on Stibbons.>
"This should take effect almost immediately."
<Stibbons becomes flesh and falls to ground in a stupor.>

After speaking with Stibbons to see how he is, Lady Laurent can be spoken to.

"There! See, I told you it would work!"'
Yes, I suppose you're right.
"Indeed I am! I know you may not have much experience taking risks like this, but sometimes you just have to follow your instincts!
Regardless, I owe you my thanks. Why, if Stibbons were stuck as a statue forever, I don't know what I'd do!"
Are you going to continue your research?
"I think I, er, we have accomplished quite a bit in this short time!
With Stibbons rescued, and our notes gathered, I think it's time we returned to civilization and compiled our conclusions. It will be a scholarly sensation!"

If you exit out of the conversation before turning in the quest, she will alternatively say:

"I owe you my sincere gratitude. Why, if Stibbons were stuck as a statue forever, I don't know what I do!
It simply doesn't bear thinking about."
Are you going to continue your research? (Leads to quest completion dialogue)

Once Tongues of Stone is completed:

"Now that Stibbons is on the mend, we can pack up the camp and move on to our next expedition!
You were quite adequate, for a temporary assistant. But you're no Stibbons. If I were in your position, I'd consider pursuing another line of work."

The Weight of Three CrownsEdit

Lady Laurent on Stirk

While heading to the summit meeting between the three Alliance leaders, Vanus Galerion will point out various experts invited to take part in the invasion of Coldharbour.

"Look, it's Lady Laurent!"

As you approach, she will be yelling at Stibbons.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Careful with that, you clumsy fool! Do hurry it up. We're missing everything!"
Vanus Galerion: "I never weary of your charms, Lady Laurent."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Vanus Galerion, as I live and breathe! Thank you so much for this opportunity. I had no idea the summit was to be held on the legendary island of Stirk!"
Vanus Galerion: "It seemed a fitting choice. It was here that the leaders of the First Era assembled the All Flags Navy to do battle with the Sload."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "I can't wait to see what surprises Molag Bal's realm has in store for us!"
Vanus Galerion: "We are waging war, not embarking on a sightseeing expedition, milady."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Fear not, Vanus. I can take care of myself and my useless lump of a manservant."
<Lady Laurent walks back to Stibbons.>
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Stibbons! Haven't you finished tying those bags yet? You really are hopeless."
Vanus Galerion: "Farewell, milady. We must dash. We're expected at the summit"

If you have met her before, she will recognize you as the person that assists her from to time to time:

"You again? I see you're still sticking your nose in other people's affairs. Well, if you're here to help, I'm not going to turn you away."

Otherwise she will say:

"I don't care who you are, if you can't carry my luggage you're useless to me!"

After the summit, she and Stibbons can be found in the Portal Valley, waiting for Vanus to create the portal to the Daedric realm. She will be worried about how Stibbons will handle the environment of Molag Bal's realm.

"As a famous treasure hunter and expert historian, it's no wonder the Mages Guild specifically asked for me to come along.
I do hope my manservant Stibbons can handle the sights of Coldharbour, though. He's a rather sensitive sort."


Through the Daedric LensEdit

Though you do not interact with her during this quest, you do observe a projection of her conversation with Telenger the Artificer while they are trapped in the Library of Dusk. Lady Laurent will be seen behaving oddly.

Telenger the Artificer: "Lady Laurent, we need to get out of here. This place is a trap. Young Raynor has already been caught in its spell."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Oh, Telenger, let's just stay here. You and I. Forever."
Telenger the Artificer: "No, the glamour has taken you as well!"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Come, my dear. Let us find a quiet corner among all these beautiful books."
Telenger the Artificer: "She's lost. Damn! I need to escape before I also succumb to the spell. I'll leave them a note in case the effects wear off."
<The projections of Telenger and Lady Laurent fade.>

The Library of DuskEdit

Once you have entered the Library and freed Raynor Vanos, you will need to find Lady Laurent. Unfortunately, you will find that there appears to be multiple copies of her. If speak with the wrong one the following will happen:

"Do not interrupt me!"
We need to get out of this place.
"How sweet, but I'm not who you think I am. Now, how should I kill you?"


"Do not interrupt me!"
We need to get out of this place.
"Leave? But this is my home. And it's your home now, too.
Or should I say it's your tomb now? So nice of you to give me the honor of ending your pitiful life!"

The fake Lady Laurent will then drop the disguise and attack you as a Dusk Scholar.

When you speak with the real Lady Laurent she will be absorbed in studying a relic. Unlike Raynor, it will be much easier to break her out of the spell.

<Lady Laurent doesn't seem to hear you.>
Raynor sent me to find you.
"Raynor sent you? But why? I just found the most fascinating … wait, where am I?"
You were caught in a Daedric spell.
"I see. I suppose I should ask whether or not you're part of this elaborate trap, but I sense that you're not an illusion.
I can feel the spell, however, crawling back, trying to slip into my mind. What an odd sensation!"
Do you know anything about these ruins?
"Hmm … I remember that we discovered something or another, but the details elude me. Perhaps if I had more time to recover from the effects of the spell.
Wait a moment, Telenger said something important just before I became engrossed in this relic."
Where's Telenger now?
"I wouldn't know exactly, but I'm sure Telenger's around here somewhere. He's really quite clever. And dashing, to boot! He reminds me of my … my good friend, Stibbons."
You should head for safety. I'll find Telenger. (This option advances the quest.)
"Thank you. I'm going to get out of here. I need to … find someone."
Do you remember what happened?
"Well, let me see … we decided to take a look around this old library. I was sure there had to be a treasure or two to make it worth our while. Young Raynor became ensorcelled almost immediately and ran off.
After that, things kind of get fuzzy."

After you find Telenger and retrieve a Light of Meridia, Lady Laurent will have made her way to the camp on the outskirts and will be pleased to see you:

"Ah, the brave hero who broke the spell that bound us! So good to see you again, my friend."

Once you have spoken with Telenger to complete the quest, Lady Laurent will be uncharacteristically open with you and her worry about the missing Stibbons.

"I just wanted to say … what I mean is ….
Oh, bother! I'm not really very good at this. Thank you. For rescuing us, I mean. Thank you so much."
You're welcome.
"I did have another favor I'd like you to do."
That is?
"Stibbons hasn't shown up yet. I haven't seen him since I got lured into that library. I'm surprised he wasn't out here with dinner ready for me. He probably went to higher ground, such as that peak over there."

She will then mark the Spurned Peak to the north on your map.

The Hollow CityEdit

Once she has been rescued from the Library of Dusk, she can be found sitting at desk within the Consultants House. If Stibbons hasn't returned yet, she will be halfheartedly thinking of ways to punish him for disappearing.

"Oh, when I find that Stibbons, he … he will hear an earful from me!
How dare he think he can just vanish and leave me all alone? I'll … he'll … he'll be punished severely for this. Quite severely."


Sorrow's KissEdit

Lady Laurent ascending Sorrow

If this is your first meeting:

"Damn you, Kharsthun! How am I supposed to make a great discovery when—oh, hello!
Are you with the House of Glory Details? The Glorious Orcs? The … oh, you know what I mean! The Orc Museum! Have you brought the extra help I requested?"

If you've met before:

"Damn you, Kharsthun! How am I supposed to make a great discovery when—oh, hello! I was just thinking about you!
You do have a habit of showing up whenever I need help. Perchance you've brought a small army with you as well?"
No, it's just me.
"Just you? Well, I was hoping for porters and guides and all, but I suppose that I can make do.
I'll need to make a few slight adjustments to my plan, but this time we'll reach the summit of Sorrow. I'm sure of it!"
What happened the last time you tried to reach the summit?
"The last three times, you mean. We set up one camp, but the harpies and the icy wind cut us down each time we climbed higher. A few Orcs even wandered into a chasm because they couldn't see more than two paces ahead in the fog.
It all upset me so!"
So how can I help?
"To start, head up and present yourself to Kharsthun while I go check on my lazy man-servant, Stibbons. We'll meet you up there.
And remind Kharsthun who it is that's actually in charge of this expedition. He can be so uncooperative at times."
I'll go present myself to Kharsthun.
"Why are you still here? Do you need directions or something?"
What makes a dead Orc's shrine so important?
"We're not just talking about any dead Orc. This is Torug's shrine! Not only was he the founder of the original city of Orsinium, but he was the owner of the Armlet of Torug.
Do you know how high my reputation will soar once I recover that relic?"
The Armlet of Torug?
"According to a scroll fragment I studied, the Armlet of Torug is a magical bracelet encrusted with gems. With its power, Torug was able to tame the savage wilderness. It allowed the ancient Orcs to establish the first city of Orsinium."
Where did you study this scroll fragment?
"The museum in Orsinium has it on display. It only contains a few words in the ancient Orc tongue, but I was able to make some sense out of it.
It talked about the armlet, the shrine, and something called 'Sorrow's Kiss.' Doesn't that sound romantic?"

Finish speaking to Kharsthun and Lady Laurent will enter with Stibbons in tow:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Stibbons, don't you dare put down that firewood! It won't do us any good if it gets wet."
Stibbons: "You make a sound point, my lady."

Speak to Clarisse and she'll say:

"And here we are again, at the foot of Sorrow's insidious climb. With your help, I hope we can make it farther up the mountain this time.
If all goes well, we should reach Torug's shrine before Stibbons sets out our evening meal."

Go in search of the missing members of the party and you'll come across a cave with the dead orcs; the missing party. As you turn to leave, Lady Laurent will appear:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Those poor Orcs! Stibbons, be a dear and bury them."
Kharsthun: "Don't be ridiculous! They died well. Leave them where they fell."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Leave them? Out in the open? How barbaric!"
Kharsthun: "Orcs don't bury their dead. And these are the first Orcs to rest on Sorrow in generations. We won't steal that honor from them."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Fine. You are the expert, after all."

If you speak to her, she'll voice her opinion to you:

"I can't believe we're just going to leave those poor Orcs out here in the open for all the world to see.
If you ask me, that's no way to treat the dead."

Find the second inscription and the trio will follow.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Come now, Stibbons, keep up!"
Stibbons: "Right behind you, m'lady. As always."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Brr! This cold is unbearable! Stibbons, the firewood!"
Stibbons: "A fire! Splendid idea, m'lady! I'll just—oh my!"

Stibbons goes over to a dead Ogre. Lady Laurent fails to notice.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "If this is Torug's shrine, where's his body?"
Stibbons: "M'lady … you need to see this."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Build the fire here. I need more light! Maybe there's a hidden door."

Stibbons, for once, speaks forcefully to her ladyship:

Stibbons: "Lady Clarisse Laurent, I insist you listen to me!"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "What are you going on about, Stibbons? Can't you see I'm trying to—oh. I suggest a strategic retreat."
Stibbons: "I wholeheartedly agree, m'lady."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Let's stand back here and let Kharsthun and our friend work in peace, Stibbons."

The two make a hasty retreat as Kharsthun continues his note taking. Speak to her and she'll say:

"Ancient tombs can be tricky. Always hiding remains or treasure so as to discourage looters and genuine scholars.
And then there are the ogres. My man-servant is useless in the face of such creatures. I do hope that you're made of sterner stuff!"
Did you have any trouble after I cleared the path?
"A little cold and wind is a trifling compared to my other adventures.
Remind me to tell you about the time Stibbons and I went to Murkmire to test the potency of Hist tree sap. Stibbons's tongue was green for a week after licking all those trees!"
Are you going to examine the shrine?
"All in good time. I want to make sure the ogres don't become a problem. Stibbons and Kharsthun are both extremely frightened of the creatures.
And I'd like Kharsthun to finish translating the epitaph. Who knows what hints it may provide?"

At the third inscription, you're friends will arrive with anticipation:

Stibbons: "I think they found the third stanza, m'lady!"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Quiet, Stibbons! There might still be ogres about! Quickly, Kharsthun. What does it say?"
Kharsthun: "Let me take a look."
Kharsthun: "Torug wasn't pleased that they built his shrine below the summit. He wanted to rest at the top."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Does it say anything about the Armlet of Torug?"
Kharsthun: "He carried it to the summit. It says he 'laid Sorrow's … kiss upon it.' Yes, 'zugka.' I'm certain it's "kiss.""
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Sorrow's kiss? The same phrase from the fragment! Doesn't that sound so romantic, Stibbons?"
Stibbons: "Very sentimental, m'lady. But are you sure that doesn't say 'zugra?'"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Now, Stibbons, really! Leave the translating to the experts. In the meantime, I must speak to our friend."

Speak to her and she'll say;

"Isn't this wonderful news! To protect his own tomb from looters and to ensure his legend among his people, Torug climbed to the summit. And he took his relics with him!
Now be a dear and go up there and retrieve the Armlet of Torug for me."
You want me to climb to the summit?
"Haven't we been over this? I swear, sometimes I think you hear one word I say out of every three. You're almost as bad as my man-servant, Stibbons!"
You really think the Armlet of Torug is at the summit?
"Of course! It's written in stone. The ancients never lied when they were chiseling words into stone, you know.
The new museum will be the wonder of Tamriel with such a relic as the Armlet of Torug in its collection!"
Isn't the summit dangerous?
"Hyperbole to keep undesirables from venturing up. And even if there's some modicum of truth to the tale, all you need to do is grab the Armlet. Easy as eating a sweetroll!
Now, the thin air might make you light-headed, but you can handle that."
What if Kharsthun's translation is wrong?
"I don't agree with Kharsthun about many of his Orcish ideas, but on this point we're in perfect alignment. The proper translation is 'Sorrow's Kiss.'
Now go and get the Armlet while we see what other relics we can acquire for the museum."

Trek up to the summit and retrieve the armlet. Start to make your way back down and the world will go white. You'll awake to find yourself on a lower ledge with your three friends… who are deep in discussion:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Look, our friends have returned to their senses. I told you they weren't dead, Stibbons."
Kharsthun: "And look! That must be the Armlet of Torug! I refuse to let you go through with your plan, Lady Laurent."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Really, Kharsthun, not that again! We clearly have more to discuss. Stibbons, see to our friends."

Try to speak to her and she'll say:

"Stibbons will tell you what happened. That's what he's here for, after all.
In the meantime, I need to have another discussion with Kharsthun concerning the ultimate disposition of Torug's relic."

Speak to Stibbons who will tell you that Kharsthun and Lady Laurent disagree on what should be done with the armlet. You'll need to speak to them both and make a decision:

"I don't know what's gotten into Kharsthun. Why would anyone want to climb all the way up to the shrine to see an ancient relic when there's a perfectly quaint museum down in Orsinium?"
I understand that you and Kharsthun disagree about what to do with the relic.
"I would say so!
The museum specifically tasked us to retrieve relics and bring them to Orsinium. History is meant to be admired, not left hidden in the past! Kharsthun's plan means I will have failed in my mission. And Lady Laurent never fails."
I agree with you. The Armlet of Torug should go to the museum.
"I knew I could count on you! Soon every Orc will be able to gaze upon this important relic in the comfort of Orsinium's museum.
But first, I need to see what this wonder actually does! Oh, Stibbons! Be a dear and try it on, please!"
I need to speak to Kharsthun before I make a decision.
"If you insist. But please don't take too long. All this cold is doing terrible things to my poor, chafed lips."
The Relic staysEdit

If you agree with Kharsthun that the relic should stay at the shrine, he'll be grateful, much to the chagrin of her ladyship:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "You sided with Kharsthun? After all we've been through?"
Kharsthun: "It's been decided. Torug's relic stays in Torug's shrine."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "The poor Orcs have to climb up here to see a piece of their heritage? That's positively criminal!"
Kharsthun: "Wait! What's Stibbons doing with the relic!"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "A little faster, Stibbons. I'm anxious to see what the relic actually does!"
Stibbons: "But, m'lady, what if I'm not worthy?"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Nonsense! We're not afraid of legends and superstitions, are we?"
Stibbons: "No, m'lady. Of course not. Well, here goes nothing."

Stibbons will don the armlet and freezes stiff.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Oh, Stibbons, what did you do this time?"
Kharsthun: "Hmm. Maybe your man-servant was right. Maybe it does say 'Sorrow's curse.'"

Speak to her and she'll complain:

"Stibbons always finds a way to turn the simplest task into an ordeal. I don't know why I let him accompany me on my adventures.
But what about you? I can't believe you agreed with Kharsthun instead of me!"
Torug's relic belongs in his shrine.
"And what am I supposed to tell the House of Original Galleries or whatever it is the Orcs call their museum? That they have an annex all the way up here?
Wait a moment, that's a great idea! I'm a genius! You inspired me again, my faithful friend!"
And what about Stibbons?
"Someone at the Mages Guild will help me thaw out Stibbons. It may take weeks to warm him up, but he'll be fine.
This didn't turn out as planned, but it'll do. Lady Laurent, founder of the Shrine of Sorrow. It has a nice ring to it, don't you think?"

Finish speaking to her and she'll conveniently open a portal back to base camp:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Give me a moment and I'll open a portal back to our base camp."
Kharsthun: "A portal? So why did we have to make that harrowing climb?"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Teleportation is a delicate business. I can't just open a portal to some place I've never seen."

Speak to her before entering the portal and she'll say:

"I hope Kharsthun can get Stibbons back to the Mages Guild without dropping him too many times. I'm not sure what they can do if poor Stibbons gets cracked or even shattered.
Anyway, thanks again for your able assistance!"

Down in base camp, Kharsthun and Laurent continue to bicker:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Careful! Don't crack my man-servant! Honestly, you Orcs approach everything like you're going to war."
Kharsthun: "Perhaps you'd like to carry him, your majesty?"
The Relic goesEdit

If you agreed to have the relic sent to the museum, Lady Laurent will be very pleased:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "A little faster, Stibbons. I'm anxious to see what the relic actually does!"
Stibbons: "But, m'lady, what if I'm not worthy?"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Nonsense! We're not afraid of legends and superstitions, are we?"
Stibbons: "No, m'lady. Of course not. Well, here goes nothing."

Stibbons will don the armlet and freezes stiff.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Oh, Stibbons, what did you do this time?"
Kharsthun: "Hmm. Maybe your man-servant was right. Maybe it does say 'Sorrow's curse.'"

Speak to her and she'll complain:

"Stibbons always finds a way to turn the simplest task into an ordeal. I don't know why I continue to employ the man."
So what happens now?
"The Amulet of Torug will receive a place of honor in the Orsinium museum. I believe that a prominent sign that says 'do not touch' or 'you are not worthy' would also be prudent."
What about Stibbons?
"Someone at the Mages Guild will be able to help me thaw out Stibbons. It may take weeks for him to warm up, but he'll be fine.
But you should be pleased! The Orcs will sing my praises, and they're sure to say nice things about you, as well."

If you exit the dialogue before turning the quest and speak to her again:

"And so Lady Laurent makes another fabulous discovery!
Now if I can figure out how to thaw out my man-servant, I can mark this adventure as a success."
What about Stibbons?

Finish speaking to her and she'll conveniently open a portal back to base camp:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Give me a moment and I'll open a portal back to our base camp."
Kharsthun: "A portal? So why did we have to make that harrowing climb?"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Teleportation is a delicate business. I can't just open a portal to some place I've never seen."

Speak to her before entering the portal and she'll say:

"I hope Kharsthun can get Stibbons back to the Mages Guild without dropping him too many times. I'm not sure what they can do if poor Stibbons gets cracked or even shattered.
Anyway, thanks again for your able assistance!"

Down in base camp, Kharsthun and Laurent continue to bicker:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Careful! Don't crack my man-servant! Honestly, you Orcs approach everything like you're going to war."
Kharsthun: "Perhaps you'd like to carry him, your majesty?"


A Web of TroublesEdit

Coming upon a camp outside the ruin of Bal Fell, you find the famous adventurer Lady Clarisse Laurent. Apparently her man-servant Stibbons and the group of mages she hired from the Mages Guild have vanished.

If this is your first time meeting:
If you have previously met Lady Clarisse Laurent:
"It's about bloody time you Buoyant Armchairs showed up! I sent a request for assistance almost an hour ago and—oh, hello.
You don't look like a Bouncing Armiger to me. Still, my man-servant is missing and I could use the help."
"It's about damn time you Buoyant Armchairs arrived! I requested assistance almost an hour ago and—oh, hello. I was just thinking about you!
You may not be a Bouncing Armiger, but you've never disappointed me before. Perchance you're here to help?"
What seems to be the problem?
"First, my assistants from the Mages Guild disappeared without so much as a by-your-leave. Then my useless man-servant, Stibbons, vanished! Said he was going to solve the mystery but now he's disappeared as well. And it's almost tea time. Intolerable!"
What are you and your assistants doing out here?
"We were exploring the Bal Fell ruins when everyone left me. I expect such behavior from the hired help, but Stibbons? He's usually more dependable than that.
Locate the mages and Stibbons, then use this signal wand so I can join you."
I'll signal you after I find Stibbons and the missing mages.

After you agree to help, you can ask Lady Laurent some questions.

"I blame the Investigator Vale books I lent to Stibbons. He was never this adventurous before he became enchanted with her admittedly thrilling stories.
But what are you still doing here? I thought you were going to find Stibbons and the mages?"
What's so special about the Bal Fell ruins?
"That's what we're trying to determine. Bal Fell was once a great city, built atop an ancient center of Sheogorath worship. Now only the Daedric ruins remain.
Once we find the treasure, I'll be more famous than that blowhard, Narsis Dren!"
Narsis Dren?
"No one of note. Just a pretentious, arrogant author and adventurer with an over-inflated sense of self-importance. He's an irritating Dark Elf who loves to hear himself talk. And the topic of conversation? The greatness of Narsis Dren.
The s'wit."
You mentioned treasure?
"Treasure, relic … I'm sure there's something important hidden in the ruins. According to local rumors, people disappear around Bal Fell all the time. That's what sparked my interest. Mysterious happenings often extend my fame and fortune."
Disappear? Like Stibbons and the mages?
"Hmm. I suppose there could be a connection.
On the other hand, never attribute to ancient curses what can be explained by greed and laziness, I always say."
Tell me more about the mages.
"Oh, they were just your typical apprentices. Young, eager, hoping to make a name for themselves by working alongside a famed treasure hunter.
The six of them readily broke off promptly at sunset yesterday and abandoned the camp. They abandoned me!"
Why do you think they abandoned you?
"They already had my gold, so why stay to finish the work? Not the studious and well-mannered apprentices I expect from the Mages Guild. Besides, if truth be told, they were incompetent.
I'm surprised they remained with us as long as they did."
Tell me about Stibbons
"My man-servant Stibbons? He's lazy, drinks too much, and requires detailed instructions to accomplish the simplest of tasks. But his fish stew is delicious, I'll grant him that.
I regret letting him read my collection of Investigator Vale mysteries."
What do the Investigator Vale books have to do with all this?
"Have you read them? She's a brilliant detective. I fear Stibbons got the wrong idea and thinks he can find the missing mages, just like Investigator Vale.
When you locate him, I shall express my disapproval for his reckless disregard of his duties."

After finding some of the mage students and Stibbons, you can use the wand to fire a signal up into the air:

Lady Clarisse Laurent:"Ah, good. You found Stibbons. Probably just got turned around in the ruins again."

Talk to her to explain what you discovered.

"So tell me. What did you discover my man-servant doing when you happened upon him? Did he provide an explanation as to why I'm still waiting for my afternoon tea?"
Stibbons says a terrifying spider talked to him and he fainted.
"A talking spider? Ridiculous! Still, Stibbons has always been dreadfully afraid of the eight-legged pests. No excuse for shirking his responsibilities, though.
And the mages? Did you stumble upon them while you tracked down my man-servant?"
I found two of them. One ran into the ruins ranting about spiders. I couldn't follow her, though.
"Why not? Don't tell me you're afraid of a few spiders and a dusty old ruin?"
There was a magical barrier. I couldn't pass through it.
"Interesting. Spiders and a barrier! Some sort of spider magic? Regardless, such occurrences suggest there's more to these ruins than I presumed. A great treasure, perhaps?
But why could the mage pass through the barrier and not you?"
Maybe it had something to do with the spiders that were talking to her.
"She heard talking spiders? Incredible! I can brew a tea to keep Stibbons from fainting. Then he can listen to the spiders and lead us through the barrier. But we need to test its potency. Bring me a small spider from the ruins and meet us at my camp."
I'll get a small spider and meet you at camp.

As you leave, you can overhear Stibbons apologizing to Lady Laurent.

Stibbons: "I beg m'lady's pardon. I really thought I could solve the case of the missing mages."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Whatever gave you that idea? You can barely manage not to lose my collection of combs and brushes every time you pack them!"
Stibbons: "But … but … Investigator Vale …. I mean, would m'lady like her tea now?"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "And some of those sweet biscuits I like. Let's return to camp so you can start cooking!"
Stibbons: "Of course, m'lady. Right away."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "And Stibbons, I want my book back. I must find out what happens when Investigator Vale meets the innkeeper's daughter in the wine cellar. I'm sure it will be scandalous!"

If you stop by the camp before getting the spider and talk to Lady Laurent

"Do be quick about your task. I'm eager to uncover the secret of these ruins.
I shall remain behind to prepare my man-servant. It will take a deft touch to convince him to drink the tea and face his fear head on."

Arriving back at camp with the Mind Spider, you can speak to Laurent before releasing it.

"That's one of the spiders? You don't expect me to touch it, do you?
I wonder why it hasn't controlled us? Too far from the ruins? Maybe it targets specific individuals? Well, release the spider and let's see if the tea keeps Stibbons from fainting."

Once you put the Mind Spider on the ground, you will see if her calming tea worked or not.

Stibbons: "Ahh! A spider!"
Stibbons: "I'm … still conscious?"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "My tea worked! Head for the ruins and find the spider that talked to you, Stibbons!"
Stibbons: "As you command, m'lady."

He will then run towards the ruins and Lady Laurent will follow. As you get closer to the ruins, the pair will stop as Stibbons hears something.

Stibbons: "Another spider! And it's talking to me!"
<A blue spiral of light surrounds his head as he following the voice.>
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Follow my man-servant!"
<Both will run into Bal Fell.>

Once inside Bal Fell, Lady Laurent will run up to a worktable covered with notes.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Well, what do we have here?"

Talk to her to see what she found.

"Now this is intriguing! Someone set up a little workshop in these ruins."
A workshop? What kind of a workshop?
"Alchemy, from the looks of it, though I see a few components related to Daedric magic.
Dead spiders, vials, various alchemical components … this must be how these mind spiders were created. They certainly don't appear to be natural creatures."
Do you notice anything else?
"The notes in this journal … they refer to different kinds of spiders. Mind spiders, we already know about them. It also lists "pack spiders," "light spiders," and "exploding spiders." How exciting!
Someone is making spiders of nefarious purpose!"
What does all this have to do with Stibbons and the missing mages?
"The journal indicates that victims controlled by the mind spiders are needed for some sort of Daedric ritual. We need to find whoever is performing this ritual and you need to make them stop. Then I can lead Stibbons and the others to safety."
Sounds like a plan.

She will then head further into the ruin to rescue her manservant.

Lady Laurent: "Follow me, brave assistant!"

Soon you'll come across Stibbons and the Mages dancing for some Infernal Performers:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "I was right! It is some kind of Daedric ritual, led by a hulking Nord priest!"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Brave assistant, do something!"

While you fight Mad Griskild, she sneak by a free the dancers:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Stibbons! You look ridiculous! Stop dancing this instant!"
Stibbons: "Why do my feet hurt? Oh, never mind. Run!"

On her way running out of Bal Fell:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Naturally, we will be reducing your compensation accordingly!"

Afterwards, you can find her back at the camp.

"As much as a good run from a Daedric ruin really gets the blood pumping, I wish we had been more successful. We lost a few of the apprentices and I never did locate any relics or treasures."
And we stopped a Daedric priest and rescued Stibbons
"I suppose. I still can't figure out how the priest was able to control their minds using spiders. It's a bafflement.
Maybe one of these scrolls I seized on the way out will shed some light on this final mystery."
Scrolls from a Daedric ruin? Sounds dangerous.
"No need to worry. Stibbons will examine the scrolls. He's ever more durable than he appears.
I know a scribe who lives near White Ridge Barrow in Skyrim. His fascination with spiders borders on obsession, but I'm sure he'll appreciate the scrolls."
You really want Stibbons to examine a Daedric Scroll?
"I appreciate your help and your concern, but what possible harm could glancing at a few dusty scrolls cause? Here, for your trouble. I seem to have some extra gold after adjusting my staff's compensation.
Oh, Stibbons, since you like to read …."

Stibbons will have been reading another book when she calls him over to test the scroll.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Stibbons, I have something I'd like you to read."
Stibbons: "What's this? The newest Investigator Vale mystery?"
<Lady Laurent hands over the scroll.>
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Just read it out loud and tell me what it says."
Stibbons: "A read-aloud? What fun!"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Just enunciate, Stibbons. And speak loudly."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Any time now, Stibbons."
Stibbons: "This isn't the newest Investigator Vale mystery …."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Read the scroll, Stibbons!"
<Muttering as he reads through.>
Stibbons: "Something, something … Mad God flows and ebbs. Something, something … call forth the tangled webs …. Oh no, that doesn't sound good …."
<There is a popping noise and Stibbons becomes cocooned in webs.>
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Really, Stibbons? You do manage to complicate the simplest tasks."

Speaking with her afterwards, she'll assure you that she'll find a way to fix the problem.

"Stibbons has a way of dropping a fetcherfly into the honey. It's a gift, I suppose. Don't worry. I'll figure out how to extract him from those webs … after I enjoy another cup of tea.
Safe travels, my friend."

Divine BlessingsEdit

If you have completed the A Web of Troubles quest prior to the conclusion of Vvardenfell's main quest, Lady Clarisse and Stibbons will be present at the Temple Canton in Vivec City for Vivec's award ceremony during the quest Divine Blessings:

"What a singular honor! I've never been invited to a Living God's soiree before!
I'm just glad I was able to get all the webs off my man-servant. I'd hate for to sully my reputation by making a bad impression."


Something About StibbonsEdit


Lady Laurent can be encountered in Murkmire in the swamp just southeast of the Ruined Guardhouse, where she appears to be prodding Stibbons with her staff as he wades in one of the pools.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Search with your toes, Stibbons! Your toes!"

She can then be spoken to, to find out what she's looking for. Laurent will recognize you if you have met her before, saying:

"I remember you. As I recall, you were somewhat helpful the last time my manservant got into a spot of trouble.
I won't turn away good fortune. You know how useless Stibbons can be when it comes to recovering historic artifacts."

If this is the first time you're meeting her, she'll instead greet you with:

"What fortuitous timing! My manservant is absolutely useless when it comes to recovering historical artifacts."
What are you looking for?
"An antique Argonian renewal charm. Without one, they'll never let me observe the ritual of renewal. And that's the whole reason I came to this backwater in the first place.
Now if only Stibbons would stop playing in the mud and find the damn thing."
Why do you think you'll find this charm in the mud?
"I'll have you know I paid a lot for that information! But Stibbons is exceedingly slow and requires constant supervision. Why, I can't even spare a moment to look for the hand-mirror he lost.
Would you mind ever so much finding it for me, please?"
I'll find your hand-mirror.

You can then ask further questions about her presence in Murkmire:

"That hand-mirror is a family heirloom. I can't bear the thought of never seeing it again.
In the meantime, I need to keep prodding my manservant. If I give Stibbons even a moment's reprieve, he'll find a way to laze about. He's ever so good at that."
What's Stibbons doing in the mud again?
"He'd have me believe he's doing his job, but I suspect he's using the opportunity to daydream and dawdle.
Stibbons probably determined that the charm wasn't down there fairly quickly. Then he decided to relax with a soak in the mud."
What's the ritual of renewal?
"I believe it has something to do with Argonian mating habits, but I'm not quite sure. Hence my desire to observe the annual ritual. I have a keen interest in the romantic tendencies of different cultures. Purely on an academic level, you understand."
What brings you to Murkmire, Lady Laurent? (Appears once one of the above options have been asked.)
"I've been researching the mating habits of the indigenous races. Fascinating stuff! I plan to write a book.
A reference to an Argonian ritual of renewal I came across intrigued me, but the details were vague. So we traveled here to investigate."
But the last time I saw you, Stibbons wasn't doing so well.
"Why, whatever do you mean? I'm quite sure that if anything untoward happened to my manservant, I'd be the first to know.
Besides, Stibbons may seem frail and sluggish, but … hmm. I have no idea where I was going with that line of reasoning."
Finding a Charm of RenewalEdit

After you have found Lady Laurent's hand mirror nearby, you will her cry out for help due to Stibbons getting stuck.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Help! I say help! Stibbons has gotten himself stuck fast!"

When you reach the pair, Stibbons will be flailing around while Lady Laurent looks down at him, shaking her head. She says when speaking to her then:

"How typical! Stibbons got himself into the mud without any help, but now he can't seem to extract himself.
Be a dear and see if you can get him unstuck."

After you have helped Stibbons get out, Lady Laurent will become more determined to obtain an amulet and asks you to find the Argonian who originally told her one could be found in this area.

"A less-famous treasure hunter might think the Argonians wanted to foil her efforts to locate a renewal charm. But Lady Laurent is not so easily deterred!
We are going to find one of those charms—even if Stibbons has to search the entire swamp!"
Why are you so intent on finding a renewal charm?
"It's used in the mysterious ritual of renewal that one particular tribe of Argonians conducts on an annual basis. Carved from the living root of their Hist tree, or so I've been led to believe.
They won't let an outsider attend the rite without one."
And what happens at the ritual of renewal?
"That's hard to say. Mostly because no one will give me a definitive answer. As far as I can tell, it's somehow connected to the tribe's breeding practices.
The closest I got was when Many-Whispers offered to point me toward a charm. For a price."
A price?
"Gold. An obscene amount, truth be told. Look, Stibbons is reliable, but he has his failings. So many, many failings. Will you accompany him to Many-Whispers in the Swallowed Grove? Help him confront the lying Argonian and get me one of those charms?"
I'll accompany Stibbons to the Swallowed Grove.

You can then ask her about Many-Whispers:

"After you and Stibbons confront Many-Whispers, meet me at the Lodge of Renewal. It's north of the Bright-Throat Village, out in the middle of nowhere.
Come to think of it, everything out here is in the middle of nowhere, but I'm sure you'll find it."
Tell me more about Many-Whispers.
"He's an Argonian. A scout of some kind. Knows the swamp like a bear knows honey.
Many-Whispers was willing to talk to me when so many of his fellows wouldn't give me the time of day. I'm not sure Argonians can tell time, but you get my point."
If his first tip didn't pan out, why go back to him?
"I gave him a small fortune in gold! He may have sent us here in good faith, or he may have tried to cheat me. I will not be fleeced!
Besides, as far as I can tell, he is the best scout in the area. If there's a charm to be had, he'll know about it."

After speaking with her, she will send Stibbons off.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Get going, Stibbons. And do try to redeem yourself this time."
Stibbons: "Right away, m'lady. Just let me … catch my breath …."
At the Renewal LodgeEdit

Once you have obtained the charm from Many-Whispers, you can travel to the lodge where you will overhear Lady Laurent arguing with Ux-Deelith Mezatil.

Ux-Deelith Mezatil: "No, it is not possible. You do not even possess a renewal charm."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "My manservant will be along with one momentarily."
<As you and Stibbons reach the group, Lady Laurent will notice you.>
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Ah, look. Here they come now."
Ux-Deelith Mezatil: "Even so, no outsider has ever participated in our sacred rite."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "You talk to her. Maybe she'll understand your less-refined use of the language."

If you speak with her, she will simply say: "Will you please talk to that Argonian and clear up this matter. I detest these kinds of delays with a passion."

After speaking with Ux-Deelith Mezatil, she will ask that one of you undergo the rites of alignment so they can attend the ritual. As you leave the lodge, Lady Laurent will immediately volunteer Stibbons.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Stibbons, go with our friend and align your bodily fluids. I want you to attend the renewal rite in my place!"
Stibbons: "I, m'lady? Er … why me?"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "So that you can tell me all about it and I can write it in my book! Now get going!"

Before leaving, you can ask Lady Laurent why she doesn't do this herself.

"Make sure Stibbons aligns his bodily fluids just as the Argonian described. I want him to be totally ready for the renewal ritual."
Why not just attend the ritual yourself?
"Oh, goodness no! That wouldn't be proper. I need to maintain my objectivity. For my readers, you understand.
Stibbons will prepare himself, attend the ritual, and tell me all about it. Then I will recount it in my book with scholarly detachment."
The Rite of RenewalEdit

After you have helped Stibbons align his bodily fluids, you can return the lodge to find Stibbons has gotten there before you and that they are ready to start the rite.

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Stibbons! You smell like a swamp. Stand over there this instant."
Stibbons: "As you wish, m'lady."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "My manservant did as you asked. Will you allow him to observe your ritual?"
Ux-Deelith Mezatil: "If you insist. Come, dryskin. Join us in the lodge."
<Stibbons and the Argonians walk into the lodge.>

While Stibbons is in the lodge, Lady Laurent will be leaning forward trying to overhear what is said.

Ux-Deelith Mezatil: "The ux starts now. Breathe deep the arousing fumes. Take it all in. Let your aligned essences guide you. When you feel totally filled, relax your cloaca and let it all out …."
Stibbons: "Ah … I don't think I have a cloaca …."
Ux-Deelith Mezatil: "Don't have a—oh no! You must exit the lodge right now, dryskin!"
<Stibbons stumbles out.>
Stibbons: "That was … most peculiar …."
<Stibbons suddenly turns into an egg. Lady Laurent walks up to the egg.>
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Stibbons! Oh, not again."

After this turn of events, Lady Laurent can be spoken to. True to form, she is annoyed at Stibbons rather than concerned about his well-being after being turned into an Argonian egg.

"My sorry excuse for a manservant can't even take part in a simple Argonian ritual without one disaster or another befalling him.
Worse, he didn't even get a chance to tell me what happened inside the lodge before he … changed!"
What happened to Stibbons?
"What happened to Stibbons? Why, the same thing that always happens. He ruined my latest undertaking by transforming into an … egg!
I'm sure this has something to do with the tribe's mating practices, but I can't for the life of me imagine how."
Is there any way to restore Stibbons to his usual self?
"Turn him back? Yes, I suppose I'll need to work on that. Or not. Imagine what might hatch from such an egg. Or maybe I'll make an omelet. I'm particularly famished after all this work!
Anyway, here you are. For your assistance. It's been a pleasure!"

If spoken to again after completing the quest, she will grudgingly admit that Stibbons did help her in a way.

"Despite his best efforts, Stibbons actually did something right. I have plenty of material for my book, including the first eyewitness account of an actual ovum-transformation!
But there's work to be done! I wonder what happens if I crack the shell?"
Is that egg really Stibbons?
"You saw what I saw. Of course, when it comes to the interplay of alchemical reagents and tribal magic, anything is possible. But for the purposes of my book, let's go with the transformation theory."
Can Stibbons be turned back into your manservant?
"I certainly hope so! Who's going to prepare my supper and afternoon bath? Unless you'd be interested in … no, I suppose not.
I'll contact my colleagues in the Mages Guild. I'm sure one of them can help me work this out."


An Abundance of StibbonsEdit

Laurent with the Stibbons Duplicates

Nisswo Somarz is first seen instructing Lady Laurent on how to undo the curse that infests the shrine:

Nisswo Somarz : "The claw that spills the jub-pile must be the one to sop it, dryskin. Heed the words and tend to this matter."
Lady Clarisse Laurent : "Riddles? Really? Not helpful, priest. Not helpful at all."

If you met Lady Laurent and Stibbons before in past quests, she will be glad to see you:

"A familiar face, thank the stars! I seem to remember you providing assistance the last time Stibbons made a mess of things. Or was it the time before?
No matter. You're here now and I am more than willing to compensate you for your time."
What sort of mess are we talking about?
"Oh, the kind my manservant Stibbons excel at, I assure you! I was studying the local xanmeer and once again assumed that Stibbons would prove to be at least somewhat helpful.
Instead, the clumsy oaf managed to break an ancient Argonian relic."
What kind of Argonian relic?
"The kind that comes with a terrible curse and has the locals all in a tither! Nisswo Somarz is very cross with me. She insists I return to the xanmeer and set things right. And Stibbons isn't any help. Not in his current state. Will you assist me?"
I'll help you set things right. What do we need to do?
"Removing curses is never an easy endeavor. And with Stibbons in his current state...well, you should see for yourself.
The priest graciously provided a hut where I could store the results of my manservant's latest debacle. We can start there."
Can't you just tell me what happened to Stibbons?
"I hardly have the words to do it justice. The hut isn't far away. Meet me there and you can see for yourself what a terrible mess my manservant has made of things this time."
Why were you exploring the old xanmeer?
"As an adventurer and treasure-hunter, ancient structures such as this are my bread and butter. These Argonian pyramids exist as historical curiosities, a glimpse into a long-ago age.
All reports indicated that this location was safe and intact."
And that was important?
"Most assuredly. Safe means few dangers to deal with, and intact...well, intact ancient structures often contain the most remarkable treasures!
It was the perfect site to explore. Before my manservant went and bungled the basket, as it were."
Have you and Stibbons gotten into any other trouble since the last time I saw you?(If you have completed quests that involved them)
"What exactly are you implying, hmm? The fact that we share a certain degree of familiarity doesn't give you cause to be rude.
Still, I see your point. Let's just say that where Stibbons is concerned, every day includes a modicum of trouble."

When you go inside the hut, Stibbons duplicates will greet Lady Laurent, much to her chagrin:

Stibbons Duplicates : "Laur-ahn!"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "To think, I only had a single Stibbons to deal with when the day began."

Speaking to her to hear her frustrations of having multiple Stibbons:

"You see what I'm dealing with? How can I return to the xanmeer and set things right when I have my hands full simply keeping all these...Stibbonses...under control."
All of these...Stibbons?
"No. That would be ridiculous. My Stibbons-the real Stibbons-is still mucking about in the xanmeer. That's where I left him after he triggered this curse.
I went to get help when one of these...duplicates...followed me to the shrine."
One? There's more than one here.
"Obviously. They just keep coming. From the xanmeer. It's some sort of side effect of this curse.
The priest of the shrine insists that an outsider caused this, so an outsider needs to fix it. Now-oh bother!"
Now what?
"There were seven Stibbonses last time I checked, but now there are only six! One of the duplicates is missing! They don't listen any better than the real Stibbons!
Will you find it and bring it back here? I'll try to keep the rest contained."
I'll find the missing Stibbons duplicate.
"Thankfully, these duplicates lack even Stibbons' pitiful amount of drive and coordination. It shouldn't have wandered very far. Once you find it, you need to induce it to return. Try mentioning my name. They seem attracted to me for some odd reason."
I have questions about these Stibbons duplicates.
"Don't we all.
I'll tell you what I can, but much of what's happening is a mystery to me as well. Probably because I haven't had my afternoon tea yet. Stupid manservant."
What are the duplicates, exactly?
"I'm only certain about what they are not. They aren't illusions, and they aren't exactly copies of Stibbons. They could be constructs of some kind. They don't eat, drink, or sleep.
But a construct of Stibbons? And a poor copy at that? Whatever for?"
What do the duplicates want?
"I have no special insight into the minds of these things. About the only thing they seem the least bit interested in is...well, me.
And, no, I have absolutely no idea why that may be."
Is the real Stibbons in any danger?
"Please. I'm sure Stibbons is just dithering about somewhere in the xanmeer without a care in the world. Any excuse to get out of a day's work.
He is by far the laziest, most infuriating manservant in all of Tamriel!"
How many duplicates are there?
"So far, there are the six you see here and the one I need you to locate.
Each of these emerged from the xanmeer after an interval of time. I expect that if we do nothing, more will appear. But trust me. One Stibbons is more than enough."

After you find the seventh duplicate and you return back to the hut, Lady Laurent will be rallying the duplicates:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "All right, you Stibbonse-attention!"
Stibbons Duplicates : "Yes, Laur-ahn!"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Oh, Clarisse, what hardships you must endure...."

Speaking to her on the status of the seventh duplicate:

"Finally! One Stibbons is bad enough, but a gaggle of them? It's like trying to herd cats!
But where's the duplicate that slipped away? Did you find it?
I found the duplicate, but it exploded into a shower of goo.
"Goo? That makes no sense. Are you quite certain?
No matter. I've had enough of this nonsense. I managed to get these duplicates under a modicum of control, but they seem to be rejecting my commands. Like some outside force has agitated them.
Before the duplicate exploded, it said something about a master.
"A master? Other than me? That's it! Whatever curse Stibbons contracted, whatever these duplicates are, and whoever this master is-they have raised the ire of Lady Clarisse Laurent!
Come on, we're going.
Going? Where?
"Back to the shrine. Nisswo Somarz knows more about this than she's let on. If she won't talk to me in anything other than riddles and proverbs, maybe she'll talk to you.
We need to make her tell us how to fix this.
Let's go talk to Nisswo Somarz.
"Just so we're clear, I need you to talk to the priest. She's become rather cross with me and refuses to tell me anything of substance. Let's see if you have better luck with her than I did."
Will the duplicates be all right on their own?
"They'll be fine. How much trouble can six Stibbonses get into? Unless they start exploding, too. But that's a chance we'll have to take.
Now come on. If we don't break the curse, gods only know how many more duplicates I'll have to deal with.

She orders all the duplicates to stay before she leaves to talk to the nisswo:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "We're off. Stibboneses, stay here. Understand? Stay!"
Stibbons Duplicates : "Yes, Laur-ahn! Stibbo stay!"

Nisswo Somarz will much to say before Lady Laurent had enough of this business:

Nisswo Somarz: "Back again, dryskin? The claw that spills the jub-pile...."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Save the platitudes and talk to my associate, priest."
Nisswo Somarz: "Hmm. Very well."

After Nisswo Somarz reveals the source of the curse, Lady Laurent will be relieved that she can handle this matter:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "A sorcerer? Now that's something I can work with! I'll meet you in the xanmeer."

Speaking to her again, she will say:

"A sorcerer? That explains a lot. And from the sounds of things, my manservant isn't the only one endangered by this so-called curse.
Meet me inside the xanmeer and we'll find a way to put this evil back in its prison.

Once you're in the xanmeer, the Stibbons duplicates will follow Lady Laurent:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "If you insist on following me, then step lively, Stibbonse!"

She will explain how they ended up following her and how they can help to unlock the door:

"I told those duplicates to wait in the hut. But did they listen? And that door back there. It was open when we came through the first time. The broken seal lies in that direction.
I suppose it's good the duplicates followed after me.
What do the duplicates have to do with the locked door?
"The duplicates are the key, as it were. I did a thorough study of this hall. One of the side alcoves contains a floor plate. A switch, I believe. When the doors were open, the switch wasn't important. Now that the defenses have been engaged...."
You think the floor plate will open the door?
"Oh, I'm certain of it. Just get a duplicate to stand on the floor plate and the doors will swing open.
A confident command should be enough to get a duplicate to obey you. Just keep the commands simple. Tell them to follow you or wait.'
You mentioned defenses?
"Yes. They activated as soon as the seal was broken. Though whether they're the xanmeer's or the sorcerer's, I have yet to determine.
Oh, and be aware that the duplicates are afraid of water. You'll need to figure out how to entice them across.
How am I supposed to get them across the water if they don't want to go?
"Have you seen the prank the locals play on one another? They get a friend to stand within a circle of flowers, then they kick a nearby vine-tongue. The vine-tongue reflexively grabs anything inside the circle.
Perhaps we can use that here.
I'm still not sure I understand. How do I get a duplicate to cross the water?
"Command a duplicate to wait in that nearby circle of flowers by the water's edge. Then go and give that vine-tongue across the way a good, swift kick.
With any luck, the vine-tongue will reach out and drag the duplicate to the other side.
And once I get the duplicate to the other side?
"And people wonder why I consider myself the smartest person in the room.
Once across, command the duplicate to follow you to the floor plate, the one with the blue fire. Then tell him to wait there. Once he's on the plate, the doors should open.

When you get a Stibbons Duplicate to stand on the floor plate for the first time:

"Well, that did something, but not what I was hoping for."
"Nothing is ever simple when it comes to Stibbons. Why should I have expected anything different from these pale imitations?
Even if the floor plate didn't open the main door, it does seem to have unlocked something. Look how the blue fire blazes.
What did we unlock?
"This switch unlocked the door closest to it. I need you to proceed into that section of the xanmeer and find the floor plate that opens the main passage."
What are you going to do?
"While you seek the switch that unlocks the main door, I'll study these carvings. I recognize the iconography. If I translate it, maybe we can learn more about the sorcerer and the curse we're facing.
And take a duplicate with you, just in case.
You want me to take a duplicate with me?
"I have more than enough to spare and you'll need one if you come across another floor switch. Just look for the blue fire.
Otherwise, don't be concerned for my safety. Years of adventuring have honed my skills to a razor's edge.

After you completed the south wing of the xanmeer, she will assign you to go into the north wing:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Whatever you did in the south wing didn't unlock the main doors."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "But it did open the door to the north wing. I suppose I'll have to send you and the duplicates there next."

Speaking to her more about what you found in the south wing:

"Whatever you did in the south wing caused the ancient mechanisms in this xanmeer to stir. But instead of unlocking the main doors, I heard the definite click of a lock sliding open by the door to the north wing.
Did you find anything else in there?
I heard a voice. The Sorcerer Rectavius spoke to me.
"Sorcerer Rectavius? Yes, that's the name mentioned in the carvings. Actually, the entire tale is quite fascinating-I'm understanding it correctly.
The ancient Jel Language is nearly impossible for anyone who isn't Argonian to comprehend.
You translated the carvings? What do they say?
"Only a rough translation, mind you. To cheat death, the sorcerer transferred his mind into...well, the literal translation is "death-mud." What we who know such things call a voriplasm.
Not how I would choose to spend eternity, but I detest goo.
Does it say how we can stop the sorcerer and break the curse?
"Unclear. When all else fails, I err on the side of excessive violence. I still have a section of the carving to translate, however. And I want to figure out what this Rectavius wants with Stibbons.
In the meantime, I have another task for you.
What do you need me to do?
"Enter the now-accessible north wing and look for more floor plates. One of them must open the main doors.
And take the remaining duplicates with you. Goodness knows Stibbons excels at standing in one place. Is it any wonder the duplicates do, too?
Did you learn anything else about the sorcerer?
"Such as? We know he's talented. It takes a great deal of magicka, applied with precision, to transfer one's essence into an alien form.
He's quite insane. What's the point of living forever if you're nothing but a ball of ooze?

Once you come back to the main hall after solving the north wing, she will inform you of the next plan to finally confront the sorcerer:

"There you are. We need to talk."
"Whatever you and the duplicates did, it worked. The main doors unlocked with an audible click. Before we rush in and attempt to deal with the sorcerer, we should discuss our options. I discovered something unsettling in the ancient carvings."
What did you discover?
"According to my very rough translation, we can't simply repair the seal and lock away the sorcerer again. The Argonians employed the ancient rituals that I know nothing about. I doubt the local priest knows them either.
This all happened so long ago.
So how do we break the curse?
"I only see one option. We're going to need to slay the sorcerer. Or destroy the blob of goo he occupies. And I'd like to accomplish that without killing my manservant.
Hmm. That reminds me. I think I understand the purpose of the duplicates now.
The duplicates have a purpose?
"It's ingenious. As a ball of slime, the sorcerer can't break the seal or free himself. The Argonians made sure you needed hands for that. So he grabbed Stibbons and used him as a model for his mindless servants. Instant hands, as it were."
So what do we do?
"We need to get Stibbons away from Rectavius and cut off the source of the duplicates. Then we need to destroy the voriplasm that contains the sorcerer's essence. That should break the curse.
I expect we'll find them both beyond the main doors.
Why does the sorcerer need Stibbons again?
"Based on the information contained in the carvings and some logical assumptions, I believe the sorcerer needs hands to finish breaking the seals-hands he gave up when he opted for gooey immortality.
The Stibbons duplicates fill that purpose.
If the sorcerer has Stibbons and his duplicates, why hasn't he escaped already?
"Interesting question. We've seen that most of the duplicates swarmed around me for some unimaginable reason. And you ran into a few corrupted versions.
It appears that no matter what form Stibbons takes, he never quite seems to get the job done.

Once you're inside the inner halls of the xanmeer, she will comment:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "How revolting! We must be getting closer to the sorcerer's lair."

When you get to the muddy parts of the xanmeer:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "So much muck! Stibbons's first task upon rescue will be a deep scrub of my boots."

Once you're near the door to the sorcerer's lair:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "This is it. The sorcerer should be trapped beyond that door."
Laurent attempting to free Stibbons from the clutches of Sorcerer Rectavius

When you entered Rectavius's lair:

Sorcerer Rectavius : "This bag of meat and bones is mine! I shall be free!"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "There's Stibbons! Inside that...thing."

She will start disrupting Rectavius while you're trying to destroying the shield:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "The sorcerer's shield! We need to destroy it!"

As you pulled away the first duplicate from Rectavius:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "That weakened the shield! Keep at it!"

Getting rid of the second duplicate:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "The shield is down! Get Stibbons out of there while I keep the voriplasm in place!

Once Stibbons was pulled out and trying to regain back his composure, Lady Laurent shows concern for him before conjuring up a portal for everyone to leave:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Stibbons? Tell me you're unharmed."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Not here. Let's return to the first hall."
Stibbons: "As you say, m'lady."

In the first hall, Stibbons will apologize to Lady Laurent, but she doesn't treat it as a big deal:

Stibbons: "My lady, I must apologize. I seem to have mucked everything up again."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Yes, but I've grown accustomed to your antics. Besides, I had a very capable assistant."

She will be glad she got back Stibbons and Rectavius has been stopped:

"Well, that was an unusual adventure. Put things in perspective. After all, nothing drives home the realization that one manservant is more than enough like an abundance of Stibbons.
I shudder to think about all the goo, though.
So the curse is broken?
"I would say so. Of course, it will take time before the sorcerer's magic fully dissipates. And I'm no expert on voriplasms. I suppose he could pull himself back together. Eventually.
Here. Take this. I insist. Unlike Stibbons, you earned it.

Once the quest is completed, Nisswo Somarz will congratulate you and Lady Laurent for ending the curse and an entertaining display of Stibbons being chased by blobs ensues:

Nisswo Somarz: "Well done, Lady Laurent! I sense the curse has been broken. Even now, I feel the last vestiges of the sorcerer slipping away. Except for what remains in the shiny-headed one, of course."
Stibbons: "What? That's ridiculous! I'm fine! My lady safely extracted me from the...blob of sorcerer."
Nisswo Somarz: "The sorcerer's good lingers, like nose slime on a hatchling's claw."
Stibbons: "Ah! Goo! Shoo, shoo!"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Stibbons, I won't tolerate muck in my manor house!"

She will be annoyed with Stibbons "playing" with the blobs:

"We go to all the trouble of rescuing my manservant, and the first thing he does is start playing with the slime-blobs again.
Why do I even bother?
What's next for you and Stibbons?
"Well, after all this muck and mire, I could use a nice, hot bath.
As for Stibbons...once he gets rid of the little balls of slime, I do believe he owes me a cup of tea. And some fish stew. I'm famished.

Heroes of BlackwoodEdit

Laurent in Gideon

If you helped Lady Laurent in Blackwood, she will attend the celebrations in Gideon along with Stibbons and the three small voriplasms that still follow him around:

"It's good to see you, friend. I wanted to make sure you knew how thankful I am for rescuing Stibbons from all that slime. Good help … well, mediocre help … is so hard to replace.
Oh, and I heard you saved Blackwood. Congratulations on that."
What's next for Lady Laurent?
"Oh, I'm sure there'll be another adventure. And Stibbons goes where I go. I can't seem to get rid of him no matter how hard I try.
No, no, I jest. I wouldn't think of leaving him behind. Who else would carry all my packages? He's very good at that."

High IsleEdit

The All Flags CurseEdit

You find out from Stibbons that she is possessed by a sea captain ghost. You will track her down to the All Flags Islet and she will be talking to Janne Emarie after opening a chest:

Janne Emarie: "You opened my old hope chest? Oh, that's not good."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Lady Clarisse Laurent…I'm Lady—"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "No. I am…someone else…."
Janne Emarie: "Captain? Is that you in there, my love?"
Stibbons: "Ahh! First a curse, now a ghost! Oh, talk to Lady Laurent, please. I'm too much upset for rational discourse."

Speaking to her while she's possessed:

"My darling Janne, seeing you makes my loins stir and my—ouch!"
Lady Laurent, are you all right?
"Arrgh! Get. Out. Of. My. Head!"
Lady Laurent, it that you?

If she recognizes you before from previous quests:

"Is that—what a ridiculous question!
Wait! I know you. Stibbons found you? Finally did something right for a change. Good. You can help me break the curse. I seem to have unleashed it when I opened this chest."
Why are you talking so strangely?
"It's the sea captain. Stibbons and I were exploring when I spotted this hope chest partially buried in the sand. I usually let my manservant deal with such things, but for some reason I felt compelled to open it.
That's when…when…."
When what?
"I remember my ship, a proud vessel. And my valiant crew. There was a storm, I think, but I can't remember my name.
Hmm. Interesting. My body didn't have quite this many tempting curves the last time I checked."
Who am I talking to?
"Why, I'm Captain…Captain…. Hmm. Kynareth's arse, it's right on the tip of my tongue….
Well, never mind that. Come, Janne, we must hither to the big tree! I promised to meet you there and now that I have a body, nothing can stop me!"
The big tree?

Lady Laurent will soon run off to this big tree, and you resume pursuit:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Begone, brother. I plan to dock with my lady love and this boat has no need of a third oar."
Stibbons: "Brother? Third oar? M'lady, you're confused…."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Ah, there you are, my turtle dove! Come to me, my darling! I've missed you so!"
Stibbons: "The ghost woman. She's inside you, friend. The captain thinks you're her. Talk to m'lady and play along. See what you can learn."

Speaking to the sea captain who is convinced your his love:

"Ah, fair Janne, how I've longed to hold you close again! You were never far from my thoughts, even while I sailed across the stormy seas.
And here I am, just as I promised! Back from the war for an intimate rendezvous under our favorite tree!"
You fought in a war?
"You tease me, my little vixen! You know I am a captain in the magnificent All Flags Navy. Perhaps the best in the entire fleet! Oh, but I do enjoy our little amusements.
What game are we playing this time, pray tell?"
No game. Umm, I'm just trying to remember. You've been gone so long.
"Alas, that is the nature of war, my dearest. Those Sloads are terrible creatures.
But know this. Every time I set sail, I do it for you. I cannot abide another day with my love in dire peril from the threat of Thras's monsters."
And what should I call you…my darling….
"Now I know you jest, my sweet! To my crew, I am captain! But to you, I am—Ouch! Ouch, ouch, ouch!"
Lady Laurent?
"Arrgh! Get. Out!
Yes, it's me. At least for the moment. Take my useless manservant and go to the lighthouse. The plaques there tell the story of the All Flags Navy. Maybe they contain a clue as to how to break this damn curse!"
We'll go and see what we can learn at the lighthouse.

Asking further questions while Lady Laurent has control of her body:

"Off with you. Take Stibbons and investigate the lighthouse. I'll be along in a moment. I need to compose myself.
It's clear that this randy sea captain has strong feelings for the ghost that's inside you. Maybe we can use that. Let me ponder…."
Why isn't Janne's ghost trying to control me, the way the sea captain is trying to control you?
"No idea. But I could see her inside you while the captain was…at the helm, as it were. She was giving me…him…the puppy-dog eyes. Very disconcerting.
Anyway, to the lighthouse! It's clear this is somehow tied to the All Flags Navy."
What can you tell me about the All Flags Navy?
"You do realize it's taking everything I have to keep that foul-mouthed, lascivious sea captain at bay? Go read the plaques and learn the history for yourself.
Or maybe you can get that ghost inside you to help. I'll be along shortly."

When you're inside the lighthouse:

Stibbons: "Examine the historical plaques and see what you make of them."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Ah, the old lighthouse! I remember it well."

Speaking to her while the sea captain is in control:

"Ah, fair Janne, you were always my light, guiding me home. Just like this lighthouse once did."

Reading about the Thrassian Plague:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Ah yes, the Thrassian Plague. Terrible disease, simply terrible. I was lucky. So many others…not so much."

Reading about the Baron-Admiral Bendu-Olo:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "I remember the Baron-Admiral quite fondly. Excellent leader. I would have followed him anywhere—and I suppose I did."

Reading about the All Flags Navy:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Ah, what a sight, when the first ships of the All Flags Navy sailed into the upgraded harbor. I was aboard one of those vessels…it was here that I met my lady love!"

Reading about the attack on Thras:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "So many lost. But even as my ship sank beneath our waves, I knew that victory was in our grasp."

After reading about the creation of Monument Islet, memories are starting to come back to the sea captain and Janne:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Tobin Moorcroft? I know that name…my brother—yes! Yes, the master builder was my brother!"
Janne Emarie: "Tobin Moorcroft? Oh, this is all that wretched scoundrel's fault!"
Stibbons: "Ah! The ghost woman! At least she's no longer inside you, my friend. See what she wants. I am much too frightened to approach such an apparition."

Speaking to Lady Laurent, who urges to speak to Janne before the captain returns back:

"Quickly, while I have some modicum of control. Talk to the ghost woman before I give in to the sea captain's desires and try to rip the bodice away from her lovely breasts.
Ugh! These feelings are very confusing!"

Before you go to the Monument Inn:

"It seems the only way to rid myself of this insistent and amorous spirit is to help Janne's ghost remember what transpired.
Take Stibbons and see what you can learn at the inn. I'll keep the sea captain at bay for as long as I can."

When you're inside the Monument Inn:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "I remember this place! Janne and I shared many pleasant encounters beneath this roof before I set sail with the fleet."
Janne Emarie: "Oh no, sir! Absolutely not!"
Stibbons: "Lady Janne seems to think one of us is someone untoward. Talk to her, my friend."

Speaking to her before Janne:

"Is that my scrumptious little turtle dove I see! Arrgh!"
Lady Laurent? Is that you?
"Yes, I'm Lady Laurent. And enough with the sweet nothings.
You! Talk to Janne and see if you can determine how this curse started. Maybe then we can figure out how to end it. I'm having my own problems, as you can plainly see."

After finding out that Tobin made advances to Janne in the inn, you would find a lead at Port Sargo:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Janne is mine, little brother! Go play with your hammer and chisels. My sweet deserves a night to remember before I set sail from Port Sargo."
Stibbons: "A night to remember? But…but….Anyway, Port Sargo, that's the old dock on the eastern shore of this very islet!"

Speaking to her before you go to Port Sargo:

"Do you mind? I want to spend every moment before I set sail with my beloved Janne. So, go bother someone else and leave us to our dalliance."

Once you find out the name of the captain of the Pristine Halberd has been scratched out, the sea captain will arrive with Janne:

Stibbons: "Hmm, the Pristine Halberd. The captain's name has been scratched off the plaques on the pedestal and on the wall."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Here to see me off, little brother? How touching!"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Baron-Admiral Bendu, my vessel is ready to set sail as soon as you give the word."
Stibbons: "Baron-Admiral Bendu Olo was in charge of the All Flags Navy! Pretend to be the admiral and perhaps the captain will reveal his name."

Speaking to the captain as the Baron-Admiral:

"Baron-Admiral. After years of preparation, we're finally ready to show those slug bastards what for! My ship was one of the first to join the fleet, and today it's ready.
Give the word and we'll set sail on the next wave."
Um, remind me, captain. Which vessel is yours again?
"Why, just the finest warship ever to set sail from High Rock! Surely you remember the name of…of…?"
By any chance, is your ship the Pristine Halberd?
"Why, yes of course—the Pristine Halberd! The pride of the Breton fleet! We've helped protect this rock during the long years of build up. Now we're ready to be the instrument of vengeance, just as you planned."
Ah, yes. A fine ship. Um, and remind me. Who is the captain of the Pristine Halberd?
"The captain? Why, I am the captain!"
Yes, yes. But tell me your name, captain.
"My name? Why, I'm…I'm…."
"Renwic Moorcroft, captain of the Pristine Halberd and proud member of the All Flags Navy!"
So you're Captain Renwic Moorcroft?
"Arrrh! Out!
No, I'm Lady Laurent. He's Captain Renwic! But why haven't you broken this curse yet! I'm not sure how much longer I can fight off the captain. Talk to Stibbons and end this already!"

Speaking to her before the possessed Stibbons:

"Now the obnoxious little brother is inside of my manservant? Unacceptable! Talk to him and find out where the tools are so we can end this damn curse already."
Hurry. Captain Renwic's will is quite strong and I can feel him asserting himself again."

Speaking to her before going to the graveyard:

"We're finally getting somewhere. I know, I know. I'm as surprised as you are, but Stibbons seems quite confident that the tools are in the graveyard.
Now, put a little oomph in your step. We have a curse to break!"

When you have the tools and reach the garden memorial; Lady Laurent, Captain Renwic, Janne, and Tobin will be there to wait for Renwic's name to engraved:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "A dedication ceremony? For me? How exciting!"
Janne Emarie: "Captain Renwic Moorcroft of the Pristine Halberd. Place my beloved's name where it belongs."
Stibbons: "Oh, you do it, my friend. My hands are shaking, I'm so nervous!"

When you have the tools and reach the garden memorial; Lady Laurent, Captain Renwic, Janne, and Tobin will be there to wait for Renwic's name to engraved:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "A dedication ceremony? For me? How exciting!"
Janne Emarie: "Captain Renwic Moorcroft of the Pristine Halberd. Place my beloved's name where it belongs."
Stibbons: "Oh, you do it, my friend. My hands are shaking, I'm so nervous!"

Speaking to her before you carve out the name:

"Don't just stand there! Go and carve this oafish captain's name into the memorial so we can end this curse. I much prefer it when my head is only occupied by me!"

Eventually, once Renwic's name has been engraved into the Memorial Garden, Lady Laurent will be finally freed of Renwic's control and she wants to speak to you:

Renwic Moorcroft: "Oh well done, my turtle dove! You saved my memory. Now we can be together for all eternity."
Janne Emarie: "I did have a little help, Renwic, my love. Now come, my darling. We have a lot of catching up to do!"
Tobin Moorcroft: "My big brother the famous sea captain wins again. How typical!"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Stibbons! Why do I think this was somehow your fault? Oh, never mind. You. Come talk to me."

Checking up on her to see if she's alright:

"Did that really happen? Did I have the spirit of some ancient All Flags Navy captain residing inside my head? My memory is all a jumble."
Yes. But Stibbons and I ended the curse. How do you feel now?
"How do I feel? Like some virile man was stomping around inside my body with his oversized boots and manly urges. It was unsettling.
And, if I'm being totally honest, somewhat arousing."
"Oh, never mind that. My manservant wants a word with you. But please hurry. I have a task for Stibbons that needs to be dealt with post haste."

Speaking to her again before Stibbons:

"When you and Stibbons are done chatting, remind him that I have a task for my manservant."

If you exit out of the conversation with Stibbons before turning in the quest, she will alternatively say:

"Captain Renwic really was a rather dashing individual. So strong. So many muscles….
Do finish your business with my manservant. I really do need him to attend to me."

After the quest, she wants Stibbons to give her "a good scratch":

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Stibbons! Come here, my manservant. All this foolishness about forgotten love has given me an itch. I am in need of a good scratch."
Stibbons: "M'lady! I could never—well, if you insist…."

Speaking to her after the quest:

"Yes, yes, we're ever so grateful. Now if you could leave us, I really do have a particular task for my manservant to take care of."

A Chance for PeaceEdit

If you have helped her and Stibbons in High Isle, she will appear alongside her manservant at the celebration in the Gonfalon Palace. Speak to her before the ceremony starts:

"It seems you've been busy, my friend. Not only did you assist Stibbons and I with that unfortunate business on All Flags Islet, but it appears you aided all these notables as well.
Perhaps I could hire you on full time? No? Ah, just as well."
Any lingering effects related to the curse I saved you from?
"If you don't mind, I'd rather not recall that dreadful experience. You have no idea what it's like to have a foul-mouthed, libidinous sea captain inside your head.
Although, I must say the feelings he left me with were rather…enticing."
So what's next for you and Stibbons?
"I still have a few last things to take care of on All Flags Islet before the peace talks can proceed. After that, who can say? I go where I'm needed, and Stibbons follows faithfully in my wake. Someone must carry my personals, after all."
Someone as famous and in demand as you are must have a lot of opinions.
"That goes without saying. I am Tamriel's most celebrated treasure hunter and author, after all.
I may stick around for the peace talks. Or I heard about some strange happenings in the Telvanni Peninsula. Or Hammerfell. I haven't been there in ages."

After the ceremony, she plans on leaving early:

"As much as I enjoy a party, I still have work to do back on All Flags. And poor Stibbons isn't a spring rooster. All this excitement does terrible things to his already fragile constitution.
If we disappear, do give our regards to Lady Arabelle."
Any lingering effects related to the curse I saved you from? (See the dialogue above.)


Root-Whisper VillageEdit

If Something About Stibbons was completed, Lady Laurent and Stibbons will be one of the visitors to the rediscovered Root-Whisper Village to witness the rebirth of a Hist and a tribe.

Stibbons will still be an egg—presumably carried there by Lady Laurent:

"Well, here's something you don't see everyday. A new village rising out of the swamp like a baby bird emerging from its egg.
I hope Stibbons takes the hint and does likewise."

If you interact with Stibbon's egg, Lady Laurent will make a variety of comments:

Lady Clarisse Laurent: "I always said that Stibbons was a tough egg to crack. Now that's literally true."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "In this particular form, my manservant makes an excellent conversation piece, don't you agree?"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "If you get very close, you can hear poor Stibbons wimpering [sic] softly."


  • While speaking with her at Bal Fell, your character will ask her to tell you about both Stibbons and Narsis Dren, even if you have met them before.