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Guild quests are miscellaneous tasks that earn small gold or card pack rewards. They are usually presented by the Thieves Guild, Fighters Guild, or Mages Guild (included in the initial release of the game); the College of Winterhold or Companions (released with Heroes of Skyrim); or by House Dagoth, House Hlaalu, House Redoran, House Telvanni, or the Tribunal Temple (released with Houses of Morrowind). Each day, you can select one of two offered quests. You can only have three guild quests active; you will not be offered a new quest if you already have three. Once per day, you can replace a guild quest with another from the character menu.

Your first daily quest, "A Hero's Journey", is given by Tyr at the conclusion of Act 1 of The Forgotten Hero campaign. They are accessed from the main menu, and you gain one every day you play. The guild offering the quest makes no difference except progress towards titles and the wording of the initial quest offer. They are all drawn from the same pool of tasks, which are random aside from specific bonus quests. At no point will you have more than one quest asking you to do the same thing.

Tutorial QuestsEdit

Quest Name Quest Giver Objective Reward Opening Dialogue Closing Dialogue Notes
On the Run Tyr Complete Act 1 40   "That was close. Thank you, my friend. I couldn't have done it without you. It seems we're bound by more than bloodshed. By fate, perhaps." "Not bad. We'll survive longer if we stick together. There's not much time. We must escape Elsweyr before the whole empire is upon us." First daily quest presented to you after completing Dark Omens.
A Hero's Journey Tyr Complete Act 2 40   "This has become a bigger journey than I thought. Help me save my friend and I will make it worth your while." "You've done more than I could have asked, bringing me here. You've more than earned this reward - and my friendship." Given after completing Act 1 of The Forgotten Hero campaign.
Free the Imperial City Emperor Complete Act 3 40   "You've done well to bring me this information. Help me stop this plot and reclaim my city, and you will find me a grateful ruler." "The people may never know your name, but you have proven yourself a true hero. Here is a small token of my gratitude." Given after completing Act 2 of The Forgotten Hero campaign.
A New Gladiator Cassia Complete a Solo Arena 50   "The emperor is holding an arena event to celebrate our victory. The way you fight , we could make some real coin." "Not bad! Keep at this, and you'll make Grand Champion before you know it." Given after completing Act 3 of The Forgotten Hero campaign.
Favor for a Friend Swims-at-Night Play a game in Versus Battle 300  "Got a favor to ask. There's a gang down the docks looking to take a cut of my loot. Think you can drive them off?" "Good show. I think you looked though enough that they'll move on to easier prey." Given after "A New Gladiator" is completed.
A Weapon Forged Laaneth Soul Summon a Card 100  "Boethiah may soon seek her vengeance upon you. You should craft new tools to face her." "Excellent. And not a moment too soon; I sense a daedric presence approaching." Given after "Favor for a Friend" is completed.
Preparing for Battle Laaneth Build a New Deck 40   "Quickly, you must prepare yourself to face down the forces of darkness." "A fine weapon. it shall serve you well in the battle to come." Given after "A Weapon Forged" is completed.
Boethiah's Reckoning Laaneth Use a New Deck in Versus Battle 50   "Boethiah's minions have arrived. Go, take your new arsenal and beat them back!" "Bravely fought. Take this gold, and use it to prepare for the next time the world needs you." Given after "Preparing for Battle" is completed. Final quest of the tutorial.

  Jaws of Oblivion Introductory QuestlineEdit

Quest Name Quest Giver Objective Reward Opening Dialogue Closing Dialogue Notes
Mythic Dawn Initiation Mankar Camoran Summon 40 Daedra. 1 Jaws of Oblivion pack "Welcome, novitiate. You wish to bind yourself to the service of Lord Dagon. I can aid you in your quest for a new dawn. But you must prove your worth first." "Rejoice! You have been found worthy. Welcome to our ranks. Perhaps you shall be one of the lucky few to witness Lord Dagon walk Tamriel again." This quest appeared upon login for the first time after the release of Jaws of Oblivion.
Paradise Awaits Mankar Camoran Invade 50 Times. Mythic Dawn card back "Hear now the words of Lord Dagon. "When I walk the earth again, the Faithful among you shall receive your reward: to be set above all other Mortals forever." Prove your worth, and join me in Paradise!" "You have truly proven your devotion to Lord Dagon. Come, and receive your eternal reward..." Given after "Mythic Dawn Initiation" is completed.


  Fighters GuildEdit

The following titles can be earned from completing Fighters Guild quests:

Name Color Description
Fighters Guild Associate Brown Complete 3 Fighters Guild Quests.
Fighters Guild Protector Brown Complete 10 Fighters Guild Quests.
Fighters Guild Guardian Brown Complete 30 Fighters Guild Quests.
Fighters Guild Master Blue Complete 60 Fighters Guild Quests.

Story QuestsEdit

Quest Name Quest Giver Objective Reward Opening Dialogue Closing Dialogue Notes
Blood in the Hills Rogthun the Bold Attack and destroy 15 creatures 40   "Looking to join the Fighter's Guild? We've had reports bandits in the hills. Drive 'em off, and you're in." "That was quite the show. I'll let the guild know you can handle yourself." This is the first Fighters Guild quest presented to you.
Associate Bonus Quest Valnia Ocinus Attack your opponent 20 times 40   "So you're the recruit Rogthun's been raving about. If you're as good as he says, I've got a job for you." "Well, well. Looks like the Orc was right for once. Congratulations, Associate. This quest is received directly after obtaining the Fighters Guild Associate achievement. It introduces you to Valnia and unlocks her quests.
Swordsman Bonus Quest Ingrid Attack and destroy 25 creatures. 50   "I've heard much about you, Protector. I'm guildmaster Ingrid. Some Dremora have killed three of my men. End them." "You're as good as they say. You've avenged our companions, and truly have earned the rank of Swordsman." This quest is received directly after obtaining the Fighters Guild Protector achievement. It introduces you to Ingrid and unlocks her quests.

Random QuestsEdit

Quest Name Quest Giver Objective Reward Opening Dialogue Closing Dialogue
A Show of Strength Rogthun Win 3 games:   40   "Got a job for you. We've had complaints about a new gang in town. Go flex your muscles and scare them off." "Good work. Those weaklings won't bother anyone around here again."
Friendly Competition Rogthun Win 3 games:   40   "We're having a wrestling tournament. Think you're tough enough to go toe-to-toe with me?" "Ugh. Everything hurts. I demand a rematch someday. For now, here are your winnings."
A Test of Strength Valnia Win 3 games:    50   "I have a job for you - if you think you're strong enough, that is." "You've come through again. One of these days I'm going to stop doubting you"
A Deadly Assignment Ingrid Win 5 games:    70   "My little cousin could probably handle this contract. So you should only lose a limb or two." "You barely look injured! Guess I owe Valnia 20 Septims."
A True Warrior Valnia Win 3 games:    50   "I need a real warrior for this contract. Sadly, you're the closest thing I've got. Think you're up to it?" "I stand corrected. You might just be a real warrior after all."
Tournament of Champions Ingrid Win 5 games:    70   "There's a tournament in the Imperial City for the land's finest warriors. You're my pick. Think you can do it?" "A thrilling victory! You've earned this prize purse — and more importantly, you've impressed me."
Killing Them Softly Valnia Win 3 games:    50   "This next contract calls for finesse and grace. And if you don't do it, I'll have to turn to Rogthun." "Your skills never cease to impress me. Again, compared to Rogthun."
The Do'Krin Killer Ingrid Win 5 games:    70   "Someone's killing monks at Do'Krin Monastery. Find the killer - and try to blend in while you investigate." "I see you found the killer. If I'd known it would get that bloody, I'd have gone myself."
Slaying Monsters Rogthun Attack and destroy 25 creatures 50   "Found a nest of monsters nearby. Need you to go put some holes in 'em. I'd do it, but I'm needed at the tavern." "You're quite the slayer. Remind me not to get on your bad side."
Battling Oblivion Ingrid Attack and destroy 40 creatures 70   "The Dremora are back, this time leading a horde of Daedra. I trust you to send them back to Oblivion." "I can't believe you survived that. I mean... good work."
Cracking Heads Rogthun Attack your opponent 20 times. 40   "This looks like my favorite kind of job: The bloody kind." "That looked like a beating for the ages. I'm almost jealous."
Bandit Hunt Valnia Attack your opponent 30 times 50   "We've got a bandit problem. How many do you think you can kill?" "I like watching you work. Those bandits won't forget this - assuming there are any left."
Ending the Cultists Ingrid Attack your opponent 30 times 50   "I think we've discovered who summoned the Dremora you killed; some cultists of Mehrunes Dagon. Take them out." "Good work. But you know cultists; there are always more under the next rock. I'll keep an eye out for them."
Weapon Training Rogthun Equip 10 items 40   "All right, recruit. Before I give you a real job, let's see how well you handle a blade." "I'm impressed! I'll keep you in mind the next time we get a tough contract."
A Lesson in Arms Rogthun Equip 15 items 50   "Got some recruits that need some weapon training. From what I've seen, you're just the one to school them." "Thanks for showing 'em how it's done. Although you probably didn't need to break that guy's arm."
A Swordsman's Wager Valnia Equip 20 items 60   "Rogthun bet me he was a better swordsman than you. Prove he's an oaf who knows nothing of the art of the blade." "I see my faith was not misplaced. Here, take this gold. Rogthun owes me twice this."
Staying in the Fight Rogthun Gain 20 health 40   "You look pretty banged up after that last contract. Heal yourself up and get back in the fight!" "You're looking well! What do you say we go get beat up again?"
Stopping the Fire Valnia Gain 40 health 60   "There is a rogue Flame Atronach on the loose. You'll need to be able to heal yourself to withstand its flames." "I was going to say I hope you didn't get too badly burned, but you look healthier than I do! Well done."
Find the Wounded Valnia Heal 5 creatures 40   "A few of our fighters didn't come back from their last contract. We need you to see if they're hurt." "Looks like they're going to be okay. Next time, we'll send someone like you who knows what they're doing."
Rescuing a Friend Ingrid Heal 10 creatures. 60   (Ingrid:) "Valnia took a team into the mountains, but only one returned, saying the others were wounded. Go to their aid." (Valnia:) "I thought we were going to bleed to death up here. Thank the gods you got here in time."
Crashing the Gates Rogthun Summon 10 Breakthrough creatures. 50   "Got a contract to take out a bandit stronghold. We're gonna need some help bashing through the gate." "We're in! Don't worry, my hammer and I can take it from here. Here's your gold."
Covering for a Friend Valnia Summon 15 Breakthrough creatures. 60   (Valnia:) "This was originally Rogthun's contract, but he's too drunk. Mind picking up the slack?" (Rogthun:) "You're (hic) the best friend an Orc ever had. Here, let me (hic) buy you an ale."
Hit 'em Fast Rogthun Summon 10 Charge creatures 40   "Got a contract that we need done right away. Don't get fancy; just hit 'em hard and fast." "Not bad! I'd have done it faster mind you, but not bad!"
Race Against Time Valnia Summon 15 Charge creatures 60   "Just got word that bandits plan to attack a merchant caravan. They've already left, so you'll need to be fast." "Fast and deadly. Just what we need in a recruit."
Watching the Baron Rogthun Summon 12 creatures with Guard 40   "The local baron needs a bodyguard. He's a wealthy patron, so don't screw it up." "The client is happy. And that means I'm happy. Here's your pay."
Defending the Village Ingrid Summon 18 creatures with Guard 60   "Goblins are heading for a nearby village. They're paying us their last hog to protect them; don't let them down." "Well you saved the villagers. Too bad the pig died in the attack. But a job well done deserves some pay."
Hunting Big Game Rogthun Summon 15 creatures that cost 4 or more. 40   "We've been asked to kill a Giant near Riften. We're gonna need some big fighters for this one." "You know what they say. The bigger they are, the more you get paid to kill 'em."
Standing Tall Valnia Summon 20 creatures that cost 4 or more. 50   "Goblin marauders are headed this way. They outnumber us, so we've got to look bigger and tougher when they arrive." "The goblins are retreating! Well, I guess you can look tough if nothing else.. [sic]"
For the Stronghold Rogthun Summon 15 Orcs 50   "Got a personal favor to ask. A giant is endangering my clan. Will you help us?" "I knew we could count on you! You're a true friend to our stronghold!"
Brawl at the Inn Rogthun Win 3 Versus Battle games. 50   "The drunks down at the tavern say they can take you. Want to prove 'em wrong?" "Ha! It'll be a while before they insult a Fighters Guild member again!"
Coming Home to Roost Rogthun Attack and destroy 20 creatures with Dragons. 50   "Some bandits are operating out of the ruins of a farm destroyed by dragon attacks. Luring the dragons back would be a fitting punishment, don't you think?" "Look at them run! Hahaha! Oh, this is the hardest I've laughed in years."
First on the Scene Valnia Attack and destroy 30 creatures with Dragons. 1 Moons of Elsweyr pack "We need someone to investigate the recent spate of dragon attacks in Elsweyr. It shouldn't be hard to find some of their kills. See if you can find a pattern." "Valnia: Well, this is good information to know, although there's not much in the way of a common thread. We'll keep digging. Thanks for your support; here's your reward."
Work to Do Modryn Oreyn Summon 10 creatures with 5 Health or more. 50   "We have dozens of contracts that have been sitting unfulfilled, assigned to defectors to the cursed Blackwood Company. We need to find capable recruits to take care of them so the Fighters Guild doesn't lose face!" "All of the jobs have been assigned. I don't know where you found these mercenaries, but frankly, warm bodies was all we needed. I appreciate your efforts."
Protect the Caravan Modryn Oreyn Summon 15 creatures with 5 Health or more. 1 Jaws of Oblivion pack "An important trade caravan is heading out from the Imperial City, and the Fighters Guild has been contracted to protect it. I'm tasking you with finding the warriors that will make sure no Daedra or Blackwood Company louts disrupt it" "The caravan has reached its destination safely. Apparently, the soldiers you hired turned back a bandit raid along the way. Clearly I was right to entrust you with this task."
Demolition Day Modryn Oreyn Destroy 3 enemy supports. 50   "The Blackwood Company have been using a small cavern outside of town as a staging ground for their "coperations [sic]." It sure would be a shame if there was a cave-in, wouldn't it?" "A pile of rubble won't be of any use to those scoundrels. Thanks for helping me take care of this. This should cover your supplies and then some."
Headquarter Raid Modryn Oreyn Destroy 5 enemy supports. 1 Jaws of Oblivion pack "I've gotten word of another Hist tree that the Blackwood Company are planning to use to manufacture Hist Sap. If we don't destroy that tree...I shudder to imagine the consequences." "Cyrodiil is a safer place with that cursed tree destroyed. You've done the Fighters Guild proud. My deepest gratitude."

  Mages GuildEdit

The following titles can be earned from completing Mages Guild quests:

Name Color Description
Mages Guild Associate Brown Complete 3 Mages Guild Quests.
Mages Guild Evoker Brown Complete 10 Mages Guild Quests.
Mages Guild Master Wizard Brown Complete 30 Mages Guild Quests.
Mages Guild Archmage Blue Complete 60 Mages Guild Quests.

Story QuestsEdit

Quest Name Quest Giver Objective Reward Opening Dialogue Closing Dialogue Notes
A Test of Magic Kianra Elsinor Play 10 actions 40   "Hi! I'm head librarian of the Mages Guild. We're always looking for talented mages. Show us your stuff!" "Well done! You're exactly the mage we've been looking for! Welcome to the guild!" This is the first Mages Guild quest presented to you.
Associate Bonus Quest Taviah Al-Thir Win 3 games with:   40   "Ah, a new associate. I'm Taviah, the guild's Conjuration expert. Let's see if you can pass my test." "Hmm. You have more promise than the last associate. At this rate, you may even survive to make Evoker." This quest is received directly after obtaining the Mages Guild Associate achievement. It introduces you to Taviah and unlocks her quests.
Evoker Bonus Quest Naris Win 5 games:   60   "Ah! Our new Evoker! I am Archmage Naris. I have been impressed by the power of your will. Let's put it to the test." "Marvelous. No initiate has performed so well in the trials. I will keep my eye on you, Evoker." This quest is received directly after obtaining the Mages Guild Evoker achievement. It introduces you to Naris and unlocks her quests.

Random QuestsEdit

Quest Name Quest Giver Objective Reward Opening Dialogue Closing Dialogue
Decoding Ancient Secrets Kianra Win 3 games:   40   "I could use some help deciphering this text. There are just a few fragments we need. Think you can find them?" "That's it! I've got it! It's... an ancient recipe for Sweet Rolls. oh well. I bet they'll be delicious!"
The Price of Wisdom Kianra Win 3 games:   40   "This book can only be opened by those with strong force of will. And for some reason, I can't do it! Can you try?" "That looked painful. But the book is open! Thank you! Here's your reward."
Blood On Your Boots Naris Win 3 games:    50   "I need to venture to a cave full of grahls. You look like a mage who doesn't mind a little blood on their boots." "I hope I never have to kill you. Because the way you fight... I actually might not be able to."
The Blood Hunt Naris Win 5 games:    70   "A powerful vampire and his minions have been killing villagers. Slay them before anyone else gets hurt." "The vampire is slain! You continue to impress me. And I assure you, that is not easy to do."
A Dark Riddle Kianra Win 3 games:    50   "There's a riddle in this tome that might take some dark, scary magic to solve. But I have to know! Will you help?" "I... I'm not sure I wanted to know that after all. I'm going to lock this tome away in the special collection."
The Rogue Mage Naris Win 5 games:    70   "A member of our guild has turned to Necromancy. Do whatever is necessary to end the threat they represent." "Thank you for ending this grave threat. I hope it did not come at too great a cost."
A True Mage Kianra Win 3 games:    50   "I need someone truly, truly wise in the ways of magic. Maybe you can help!" "Extraordinary! I think you cast a spell back there that even I don't know!"
The Guild's Finest Naris Win 5 games:    70   "This mission calls for one of the finest mages of our age. Sadly, I am indisposed. Can you fill in?" "Spectacular! I couldn't have done it better myself. Probably.}}
The Magical Weapon Kianra Win 3 games:    50   "I've created this magic sword, but I'm not much of a swordsman. Give it a swing and tell me how it works." "Oh, that was great! I mean, I closed my eyes for some of the bloodier bits, but the sword worked great! Thanks!"
In Danger's Path Naris Win 5 games:    70   "We've been hired to look into some clannfear sightings. We need someone who can hold their own when they charge." "They say a wise man never stands in front of a charging clannfear. But not every great mage is wise."
Secrets of Magicka Kianra Boost your max magicka 6 times 50   "Magicka is a mage's best friend, my mother always said. I have a book on the subject if you're interested." "You picked that up fast! Learning is earning, my mother always said. My mother was a bit strange."
The Hist Provides Taviah Boost your max magicka 12 times 70   "I've found a hist grove rumored to hold great power. Think you can convince its guardians to share?" "Ah, sweet, sweet power. And nary a dead Argonian in sight! I don't know how you do it."
A Deadly Experiment Kianra Deal 15 damage with Actions 40   "I just found this ancient spell! Could you test it for me? I'd recommend casting it on someone you don't like." "Wow, that was more explosive than I'd hoped! I'm going to write a treatise on this one."
A Storm of Destruction Naris Deal 30 damage with Actions 60   "There's an Ayleid ruin nearby that's infested with monsters. Just rain fire on the whole place, would you?" "Most impressive. I know just the mage to come to when I need a destruction spell."
The Guarded Tome Kianra Destroy 10 enemy creatures with Actions 50   "I've located a rare tome in a cave that may possibly be full of monsters. You know some destruction magic, right?" "You found the tome! And it's still in good condition! Apart from the blood anyway. Thanks so much!"
Killing the Dead Taviah Destroy 15 enemy creatures with Actions 60   "We've found a tomb of undead resistant to normal weapons. Dispatch them before they kill another hapless knight." "Efficiently done. Now I must learn that warding spell for myself..."
It is Written Kianra Play 4 cards as prophecies 40   "One of these books holds prophecies from the Elder Scrolls — I'm just not sure which. Can you help?" "Now we know some of these are true! Only... now that they've happened, they're not prophecies anymore, are they?"
A Painful Casting Taviah Play 6 cards as prophecies 50   "I need you to cast a powerful ritual, tapping time itself. Oh, and I should mention: It's going to hurt." "Excellent. The casting went perfectly! And you... well, you really should get to a healer before you bleed out."
All About Alchemy Kianra Play 5 Support cards. 40   "A good mage must know their potions! Our stores are getting low. Could you brew these up?" "Fascinating! I didn't know you could make newt's bane this color! I'll have to study this. Thanks again!"
Taviah's Ritual Taviah Play 10 Support cards. 60   "I'm casting a complex ritual, and you're the most competent mage I can find. It'll be lucrative if you survive." "Yes! Power flows through me! I feel as if I could... Oh? Are you still here? Well, here. Who needs gold anymore..."
Protect The Flock Kianra Prevent damage with Ward 10 times. 50   (Kianra:) "Taviah has sent a group of initiates on a really dangerous mission. Could you go with them and keep them alive?" (Taviah:) "Kianra sent you, didn't she? I suppose I should be grateful. New initiates are getting harder and harder to find."
Journey Into Ash Mountain Naris Prevent damage with Ward 15 times 60   "I need you to find a magic skull deep within Ash Mountain. You'll need defensive magic to survive the lava flows." "This skull belongs to one of my revered ancestors. I myself nearly died trying to retrieve it. My deepest thanks."
Chasing Sheep Taviah Shackle 6 enemy creatures. 40   "Some fool initiate has turned a herd of sheep into vicious monsters. Why don't you practice some binding spells?" "Excellent. Now they can turn them back into sheep. And have mutton for dinner."
Taming the Untouchable Naris Shackle 10 enemy creatures. 50   (Naris:) "That scamp Taviah has disturbed an ancient guardian spirit. You'd better help her bind it before it kills us all." (Taviah:) "I suppose I should thank you. Though I could have stopped that thing before it killed anyone important."
A Stolen Voice Taviah Silence 8 creatures. 40   (Taviah:) "A warlock stole Kianra's voice and put it into his minions. I prefer her this way, but if you want to help..." (Kianra:) "Thank you thank you thank you! I'm going to spend all day singing to celebrate having my voice back. La la la..."
Some Loud Pests Kianra Silence 12 creatures. 50   "Harpies have been terrifying ships in the harbor! If we take their voices, they should be easier to handle." "You did it! You didn't have to kill too many of them did you? The poor things can't help being horrible."
Summoning Training Taviah Summon 5 Daedra 40   "Looking to improve your skills? Try summoning these atronachs. Most of them are perfectly tame." "You might have some talent for this after all. Someday we'll have to summon something truly challenging."
Army of One Naris Summon 10 Daedra 70   "One of our guildhalls is under attack, and they're outnumbered. Use your summoning skills to even the odds." "Excellent. Those atronachs have driven off the mob."
A Study in Metal Kianra Summon 15 Dwemer 50   "We've located a Dwemer ruin. Their machines are just fascinating! Can you get us some specimens to examine?" "These are perfect! There's so much we can learn from these old things. Here's your reward!"
Eager Victims Taviah Win 3 Versus Arena games 60   "I need you to test this destruction spell on someone. Now where can we find people eager to die..." "Well, they bled nicely, didn't they? Here's your reward."
A Magical Duel Kianra Win 3 Versus Battle games. 50   "Our guild has been challenged to a magical duel. Will you fight for us?" "Oh, good work! Remind me not to get on your bad side."
In Need of Your Soul Taviah Consume 10 Creatures. 50   "I have important enchanting to do! I don't have time to waste on errands. I need you to capture ten souls for me. Yes, I'll pay for them." "Excellent, these will do. Here's some coin for your trouble. Now leave me to my work."
Necromantic Tutelage Taviah Consume 15 Creatures. 1 Moons of Elsweyr pack "We're doing a set of practical lessons on necromancy. So people can recognize it and report it, of course. Would you be interested in taking part?" "You took to this quickly! You aren't...practicing necromancy on your own, are you? Well, I won't tell if you don't tell."
Case Study Taviah Summon 15 Undead. 50   "I am putting together a philosophical tome about life, death, and undeath. The latter section is proving...difficult. Could you help me find undead subjects to study?" "These specimens were fascinating. There is so much I have yet to learn. Thank you for your assistance; let me recompense you for your time and effort."
Tracking the Tenarr Zalviit Taviah Summon 25 Undead. 1 Moons of Elsweyr pack "There are tales of a rare breed of Khajiit vampires, the Tenarr Zalviit. I would like to study their kind. Would you be willing to track them down?" "Terrifying. And unusual. I appreciate the first-hand account, and in hindsight it was probably wise to send someone with your skills."
To Know Oneself Hannibal Traven Give creatures 15 random keywords. 50   "Part of the study of magic entails unlocking inner potential. Have you truly realized everything that you are capable of?" "Ah, I see you have reached a certain enlightenment about your inner limits. Or, perhaps it would be more accurate to say, the lack thereof."
Unlimited Potential Hannibal Traven Give creatures 25 random keywords. 1 Jaws of Oblivion pack "Magic can be used to unlock the latent capabilities within. Find some willing subjects, and see if you can imbue them with some new talents." "Wonderful! Your magical prowess is making great strides. Your subjects seem happy with their new powers as well."

  Thieves GuildEdit

The following titles can be earned from completing Thieves Guild quests:

Name Color Description
Thieves Guild Pickpocket Brown Complete 3 Thieves Guild Quests.
Thieves Guild Bandit Brown Complete 10 Thieves Guild Quests.
Thieves Guild Shadowfoot Brown Complete 30 Thieves Guild Quests.
Thieves Guild Master Blue Complete 60 Thieves Guild Quests.

Story QuestsEdit

Quest Name Quest Giver Objective Reward Opening Dialogue Closing Dialogue Notes
Finding the Guild Bor the Beggar Summon 15 creatures to the Shadow Lane 40   "Thieves Guild? Doesn't exist, friend. But if it did, you'd find its members in the darkest alley in the city." "You found us. I guess you might have what it takes. Consider yourself a part of the guild, friend." This is the first Thieves Guild quest presented to you.
Pickpocket Bonus Quest Lywen Nighthollow Draw 10 extra cards. 50   "I've got a job for somone [sic] with sticky finger, and Bor says you can be trusted. Want in?" "You're a good pickpocket. I'll keep you in mind the next time a job rolls around." This quest is received directly after obtaining the Thieves Guild Pickpocket achievement. It introduces you to Lywen and unlocks her quests.
Bandit Bonus Quest S'Vanir Pilfer 10 times. 50   "At last we meet. This one is S'Vanir, doyen of this guild. And there is a job worthy of our newest Bandit." "Your fingers are as nimble as advertised. This one is impressed. And impressing S'Vanir is profitable indeed." This quest is received directly after obtaining the Thieves Guild Bandit achievement. It introduces you to S'Vanir and unlocks his quests.

Random QuestsEdit

Quest Name Quest Giver Objective Reward Opening Dialogue Closing Dialogue
Back to Basics Bor Win 3 games:   40   "You haven't fenced any goods in a while. I think it's time you got back to basics, don't you?" "You still have good moves, you know that? Here's some gold for your loot."
Arrow in the Night Lywen Win 3 games:    50   "The archer on my highway robbery crew is injured. Think you can fill in?" "You're pretty handy with that bow. I'll remember that next time this comes up."
Keeping Your Distance S'Vanir Win 5 games:    70   "We've been hired to steal a gem that's guarded by armored knights. This one would not fight them up close." "You have the gem! And not a scratch on you! S'Vanir never doubted you."
Nowhere To Run Bor Win 3 games:    50   "Stay at this long enough, and eventually you'll get caught. We need to know you can fight off the law." "Looks like you can fight need be [sic]. Just remember, if you do ever get captured, never talk about the Guild. Never."
Backing Up a Threat Lywen Win 5 games:    70   "If the people you're robbing aren't afraid of you, they won't hand over their coin. You should work on your combat skills." "Not bad. Keep at it, and one day you might be as good as me. Almost."
Silent Stalker Lywen Win 3 games:    50   "We have a mark who's hiding a big stash somewhere in town. You need to tail him until he leads you to it." "So, you found where he's keeping the loot? We'll get a group together and clean him out tonight. Good work."
Watching the Watchmen S'Vanir Win 5 games:    70   "This one has heard the town guard is planning a crackdown. Sneak into their barracks and tell us what you see." "The Captain does intend to double-cross us, eh? Well, S'Vanir will set him straight. Here's your reward."
Empty Pockets, Full Coffers Bor Draw 15 extra cards. 50   "We need help filling the guild coffers, so take to town and steal anything that isn't nailed down." "This is quite a haul! Seems like you didn't even hold back a percentage for yourself. Now there's a team player."
The New Guard Lywen Draw 30 extra cards. 70   "Our client is looking to take over the town watch. He'd like us to go rob some people to make his rivals look bad." "I think there's about to be a new leader of the watch. And one who owes us a big favor."
Bor's Survival Guide Bor Gain 15 health using Drain creatures 40   "I got a new technique to show you. It's saved the lives of many a swindler, believe me." "You're a natural. They won't be digging a pauper's grave for you anytime soon."
A Merciful Theft S'Vanir Gain 30 health using Drain creatures 60   "A disease has hit the beggars, and the nobles won't part with their medicine. You should part them from it, yes?" "We have the medicine. And if you had to hurt a few greedy skeevers along the way, S'Vanir is not troubled."
Cloaked in Shadow Delvin Give 20 creatures Cover 40   "The first skill needed to be a thief? Don't get caught! Use the shadows as your defense. Show me what you can do." "You can rob 'em blind if they don't see ya coming' so keep up the great work!"
Becoming a Master Thief Brynjolf Give 30 creatures Cover 1 Core pack "Hiring one thief is easy, but some jobs require a team. Take out some big targets and get back to me." "Now that's what I call thievery! Bigger heists mean more loot for the guild."
Setting up the Shill Lywen Move 5 creatures 40   "Got a shill job for you. Plant this false evidence in the mark's home. Stay on the move, in and out." "Heard there was a big arrest today. He swears they have the wrong guy. Shame he'll never be able to prove it."
Too Close to Home S'Vanir Move 10 creatures. 60   "Someone tipped the guards off about our hideout. We need to move to a new location, and fast." "The new hideout is ready for business, thanks to you. Now let's get back to earning coin."
Gaining Leverage Lywen Pilfer 6 times. 40   "There's a noble whose [sic] been promising to clean up the town. See if you can find some leverage that can shut her up." "Found some dirt on that sanctimonious noble, did you? Good. We'll let her know what it'll cost her to cross us."
Lighten Their Loads Bor Pilfer 10 times. 50   "Been to the north end of town lately? Dozens of marks with more coin than sense. Great place to pick some pockets." "You have some nimble fingers, friend. I should have charged you for the tip, but it's fun watching you work."
A Market for Swindlers Delvin Play 10 0-cost cards. 40   "They say there's a Swindler's Market in Morthal now. Make sure we get our cut." "Now we'll get a percentage of every sale. That's quite a haul! Great work!"
The Small Package Trade Brynjolf Play 15 0-cost cards 60   "In Solitude, the East Empire Company runs a smuggling trade. The Guild needs its percentage." "You've educated them that the Thieves Guild controls smuggling in Skyrim. Nicely done."
Buy Low Sell High Delvin Reduce the cost of 5 cards 50   "It's called the five-finger discount. Steal it and sell it, then it's all profit. Go get some trinkets for Tonilia." "The guild has a thriving business because of expert thieves like yourself. Keep up the good work!"
The Big Payoff Brynjolf Reduce the cost of 10 cards 1 Core pack "Special requests come in from time to time. You're ready to take on bigger jobs now, with wealthier targets." "Stealing from the rich is much harder, since they can afford protection. But that didn't stop you! Excellent work!"
Guild Recruiting Brynjolf Summon 15 Agility Creatures 40   "Time for my favorite part of the job: Recruiting new thieves. Think you can find some new prospects?" "These will do well! Some of them will fail, and some will get caught, but the Guild will grow and prosper."
Restore the Glory Brynjolf Summon 25 Agility Creatures 60   "If the Guild is to return to its former glory, we need more members. Smugglers, swindlers, pickpockets... any will do!" "A lovely assortment of cutpurses and footpads if I've ever seen one! Job well done!"
A High Price Bor Summon 10 Lethal creatures. 40   "We're sending you after a well guarded ship. We don't usually condone killing, but for this cargo, do what you have to." "I hope you didn't get your hands too dirty. But once we sell all the cargo you stole, you'll see it was worth it."
An Eye for an Eye Lywen Summon 15 Lethal creatures. 60   "Our sister guild in Skyrim was discovered - and brutally slaughtered. We owe our friends some vengeance." "They say there's no profit in revenge. But that felt pretty profitable to me. Now back to business as usual."
Word on the Street Bor Summon 20 creatures that cost 3 or less 40   "We're looking to expand our web of informants. Go find us people who will trade news for coin." "The new informers you found are working out well. We almost have more contracts than we can keep up with."
New Recruits Lywen Summon 30 creatures that cost 3 or less. 50   "We have some prospects looking to join our ranks. Take them on a job and find out if they're up to it." "Good help is hard to find, but if you say these louts can hold their own, I'll trust you."
Keeping a Low Profile Bor Summon 20 creatures to the Shadow lane. 40   "I have a robbery job for you. No one can know you were there." "Nice work there. There's not a trace that could lead back to us or the client. Just how we like it."
In Darkest Shadow Lywen Summon 30 creatures to the Shadow lane. 50   "The authorities have stepped up their patrols. You'll need to especially sly out there tonight." "Silent as a churchmouse. If all our thieves were as good as you, we'd never have to bribe the guards."
Out of the Way Lywen Unsummon 6 creatures 40   "Some city watchmen are causing problems. Don't kill them, just get them out of our way for a while." "We were easily able to slip in while the guards were away. Here's your share of the take [sic]"'
Disappearing Act S'Vanir Unsummon 10 creatures 60   "For this job, S'Vanir needs a thief who can disappear in the blink of an eye. Is this you?" "You are like a ghost! In and out and not a soul the wiser! Here is a share well earned."
Plan for the Worst Bor Use 10 Last Gasp abilities. 50   "Good thieves always have a contingency plan. So to test yours, I've told the guards where you're hiding. Good luck!" "You escaped! Hey, no hard feelings, right? Here, these coins should smooth things over."
Making Them Pay Lywen Use 15 Last Gasp abilities. 60   "The guards are raiding our safehouses, and they're being rough about it. I say we make them regret every cut." "Good work. They'll think twice before coming after us like that again."
For the Taking Bor Win 3 Versus Arena games 60   "I hear the competition in the arena is soft this week. Why don't you go take out a few suckers?" "That looked harder than I expected. But you made some good coin, right?"
Infiltrate the Temple Lywen Summon 20 creatures Waxed or Waned. 50   "We need an insider in the Moon Temple to fence goods through. We've already got the robes; you just need to learn the customs." "None of the Moon Bishops suspected a thing. Fantastic. Here's your cut of the profits."
Myriad Recruits S'Vanir Summon 30 creatures Waxed or Waned. 1 Moons of Elsweyr pack "Khajiit born under different phases of the moon take myriad forms. Find us some recruits of different furstocks; they will all have their place in the Guild." "S'Vanir has never been busier training new recruits. This one is very impressed."
No Strings Attached Lywen Pilfer with Khajiit 10 times. 50   "The guild's coffers are running low again. Let's find some purses to lighten." "The only thing better than a full coinpurse are ten full coinpurses. For payment, take any one you like."
Undermining the Occupiers S'Vanir Pilfer with Khajiit 15 times. 1 Moons of Elsweyr pack "The occupying forces in Rimmen are made up of mostly mercenaries. Someone is paying them... which means someone has lots of coin on hand." "A haul like this nearly brings a tear to this one's eye. And it doesn't hurt that we're undermining these Euraxian shaveskins in the process."
Inconspicuous Faces Lywen Summon 15 Khajiit. 50   "We have too many members that stand out in a crowd here in Rimmen. We need to recruit more local Khajiit who can blend in." "This is quite a motley bunch, but I suppose that's what I asked for. Here's your payment."
Homecoming S'Vanir Summon 25 Khajiit. 1 Moons of Elsweyr pack "S'Vanir was born here, but this one admits he has not visited in many moons. Talk to some locals. We need to get the lay of the land." "Much has changed. More than this one would have thought. S'Vanir will thank you for your troubles with coin."
The Scent of Prey Gray Fox Summon 15 Animals. 50   "The lady of this estate is known for two things; her loyal guard dogs and her exquisite taste in fine jewelery [sic]. If you rustle up a distraction for the former, I'll help myself to the latter." "You should have seen her expression when her dogs ran off on the chase! Oh, it was priceless. I imagine it will look similar when she realizes all her finery is missing. Here's your cut."
A Simple Farmer Gray Fox Summon 25 Animals. 1 Jaws of Oblivion pack "There will be plenty of purses ripe for the picking during the market this afternoon. I need you to pose as a farmer. A particularly inept one, perhaps with a bad habit of animals getting loose?" "The guards seem quite upset by how much damage those loose animals caused. Fortunately, that means they're not asking after all this coin I collected during the chaos. Good work."
Brynjolf's and Delvin's quests were introduced with Heroes of Skyrim.
Modryn Oreyn's, Hannibal Traven's, and the Gray Fox's quests were introduced with Jaws of Oblivion.

Heroes of SkyrimEdit

  College of WinterholdEdit

Quests offered by the College of Winterhold were introduced with Heroes of Skyrim. The following titles can be earned from completing College of Winterhold quests:

Name Color Description
College Scholar Brown Complete 3 College of Winterhold Quests.
College Trainer Brown Complete 10 College of Winterhold Quests.
College Master Wizard Blue Complete 30 College of Winterhold Quests.

Random QuestsEdit

Quest Name Quest Giver Objective Reward Opening Dialogue Closing Dialogue
Welcome to Winterhold Faralda Summon 15 Intelligence creatures 40   "This institution thrives on new students. Certainly you've met suitable young mages in your travels" "I can't say how many of them will survive the tests,"
Imposing Your Will Phinis Summon 25 Intelligence creatures 60   "The College tests are just a beginning. Bend the will of Atronachs to your commands. Go forth and conjure!" "The summoned do not serve willingly, and skill is required to control them. You have proven your skills as a master conjurer."
Servants From Oblivion Tolfdir Summon 15 Willpower Creatures 40   "You need practice controlling the spirits of Oblivion. When you've mastered the summoning of Daedra, return to me." "Fine work! I did not expect to discover that you had come so far with your studies."
Commanding the Spirits Phinis Summon 25 Willpower creatures 60   "This is no game, student! Summon more creatures to show me you can force them to do your bidding." "I apologize. Your skill makes conjuration look much more simple than it really is. You have done well!"
A Loud Talent Tolfdir Play 9 Shouts 40   "I've heard you have a rare gift for the Thu'um. Care to demonstrate for the class?" "Remarkable! That's a rare ability you have -- I pray you use it for good."
Forceful Demonstration Faralda Play 18 Shouts 1 Heroes of Skyrim pack "I've been hoping to get a demonstration of the destructive power of the Thu'um. I hear you can help?" "I'm impressed. With that power, you almost don't need any further teaching in Destruction magic. Almost."
Of Scales and Claws Tolfdir Summon 10 Dragons 50   "I have a powerful spell to teach you, but first you must bring me the scales of a dragon. Are you up to it?" "Yes, these will do nicely. Now our work can truly begin."
The Power Within Tolfdir Use 10 Summon abilities 40   "Great mages must be in touch with the power within themselves. This exercise should help you unlock your gifts." "My goodness! The power within you is a deal stronger than I'd bargained for! Nicely done."
The Master Class Phinis Use 20 Summon abilities 60   "I'm hosting a master class today on the energies unleashed during complex summonings. Interested?" "I've never seen such adept work. Perhaps you should be the one teaching this class!"


Quests offered by the Companions were introduced with Heroes of Skyrim. The following titles can be earned from completing Companions quests:

Name Color Description
Companions Initiate Brown Complete 3 Companions Quests.
Companions Trainer Brown Complete 10 Companions Quests.
Companions Harbinger Blue Complete 30 Companions Quests.

Random QuestsEdit

Quest Name Quest Giver Objective Reward Opening Dialogue Closing Dialogue
New Blood Aela Summon 15 Strength creatures 40   "We could use some new companions. Go and find some strong enough to be worthy." "A mighty group of warriors. Let us hunt together!"
Gather Dragonslayers Aela Summon 25 Strength creatures 60   "A dragon draws near! We will need our strongest allies to defeat it. Will you gather them?" "Excellent! With this group, we will slay the fell beast with ease!"
Enduring Teachings Kodlak Summon 15 Endurance creatures 40   "Our ranks are full of stouthearted warriors with much to teach you. Call upon them and learn our ways." "Excellent. Follow these lessons, and your name will be written in history yet."
Through the Storm Kodlak Summon 25 Endurance creatures 60   "A blizzard is coming, but the Jarl has urgent business in Morthal. Gather the heartiest warriors you can find to escort him." "You saw the Jarl safely to Morthal? Excellent! Now come, warm yourself by the fire -- you look half frozen to death!"
One of Us Aela Change 10 creatures with Beast Form 60   "If you wish to truly be one of us, let Hircine's power run through your veings. Come, run with me in the moonlight!" Aela howls triumphantly. No words are necessary. You know you have passed her test.
Biting the Hand Kodlak Change 15 creatures with Beast Form 1 Heroes of Skyrim pack "The Silver Hand has taken one of our own. We must make them pay with blood and claw." "You have dealt the Silver Hand a blow they will not soon forget. They are the true monsters, not us."
The Most Dangerous Game Aela Summon 20 Dragons 1 Heroes of Skyrim pack "Have you heard tell of the coming of the dragons? Now that is a game I long to chase. Will you hunt with me?" "Magnificent! Never have I beheld such fearsome creatures, much less slain them! Now we'd best treat those burns..."
The Great Bear Aela Use 10 Slay Abilities 60   "I'm headed out for a hunt. I hear there's a bear the size of a mammoth nearby. Care to join?" "You're a natural born hunter. We should do this again some time."
The Bigger They Are Kodlak Use 15 Slay Abilities 1 Heroes of Skyrim pack "We've been hired to clear out a giant camp nearby. It promises to be a glorious battle for a hungry warrior." "That was a deed worthy of song! Someday we will sing it together in Sovngarde."

Houses of MorrowindEdit

  House DagothEdit

Random QuestsEdit

Quest Name Quest Giver Objective Reward Opening Dialogue Closing Dialogue
A Dream of Glory Dagoth Ur Win 3 games with:     60   "As you sleep, you dream of the devil -- or is it the god? -- Dagoth Ur. You awake convinced to fight for his glory." "As you sleep, you are once again visited by Dagoth Ur -- and you know that the awakened one is pleased."
Dreams of Death Dagoth Ur Win 5 games with:     1 Houses of Morrowind pack "Dagoth Ur speaks to you in your dreams, showing you the faces of five of his enemies. Five fools who must die for his glory." "For the first time in weeks, your dreams are devoid of blood and fire. Dagoth Ur is pleased with you."
Dreams of Titans Dagoth Ur Play 5 cards that cost 10 or more 60   "You dream of towering behemoths, bowing before the great Dagoth Ur. You awake determined to seek such creatures out." "Greetings, dreamer. You have done well to bring these creatures to me. Together, we shall reshape the world."
Grand Designs Dagoth Ur Play 10 cards that cost 10 or more 1 Houses of Morrowind pack "You dream of Dagoth Ur, gathering power at the Red Mountain. He is calling you once more, urging you to find this power." "Behold, perhaps my most powerful dreamer! Be welcome in Red Mountain, mighty friend."

  House HlaaluEdit

Random QuestsEdit

Quest Name Quest Giver Objective Reward Opening Dialogue Closing Dialogue~
Loose Ends Nileno Win 3 games with:     60   "Yes House Hlaalu has made one or two enemies over the year. There's coin in it for you if some of them disappear." "Oh, you took care of that. That's helpful. I was half afraid you were a spy. Here's the coin I promised."
Hlaalu's Reprisal Nileno Win 5 games with:     1 Houses of Morrowind pack "Five egg poachers have killed the workers at our nearest kwama mine. Teach them not to interfere in our business." "Problems solved! You have a way of getting things done. A pleasure doing business with you."
Nileno's Scheme Nileno Use 10 Plot abilities. 60   "This job calls for ruthless scheming. I suspect you'll quite enjoy yourself." "I heard about your exploits. Most impressive. I may have to involve you in some of my grander plans."
Getting Even Nileno Use 15 Plot abilities. 1 Houses of Morrowind pack "One of the other councilors made the mistake of crossing me. I trust you have the cunning to make him regret it?" "My, my. That was impressively devious. I am pleased we're on the same side at the moment."

  House RedoranEdit

Random QuestsEdit

Quest Name Quest Giver Objective Reward Opening Dialogue Closing Dialogue
Win for Redoran Bolvyn Win 3 games with:     60   "The House of Redoran needs a victory, and I suppose you're all we have." "Perhaps you do have some worth after all, Outlander. Well done."
Win the Day Neminda Win 5 games with:     1 Houses of Morrowind pack "We've gotten word of ash creatures near Maar Gan. Can you lead some troops to check it out?" "The monsters are getting bolder. It's a good thing we've got someone like you to stop them."
Proving Valor Neminda Rally 10 creatures 60   "Our House leader, Bolvyn Venim, hates outlanders like us. A display of leadership might gain his trust." "Excellent work! Even Venim won't be able to deny your progress."
Taking Command Neminda Rally 15 creatures 1 Houses of Morrowind pack "One of our commanders has been killed. We need you to take up the command and bring our troops home." "Back safe, I see. You're a better leader than I expected, outlander."

  House TelvanniEdit

Random QuestsEdit

Quest Name Quest Giver Objective Reward Opening Dialogue Closing Dialogue
Filling In Aryon Win 3 games with     60   "I have a task I'd normally only entrust to a high ranking Telvanni. But you seem competent for an outlander." "Excellent! I knew my faith in you was not misplaced. You have an ally on the council."
Show Your Worth Aryon Win 5 games with     1 Houses of Morrowind pack "I think we can help each other if you were a councilor. Complete this task, and they'll have to admit you." "The other councilors have agreed to consider you for advancement. i do hope you'll remember who your friends are."
There Will Be Casualties Aryon Betray 10 creatures 60   "I recently learned that one of my fellow councilors plans to betray me. let's beat him to it, shall we?" "Nicely done. It's a shame some people can't be trusted."
Rising In The House Aryon Betray 15 creatures 1 Houses of Morrowind pack "To rise in a great house requires great ambition. I know a way to increase your stature, but you won't like it." "A distasteful but of business, to be sure. But you've gained great esteem in the eyes of the council."

  Tribunal TempleEdit

Random QuestsEdit

Quest Name Quest Giver Objective Reward Opening Dialogue Closing Dialogue
Serve the Tribunal Vivec Win 3 games with:     60   "I sense a great battle ahead. Can we count on you to serve the Tribunal?" "I see you are a faithful servant. Fear not; your award awaits."
Prove Yourself Vivec Win 5 games with:     1 Houses of Morrowind pack "For this mission, I need someone to venture beyond the Ghostgate itself. Do you have the courage?" "Your bravery is beyond compare, Outlander. Well done."
Pay the Costs Vivec Exalt 10 cards 60   "The costs to serve the Tribunal can be considerable. Are you willing to pay the price?" "You bring glory to the Tribunal with your extraordinary efforts. We thank you."
Seek the Worthy Vivec Exalt 15 cards 1 Houses of Morrowind pack "Our ancient enemy stirs, and we will need allies to defeat him. I need you to find those worthy of our blessings." "Yes. These souls are worthy of our light. For as I have written: 'Those who would stand hold high the world.'"
Favor of a God Archcanon Saryoni Summon 1 God 40   "I sense that you have the gods' favor, outlander. If you call to them, they will answer." You see? Despite your shabby and worthless exterior, you are indeed beloved of the gods!
The Gods Await Archcanon Saryoni Summon 3 Gods 50   "If you would truly prove your devotion, make a pilgrimage to each of the Three in One, and bask in their glory." "Back from your travels, I see! You look wiser already. Exhausted and filthy, but wise!"
The Enlightened Path Vivec Win 3 games with three-attribute decks 1 Houses of Morrowind pack "True enlightenment comes to those who have explored their every facet. Are you ready to journey within yourself?" "I see your eyes are opening. As I have written: God hath three keys; of birth, of machines, and of the words between."

Alliance WarEdit

  Aldmeri DominionEdit

Random QuestsEdit

Quest Name Quest Giver Objective Reward Opening Dialogue Closing Dialogue
Siegebreaker Sorcalin Win 3 Games With:     50   "Retreating Dominion troops are pinned down by enemy ballistae. There seem to be three of them. Can you handle them for us?" "We were able to retreat as soon as the barrage stopped. You've done us a great service."
Mop Up Duty Sorcalin Win 5 Games With:     1 Alliance War pack "We've successfully taken over a keep, but there are reports of pockets of ongoing resistance. We need someone to secure the area." "Good job; we can handle it from here. I'll send a report to Queen Ayrenn noting your valor...and pay you for your service, of course."
Ancient Magic Sorcalin Play 10 actions with Empower. 50   "Invoking the ancient magic of the Aldmeri is no small feat. Can you master the arcane forces required?" "Your arcane talents are quite formidable. Few outside the Dominion have demonstrated such mastery of these spells."
Dominion's Wrath Sorcalin Play 15 actions with Empower. 1 Alliance War pack "The lesser races need a lesson on the rightful rulers of Tamriel. Use our magic to remind them of their place." "Ha! They'll remember this lesson. You have brought great honor to your name this day."

  Daggerfall CovenantEdit

Random QuestsEdit

Quest Name Quest Giver Objective Reward Opening Dialogue Closing Dialogue~
Bridge of Troubles Dortene Win 3 Games With:     50   "A bridge between us and the Imperial City has been taken over by three bandits. Bring me their heads, and I'll see you rewarded." "Justice has been served, and our supplies are moving again. Here's that reward I promised."
The King's Decree Dortene Win 5 Games With:     1 Alliance War pack "We're mobilizing troops to storm a nearby keep, on orders from High King Emeric himself. Will you lead them into battle?" "The keep is ours. Emeric will be pleased. I'll make sure he's made aware of your brave deeds."
Replenish the Armory Dortene Play 10 items with Mobilize. 50   "Our armory is looking pretty depleted after the most recent battle. Can you scare up some weapons and armor for our new recruits?" "Excellent work. We'll be back in fighting shape in no time. You have my gratitude."
Repairing the Forge Dortene Play 15 items with Mobilize. 1 Alliance War pack "Our enemies have sabotaged the forge! We're sitting ducks until we get this equipment repaired." "The forge is back up and running. You've come through for us again."

  Ebonheart PactEdit

Random QuestsEdit

Quest Name Quest Giver Objective Reward Opening Dialogue Closing Dialogue
Time to Strike Zimmeron Win 3 Games With:     50   "Our enemies are on their heels. Hit them hard and fast while they're reeling. I'll leave the details to you." "That was a decisive victory. I knew I could trust your judgment."
A Window of Opportunity Zimmeron Win 5 Games With:     1 Alliance War pack "Our spies report that there will be a feast in the enemy camp tonight. Who knows what they're celebrating, but if we move quicky [sic], we might be able to catch them unprepared." "Well, they hardly seemed unprepared! I'll give our spies a piece of my mind. Thankfully, you saw us through to victory nonethelses [sic]."
A Taste of Combat Zimmeron Achieve Veteran 10 times. 50   "We need someone dependable to give these fresh-faced trainees their first taste of battle." "From the look on their faces, you've given them quite the lesson! It's best that they learn now, though, before the real fighting starts. My thanks."
Enlistment Efforts Zimmeron Achieve Veteran 15 times. 1 Alliance War pack "Battle-hardened recruits are always hard to find. If you can find some willing souls who have tasted combat, we could use the help." "Now this is a group of hardened warriors! I must say, I'm quite impressed."

  The Empire of CyrodiilEdit

Random QuestsEdit

Quest Name Quest Giver Objective Reward Opening Dialogue Closing Dialogue
These City Walls Clivia Win 3 Games With:     50   "Usurpers are storming the Imperial City. I order you to the city walls, in the name of the Empire!" "Oh, you survived. I suppose that means I have to pay you."
A Matter of Loyalty Clivia Win 5 Games With:     1 Alliance War pack "Here is a list of five individuals suspected of conspiring to seize the throne. I expect you to take care of them." "Good, good. With them out of the way... why are you still here? Take this payment and get out of my sight."
Hour of Need Artorius Summon a creature while you have another creature in each lane 10 times. 50   "The Kvatch Guard are insufficient to defend the Cathedral. Bolstering the Order of the Hour is the only way to keep my congregation safe." "The Order of the Hour will bring the wicked to their knees. You have done well this day."
Keep the Faith Artorius Summon a creature while you have another creature in each lane 15 times. 1 Alliance War pack "My flock grows restless and distrustful in these troubled times. Restoring their faith in one another will help restore their faith in Akatosh...and in me." "Akatosh has chosen you as a conduit for his desires. Be honored to serve his will."
Seeking Volunteers Clivia Summon 15 Recruits. 1 Alliance War pack "My generals tell me that morale is low. I think we just need some new recruits with better attitudes. Find them for me." "You held up your portion of the bargain, and I'll hold up mine. But don't hold any pretensions that this makes us equals."

  The GuildswornEdit

Random QuestsEdit

Quest Name Quest Giver Objective Reward Opening Dialogue Closing Dialogue
Save Cropsford Valaste Win 3 Games With:     50   "We've gotten reports that goblins have been sighted near the library in Cropsford. Find their lair, and wipe them out." "You've saved a lot of valuable books today. Ah... did I say books? I meant lives. Valuable, valuable lives."
Defeat the Daedra Valaste Win 5 Games With:     1 Alliance War pack "Is that a Dark Anchor?! Daedric invaders will destroy this town if we don't act. Hurry!" "Thank the stars! If you hadn't arrived just in time... I shudder to think what would have happened."
Writing It Down Valaste Activate Expertise 10 times. 50   "I have a set of ancient scrolls that are falling apart, and I need someone to help me transcribe them. Perhaps you'll learn something useful along the way." "There, all finished. And it seems like you've picked up a few good pointers along the way."
Subject of Study Valaste Activate Expertise 15 times. 1 Alliance War pack "The Fighters Guild asked me to create a manual on the martial arts, but I don't have any experience in the subject. Will you help?" "There's much more to the martial arts than I dreamed possible. I'm lucky I asked an expert like yourself for help!"
Natural Charisma Valaste Summon 10 Recruits. 50   "We need a lot of help around the guild hall, but I'm no recruiter. You're a charming sort; can you find us some aid?" "Scrub those floors, and tell... oh! It's you! I have more helpers than I can handle now. But it's a good problem to have. Thanks!"

Jaws of OblivionEdit

  Mythic DawnEdit

Random QuestsEdit

Quest Name Quest Giver Objective Reward Opening Dialogue Closing Dialogue
A Daedric Alliance Mankar Camoran Summon 10 Daedra. 50   "To fight alongside daedric beings is to experience the sublime. Go now, and serve Lord Dagon's will." "Did you see their glory in the flesh? Do you now understand what perfection awaits you? Good, good. I am sure Lord Dagon is most pleased."
Dagon's Herald Mankar Camoran Summon 20 Daedra. 1 Jaws of Oblivion pack "Lord Dagon's Daedric servants require the efforts of our blessed order to achieve their rightful rule of Tamriel. Lend them your might! Herald the Time of Cleansing!" "I see a bright sun rising over the fields of battle where you fought alongside Lord Dagon's trusted minions. I am certain of your place in Paradise."
The Will of a Prince Mankar Camoran Invade 15 Times. 50   "Lord Dagon sees all that transpires on Tamriel, and judges those who do not advance his will most harshly. Have you truly done all you can to bring about the new Dawn?" "I am sure Lord Dagon is pleased with your efforts. The day where Tamriel trembles under his mighty gaze draws ever closer."
Gate to Another World Mankar Camoran Invade 25 Times. 1 Jaws of Oblivion pack "To gaze into a portal to Oblivion is to behold the majesty of Lord Dagon. Do you not long to witness his glory yourself?" "Your eyes dance with the fire of a new dawn! A change has been awakened within you. Go, and spread the word of Lord Dagon!"


Random QuestsEdit

Quest Name Quest Giver Objective Reward Opening Dialogue Closing Dialogue
From the Woods Martin Septim Destroy 10 enemy creatures with Cover. 60   "We've pinpointed an expanse of the Great Forest where an Oblivion Gate likely lies. Go in, clear out any Daedra lurking in the shadows, and close the Gate!" "There have been no Daedra sightings reported since you cleared the woods and closed the gate. I think we can declare this a victory. Well done."
Threat in the Night Martin Septim Destroy 15 enemy creatures with Cover. 1 Jaws of Oblivion pack "An alarm from the watch? At this hour? I fear it can mean only one thing. Go! Quickly!" "Your bravery and quick thinking made the difference tonight. I will see that you are justly rewarded for your courageous deeds."
In Tamriel's Defense Martin Septim Summon 15 Imperials. 50   "We've suffered heavy losses from several waves of Daedric forces. Find as many recruits as you can and train to fight. It could turn the tide of the next battle." "These troops will give us a fighting chance against whatever Mehrunes Dagon can throw at us. Let me recompense you for your efforts."
Saving Chorrol Martin Septim Summon 25 Imperials. 1 Jaws of Oblivion pack "Another Oblivion Gate has opened, dangerously close to Chorrol. We need to mobilize troops quickly and close it before the city is overrun!" "Your heroism was the only thing standing between the Daedra and dozens...nay, hundreds of innocent lives. We all owe you a debt."

Retired QuestsEdit

The following quests were previously available, but have been removed from the game.

  Moons of Elsweyr Introductory QuestlineEdit

Quest Name Quest Giver Objective Reward Opening Dialogue Closing Dialogue Notes
Sabotage in Elsweyr Razum-Dar Pilfer 20 Times. 1 Moons of Elsweyr pack "Ah, you are a new visitor to Elsweyr, yes? You have most fortuitous timing. This one needs some...clandestine help. A bit of sabotage, and no questions asked. No trouble for one such as you, I hope?" "Excellent work. Here is your reward. Razum-dar will be in touch soon with another 'errand' for you." This quest appeared upon login for the first time after the release of Moons of Elsweyr.
Necromancy in Elsweyr Razum-Dar Consume 20 Creatures. 1 Moons of Elsweyr pack "We need to investigate necromantic activity in Elsweyr. However, necromancers make this one's fur stand on end. So, you'll have to meet them for me. No, no, Razum-Dar insists." "Dark moons, the situation is worse than Razum-Dar thought. But you've come through again. Here's another reward, and you'll recieve [sic] another task in due time." Given after "Sabotage in Elsweyr" is completed.
Moon Phases in Elsweyr Razum-Dar Summon 50 creatures Waxed or Waned. Moon Gate card back "The phases of the moons are important to the Khajiit. They hold much secret power. If you can unlock it, you'll share it with your good friend Razum-Dar, no?" "My friend, you've done great work. This one thanks you most profusely. May the bright moons of Elsweyr light your path." Given after "Necromancy in Elsweyr" is completed.


Quest Name Quest Giver Objective Reward Opening Dialogue Closing Dialogue Notes
Prove Your Might Rogthun Win 1 game in Play Mode. 40   "Think you can handle a real fight, recruit? We've had some reports of bandits in the hills. Go kill a few for us. "I must admit you know how to fight! I'll keep you in mind the next time we have a contract." Previously given after "Blood in the Hills" was completed to introduce Play mode.
Thieves Guild Material Swims-at-Night Win 3 games:   40   "You'll want help from the Thieves Guild to sneak through Cyrodiil. Think you're agile enough to join?" "You might be guild material. Talk to a beggar named Bor. Tell him Swims-at-Night sent you." Previously awarded after finishing the quest Swims-at-Night in The Forgotten Hero
Welcome to Skyrim Jarl Balgruuf Attack your opponent 30 times. 3 Heroes of Skyrim card packs "You've come at a dark time, stranger. Skyrim is beset by war, monsters, and fearsome dragons. Will you help defend our home?" "You've proven yourself a worthy ally. Take these gifts, and know that you shall always find shelter in Whiterun." This quest appeared for the release of Heroes of Skyrim, and was meant to only be given upon logging in for the first time after the expansion's release (though a bug initially made it appear every day).


  • The Elder Scrolls: Legends Asia had a different Daily Quest system which would reward players with points for completion. Hero Points would be awarded for certain quests and would contribute towards your progress through a seasonal Hero Pass. Special New Year's Quests could be completed to obtain New Year points during the game's Chinese New Year event, which contributed towards event rewards including an exclusive card back.