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Rigurt the Brash
Home Settlement Mournhold
Morkul StrongholdOrsinium
The StitchesElsweyr
Location Scarp KeepOrsinium
Alinor Royal PalaceSummerset
Baandari BazaarElsweyr
Player HousingCrown Store
Race Nord Gender Male
Health 39,959
15,000 (Meeting with the people needing favors/Meeting with Courtier Vindilween)Summerset
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact
Rigurt the Brash

Rigurt the Brash is a Nord "diplomat" and part of the Glorious Expedition for Nord Cultural Exchange, a group of Nords acting as cultural ambassadors to other nations on behalf of the Ebonheart Pact.

He is a recurring character and can be found in the base game as well as several of the DLCs and Chapters. He can first be found in the city of Mournhold, north of the City Center. He is later found in Windhelm, where he is tasked with meeting the Dunmer ambassadors arriving for the Konunleikar celebrations.

He can also be encountered at the Morkul Stronghold docks in Wrothgar, where he acts as the Nord ambassador to the Orcs, and will later appear in Scarp Keep after the funeral of King Kurog.

Rigurt can additionally be found in Alinor on Summerset, where he has been sent to best utilize his "inaptitudes" and negotiate peace with the Aldmeri Dominion. As well as this, Rigurt makes an appearance in Northern Elsweyr, Western Skyrim and High Isle.

He was also available for purchase as a Houseguest in the Crown Store for 2,500 Crowns starting September 1, 2022.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Ebonheart PactEdit

Cultural ExchangeEdit

"Envoy Rigurt, I regret to inform you that you'll need to wait a few more days."

You will find Rigurt outside Mournhold's City Center with three other Nord Envoys. Like everyone else entering Mournhold, Rigurt and his group have been forced to wait for a meeting with the city registrar. You will witness him being informed that he has to wait a few more days. He has grown impatient and will ask for your help. Approaching him:

"I know you want to help the Nord Cultural Exchange."

Speaking to him about his diplomatic mission:

"Hail! I am Rigurt the Brash. I lead our Glorious Expedition for Nord Cultural Exchange to the Dark Elves.
Excuse please, Dunmer. The proper term for puny ones is Dunmer. Small, I mean. Not puny."
Um, what?
"Must remember, talk slower and louder. Let me start over.
I am Rigurt! We're brand-new diplomats, here to learn about Dark Elf way of life and spread word about our glorious Nord culture. Such knowledging will strengthen our alliance!"
I see. How's that going?
"Badly! The registrar makes us wait by this giant smelly toadstool while our gifts of culture, art, and religion gather dust.
How about you take these gifts for us? Trade them for Dark Elf stuff. We need books, clothes, and relics."
Sure, why not.

You can then ask him more questions about the gifts.

"Thank you for helping our Glorious Expedition for Nord Cultural Exchange.
Hopefully, the registrar will call soon. In the meantime, I have leads on where you can take items for trade."
I'm all ears.
"Ha! Good joke! Rigurt can't wait to use it on the Dark Elf ambassador.
Now, which glorious item can I tell you about?"
Where should I take these clothes? / What about these clothes?
"Dark Elf dress is so fancy! I heard of tailor in Mournhold's crafting district named Iirila Maleran.
Give her our gift of Nord traditional garb. She'll be so impressed, she'll give us nice Dunmer clothes in return."
Where should I take this book? / What about this book?
"The little gray-skins mentioned a place with a great library. Shad Astula.
They're sure to appreciate our book. Maybe trade for a book on Dark Elf culture and customs. That would be most excellent!"
Where should I take this mummified goat's heart? / What about this heart thing?
"That is a top-notch cultural relic—a Heart of the Wild!
Take it to the monastery called Muth Gnaar. Give it to monks as offering, but make sure to get a good Dark Elf relic in return."
I see.
"Thanks! And remember to speak loudly—you're a Deputy Envoy of Nord Culture now!"

Return to him after making the exchanges and he'll say:

"Welcome back, Deputy Envoy! Did you have luck making our cultural exchanges? We're still waiting to hear from the damn registrar."
I've made all of the exchanges.
"My eyes are round with wonderment! Look what you have brought us. We accept these fantastic gifts.
We now show our respect for the excellent Dunmer culture. Wait a moment while we change into this stylish Dunmer garb."

Rigurt and his men will don the colorful garb you received from Iirila Maleran, though this doesn't improve his chances of getting past the registrar:

Rigurt the Brash: "All right, lads—time to don our fancy new Elf clothes!"
Registrar Seleth: "Envoy Rigurt, I regret to inform you that you'll need to wait a few more days."

Rigurt and his troupe will walk off with the registrar on their heels:

Rigurt the Brash: "Trolls take you, registrar! Bah! We go home now."
Registrar Seleth: "No! Wait, you can't leave. It's highly irregular—think of the paperwork!"

Party PlanningEdit

Rigurt at the end of the quest

When you approach him near the entrance of Windhelm:

"It is time to party hearty!"

If you haven't met Rigurt before:

"Who knew party planning could be so much work! It's enough to drive Rigurt to drink. If only the mead had arrived."

Otherwise if you have helped him before, he will enlist you to help out with some errands while he's planning a party in the city:

"Hello friend! How long has it been? You remember Rigurt the Brash, leader of the Glorious Expedition for Nord Cultural Exchange?
It is good to see you again. You are just in time to help."
What can I do to help?
"I returned triumphantly from glorious mission to Dark Elf lands and Thane Mera put me in charge of Skald-King's big party
"You like a good party," she says. "Of course!" I say. "No one parties like Rigurt!" Turns out whole thing is mammoth dung."
What do you mean?
"The pickled fish from Lower Yorgrim and the mead from Voljar's have not yet arrived. Worse, my Dark Elf assistant never returned with my fancy Dunmer clothing from Mournhold.
Everything goes wrong, and I am stuck here doing organizing things."
I can check on things for you.

You can ask him further questions about what needs to be gathered:

"You do a great service for Rigurt. Rigurt knew he could count on you!"
I have a few questions.
"Ask anything, friend!"
Where can I find the pickled fish?
"Ah, pickled fish....Sorry! You make Rigurt's mouth water.
We placed the order for stinky fish with fishermonger in Lower Yorgrim. Cross the bridge south of here and follow the shore east to the village."
Where can I find the mead?
"Finest mead in all of Skyrim comes from Voljar's Meadery.
Go out the gate and cross the bridge. Then follow the road west along the river to get there."
Where can I find your Dark Elf clothes?
"I sent my worthless assistant to retrieve fancy Dunmer garb from my vault at the bank. It's in the north part of the city. You can't be too careful with your fancy pants, right?
Anyway, he never came back. Go look there for tiny little Dark Elf man."

Returning with all three items:

"Welcome back, my most excellent friend! How goes the hunt?"
I picked up the mead and the fish, and I found your cultural garb.
"Excellent! And just in time too.
We must welcome most important foreign dignitaries to Windhelm. Here. A set of cultural garb just for you. Please put these on."

He changes into the garish clothes and ruins off.

Rigurt the Brash: "I am ready to receive ambassadors in style! Ladies can't resist cultural garb! Get dressed and meet me by the docks."

At the docks, if you are not wearing the cultural garb, he will tell you to put it on:

"Hello my excellent friend. Thank you for joining me on this auspicious occasion!"
Have you been drinking?
"Drinking? Why would you say that?
Now put on the cultural garb! We must look dignified!"

If you decide to wear the cultural garb, the delegates will arrive:

"Excellent! You are here. And you are all fancy! All cultural and everything."
Are you drunk?
"What? No! Of course not. Well, maybe a little. The mead you brought looked so good. I took a teeny swig to calm my nerves. I can't help it if the bottle was so small.
Being master of ceremonies is hard work. I bet King Jorunn drinks plenty!"
Should you postpone this meeting?
"Don't be silly! Here come the dignitaries.
Now look casual. And dignified!"
A classy welcome

Rigurt's meeting with the other ambassadors commences after your conversation. He will drunkenly welcome them and mistake their names:

Rigurt the Brash: "Welcome to the bustling city of Windhelm for King Jorunn's amazing Corn-un-licker celebration. We greet the ambassadors of the glorious Dark Elf and Argonian nations with stinky arms and open fish."
Rigurt the Brash: "Let Rigurt be the first to welcome … one moment please. Let me check my notes … Ambassador Flies-of-Steel and Ambassador Normal! Ha!"
General Yeveth Noramil: "How amusing! King Jorunn sent his court jester to receive us. Bravo! Bravo I say!"
Eyes-Of-Steel: "What an … interesting form of greeting. I may never truly learn to understand the dry skins. Perhaps we should head to the inn, Yeveth?"
General Yeveth Noramil: "Yes. Cracking suggestion. Perhaps they'll have something other than … what's that awful Nord beverage … ah, yes. Mead."

Speaking to Rigurt to end the quest:

"That went amazingly well. I think."
I'm not so sure.
"Nonsense. You worry too much, my friend. This is going to be the best Corn-loon-licker ever!
Now please take this. It's a gift for all your hard work. Rigurt insists!"

After the quest, he says:

"Thank you again, friend. But good-bye now. Rigurt has much to do, much to do."

Some time after the quest, he will return back to his original spot in Windhelm and will be sober:

"Did you know? It's pronounced Con-un-leekar, not Corn-loon-licker. I feel so silly now!"


Cultural AffectionsEdit

Rigurt can be found at the docks of the Morkul Stronghold.

"Most excellent to be seeing you again, my bestest friend! It is I, Rigurt the Brash! But you can call me "Ambassador" now.
The Ebonheart Pact sent me to extend a branch of peace to glorious, brave, and beautiful Orcish peoples!"

Or if you haven't met him before:

"Most excellent greetings! I am Rigurt. They call me "the Brash," but you can call me "Ambassador!"
The Ebonheart Pact sent me to extend a piece of branch — no, wait — a branch of peace to glorious, brave, and beautiful Orcish peoples!"
That's an eloquent way to describe Orcs.
"Oh, friend, you see to the depths of Rigurt's heart, riddled as it is to overflowing with Frela's pointy arrows of affection!
If only Rigurt knew how to express such feelings to the lovely Ambassador Lazdutha!"
Is there something I can do to help?
"Really? You would help? You are too kind!
The ambassador's aide, Rulfala, said I need to collect delicious Orcish delicacies, but I can't leave the clanhold! If you could find these things, I can prepare a romantic meal and win Lazdutha's love."
I'll find what you need.

You can start immediately, or continue talking to your honest friend for more information.

"Trade these Nord delicacies for the finest ale and cheese in Wrothgar. Rigurt and his jade princess will feast until we are too full to escape our love!
And find out what poems or perfumes are used in Orc wooing rituals. Rigurt might need the help."
I have some questions about the items you asked me to find.
"Oh, Rigurt has no idea! All these Orc customs are strange and confusing to my Nordic nature.
Maybe the ambassador's aide, Rulfala, can help. After all, she was the one who explained all about Orc courting rituals to me. She's very knowledgable!"
Why are you meeting the ambassador in Morkul instead of Orsinium?
"Because this is where Ambassador Lazdutha meets with all the important foreign dignitaries! Something to do with her chambers in Orsinium still being under construction.
Besides, this is where Rigurt's boat is docked, which makes it very convenient."
Tell me more about Ambassador Lazdutha.
"Ambassador Lazdutha? She is the apple in my tart and the rabbit in my meatball! She captured Rigurt's heart the moment I stepped into her presence.
With your help, Lazdutha will be as smitten with me as I am with her!"

If you're an orc, you can also reply:

I'm an orc and I never heard of any courting rituals.
"Oh, it must be peculiar to Wrothgar Orcs. Or maybe Orcs of the Morkul Clanhold? Rigurt isn't sure, but I am looking forward to finding out how it works.
Perhaps the courting rituals can help you, too, once we know more about them."
Rigurt tries to win over Lazdutha's heart

Once you have all four items, head back to Rigurt and Rulfala, who will both be very excited to see you.

"My friend! Welcome back!
But tell me, were you able to acquire the ingredients for my evening of Orcish romance?"
I collected all of the items you asked for.
"That is most excellent news! Rigurt's heart dances like the patrons in the fire pit of the Flaming Netch!
How did everyone like my Nordic gifts? Were they excited beyond all thought and reason?"
They seemed happy, except for Lum. For some reason, the mead was full of bees.
"Really? That indicates that everything will turn out well. It must have been a queen bee they put into the mead!
But Ambassador Lazdutha will be here any moment! She said she had documents for me to sign. Quick! Give Rigurt the items of love!"
Here you go.
"Woolly crab cheese, special ale, an Orcish love poem! Even a stinky Orc perfume! My gratitude and wonderment know no bounds!
And here comes Lazdutha, my sweet emerald coquette! Hurry my good friend, you must hide!"

Lazdutha approaches and addresses the ambassador:

Lazdutha: "Ambassador Rigurt, I have those documents. Is this a good time?"
Rigurt the Brash: "Ah, my sweet Lazdutha! Rigurt has gifts for you, ripe with Orcish affection!"
Lazdutha: "Ambassador Rigurt, this is highly inappropriate! Wait, is that echatere cheese I smell?"

Rigurt then begins to recite the love poem:

Rigurt the Brash: ""My sweet, my blade, my lady love. Your pommel fits my hand like an armored glove!""
Rigurt the Brash: ""I promise to never let our attraction dull, even when we've crushed his … skull?""

Lazdutha is clearly disgusted:

Lazdutha: "Ambassador Rigurt! I can't abide such behavior!"
Rigurt the Brash: "But … but … my jade goddess … I don't understand …."

However all is not lost for Rulfala shows her true affections:

Rulfala: "Oh, Rigurt, pay no attention to Lazdutha! You've won my heart with your gifts of affection!"
Rigurt the Brash: "Rulfala? This is most confusing. Rigurt had no idea you had such feelings."
Rulfala: "How could I not? After all, you completed the ancient marriage proposal. We're engaged now!"
Rigurt the Brash: "Rigurt never expected—wait. What?"

The two walk down the pier and fade into the distance.


Culture ClashEdit

Rigurt in Alinor

If you speak to him for the first time in Alinor, he'll greet you with:

"Most sincere salutations, newfound friend! I am Rigurt the Brash, ambassador-at-large for the exceedingly excellent Nord Cultural Exchange!
I fear my mission to this beautiful island of snooty Elves has ended before it has even begun."

If you have met him previously, he will greet you with:

"Most excellent to be seeing you again, my bestest friend! It is me, Rigurt! The Ebonheart Pact sent me to extend a branch of peace to snooty, rude, and very tall High Elf peoples!
Unfortunately, my mission has ended before it has even begun."
What mission are you talking about?
"The glorious Pact sent Rigurt to bargain with Queen Ayrenn. To use my considerable charms to woo High Elves to talk of peace and an end to the Three Banners War. I even brought gifts to bestow upon the pretty Queen.
But Rigurt has failed. Again."
How did you fail?
"These tall, skinny Elves, they have so many rules! Did you know Queen Ayrenn isn't even on Summerset? And to get an audience with her Proxy Queen requires some sort of proper introduction.
Vindilween won't let me set foot in the palace without one."
I'll help you figure this out.

Agreeing to help him will start his quest, Culture Clash, and cause him to say:

"You would help Rigurt? That makes my heart dance like young ones at a Mara's Day ball!
Speak to Courtier Vindilween and find out how we get one of these proper High Elf introductions. Remember, I brought gifts! That's sure to open a few doors."
Tell me more about why you were sent to Summerset?
"Rigurt is the bestest ambassador in all of Skyrim! Sometimes I think the Nord Cultural Exchange was created just to take advantage of my talents and inaptitudes. I think that was the word the Thane used.
Anyway, Rigurt has come to end the war!"
Tell me more about the war you're trying to end.
"The Three Banners War. Terrible business. I was drinking at the Skald King's court when I mentioned how silly it was to fight over an empty throne. Next morning, they put me on a boat and sent me here.
Rigurt always gets the most important missions."
You really think you can get Queen Ayrenn to sign a peace treaty?
"If we can get an audience with her or her Proxy Queen, I will certainly try. An ongoing war with no end in sight can't be good for either side. Plus, Rigurt can be very persuasive. Especially when I bring gifts!"
Why can't you talk to the Proxy Queen?
"Rigurt has no idea. Vindilween kept talking about laws and rules and customs. Said a simple Nord like me would never understand.
But with you to help navigate these cultural conundrums, Rigurt will be having tea with the Proxy Queen in no time!"
Tell me more about Courtier Vindilween.
"What's to tell? Vindilween's a self-important royal lackey who thinks her armpits smell like fresh linen. If the snooty High Elves have ministers of culture, then Vindilween is definitely their king.
Go talk to her and see for yourself."
Tell me about the gifts you brought with you.
"Oh, such treasures I brought! Gifts that any Nord would kill for—and many have!
I brought wonderments from the vaults of Windhelm! A Depressing Stuffed Goat, Dibella's Bosom Night Favor, and Essence of Mammoth!"
Tell me about the Depressing Stuffed Goat.
"An excellent treasure! This was King Jorunn's prized pet, Baadir, known for her bravery. She once faced down a horde of rampaging Orcs!
The Skald King stuffed and mounted her for display, but found it too depressing to keep on the mantle."
Tell me about Dibella's Bosom Night Favor.
"Something every virile man and woman can appreciate. This bust of Dibella, god of beauty and erotic instruction, holds a place of honor in many Nord bedchambers.
Its presence makes nightly activities more … invigorating. Ayrenn will love it!"
Tell me about Essence of Mammoth.
"Oh, this one is popular with maidens and matrons who can afford it. The alchemists of Windhelm crafted this expensive fragrance for use on special occasions. Who wouldn't want to smell like wet mammoth on a warm spring day?"

For each of the three tasks, the dialogue options will be limited for the later tasks as you give gifts to previous ones.

Sapiarch TandemenEdit

After gathering Sapiarch Tandemen's items, you'll find Rigurt seated next to the Sapiarch outside the bank building.

"Courtier Vindilween was kind enough to tell me who she sent you to perform favors for. I've been sitting here, drinking and having a most pleasant conversation with Sapiarch Tandemen.
Were you able to acquire the items of cultural significance he requested?"
Yes, I acquired items from the Khajiit, Breton, and Argonian just as he asked.
"You did? That is most excellent, my good friend! But Rigurt has an even better idea! We should also give the Sapiarch one of my gifts. Nothing says culture like a Nord keepsake!
But which one do you think he would like best?"
Maybe the Sapiarch would appreciate your Depressing Stuffed Goat.
"Hmm. While the stuffed goat has sentimental value, it doesn't quite strike me as the perfect Nord cultural gift for the Sapiarch.
Perhaps you can make another suggestion, my friend."
I think Dibella's Bosom Night Favor would make the perfect gift for the Sapiarch.
"Interesting. The Night Favor depicts a beloved Nord god, it is solid and will last forever, and it might help the Sapiarch if he ever finds a sweet onion. And by sweet onion, Rigurt means a lover.
A perfect choice!"
Let's give the Night Favor and the other cultural items to the Sapiarch.
Essence of Mammoth might be exactly the right gift for the Sapiarch.
"Hmm. I think the Sapiarch would like an item with more permanence. Unless he has a sweet onion. Sweet onions love perfume! And by sweet onion, I mean a lover.
No, the Sapiarch doesn't strike me as someone who would appreciate perfume. Try again."

Once you've decided to give the Night Favor to the Sapiarch, Rigurt will turn to the elf and make his offer:

Rigurt the Brash: "Friend Sapiarch! Here are the cultural items you asked for, along with a gift from Rigurt—a Nord Night Favor!"
Sapiarch Tandemen: "That's everything I wanted, plus an arousing example of Nord erotica. Thank you!"
Sapiarch Tandemen: "Here's the official letter of recommendation you requested."

If you speak to Rigurt again before going to the next target, he'll say:

"Who knew getting an introduction would be so complicated? You perform the favors and Rigurt will wait for you to return.
You are a good friend to Rigurt. We will drink mead and sing songs of battle when this is done!"

In fact, this will be his response to the conclusion to the first two giftings you do.

Justiciar RolumdelEdit

Once you've collected the items for Justiciar Rolumdel, you'll find him next to the Prosecutor outside the Fighters Guild in Lillandril:

"Vindilween told me where she sent you. I've been having the most interesting conversation with this Divine Prosecution person here. Did you know the Tall Elves have at least three rules for every possibility?
Oh, did you find the stolen goods?"
I recovered the items stolen from Alinor Palace for Justiciar Rolumdel.
"Rigurt is so happy he could kiss you! The last time I did that, though, Thane Mera punched me in the nose, so ….
I know! Let's give the good Justiciar one of my Nord keepsakes! Which one do you think he'd like best?"
I think the Depressing Stuffed Goat would make the perfect gift for Justiciar Rolumdel.
"Interesting. The Stuffed Goat represents stoic bravery and she never breaks any rules. How could she? She's dead! Anyway, she stands for all the same things as the Divine Prosecution.
Yes, I think that's the perfect gift to give to the Justiciar!"
Let's give the Stuffed Goat and the recovered items to Justiciar Rolumdel.
Essence of Mammoth might be exactly the right gift for Justiciar Rolumdel.
"Hmm. The Justiciar doesn't seem the type to care about how he smells. Essence of Mammoth would be wasted on him.
Perhaps you could make another suggestion, my friend."
Dibella's Bosom Night Favor?

Once you've decided to give the Stuffed Goat to the Justiciar, Rigurt will turn to him and present his gift:

Rigurt the Brash: "The Nord Cultural Exchange proudly returns the Queen's stolen items! And this Stuffed Goat. It's a Nord treasure!"
Justiciar Rolumdel: "Remarkable work! I'll grant you that writ of authenticity now."
Justiciar Rolumdel: "A word of advice. If Vindilween refuses to help, remind her that the Divine Prosecution might remember the incident at the Battlereeve's dinner party."

Once you arrive in Rellenthil, you'll find him standing next to Enigma outside the Rellenthil Bathhouse.

"Courtier Vindilween told me who she sent you to talk to, and Rigurt always wanted to meet a famous High Elf thespian!
Lady Enigma, greetings and sanitations from the Nord Cultural Exchange."
Enigma needs help preparing for her role as the Nord battle maiden, Hildegrom.
"Hildegrom? She's my favorite hero! I'm sure that one of my Nord gifts will inspire Enigma and help her find the voice of the battle maiden.
But which one do you think will make her feel like a proper Nord?"
Maybe Enigma would find inspiration in your Depressing Stuffed Goat.
"I don't know. If Enigma were performing a tragedy, I could see how the Depressing Stuffed Goat could help. But the tale of Hildegrom is a rousing adventure with a hint of bawdy innuendo.
Perhaps you can make another suggestion, my friend."
Dibella's Bosom Night Favor might help spark Enigma's acting muse.
"Hmm. Dibella's Bosom Night Favor would certainly inspire the bawdy aspects of the battle maiden's story, but it won't help Enigma come to grips with her brave and heroic nature.
Try to pick a more appropriate gift, my friend."
I think Essence of Mammoth would be perfect for inspiring Enigma's performance.
"Essence of Mammoth! Of course! Not only will it make Enigma smell like a proper Nord battle maiden, it will also make her irresistible to bull mammoths, snow bears, and half-drunk Nords.
It's the perfect choice!"
Let's give the Essence of Mammoth to Enigma. She'll love it!

Once you've decided to give Enigma the Essence of Mammoth, Rigurt will assist her in her performance:

Rigurt the Brash: "Rigurt has just the thing to make Enigma feel like a Nord. Essence of Mammoth!"
Enigma: "What a powerful odor! It reminds me of mammoths charging across fields of ice and snow!"
Rigurt the Brash: "You smell like a proper Nord battle maiden now!"
Enigma: "The stench! It makes me woozy but also fills me with Nord bravado. How inspiring!"
Enigma: ""Milk drinker!' That's it! That's the voice! You've earned these tickets, Ambassador Rigurt!"

After gathering all three of Vindilween's prerequisites, Rigurt will say:

"Now that we have the writ of authenticity, the letter of recommendation, and the tickets to Enigma's performance, we should return to Courtier Vindilween so I can get my audience with the Proxy Queen."
Courtier VindilweenEdit

He'll next be found in the Council Chamber in the palace in Alinor, where he'll overhear your brush-off by Vindilween:

"Rigurt is so disappointed! How can I negotiate peace if I can't even get an audience with the High Elf Proxy Queen? What a terrible predicament this has turned out to be!
Do you have any brilliant ideas, my friend?"
You could threaten her with the information Justiciar Rolumdel provided. That might work.
"Of course! Threaten the snooty High Elf with a scandal! High Elves hate scandals, snooty or otherwise. Watch how Rigurt negotiates a difficult situation.
No, better idea. You do it! That way Rigurt gets to be the good Nord. More believable that way."

Speaking to him again before returning to Courtier Vindilween:

"Go ahead. Tell Courtier Vindilween we know about the dinner party. That should get a meeting with the Proxy Queen faster than a torchbug diving for the spilled mead!"

Perform the task and return to him:

"What happened? Did the threatening words do the trick or is Rigurt in even more trouble with the snooty High Elves now?"
It worked. Courtier Vindilween has agreed to grant you an immediate audience with the Proxy Queen.
"She did? I mean, of course she did! Rigurt had every confidence in you!
Thank you, my friend. Take this with the gratitude of the Nord Cultural Exchange. I think you'll like it better than that stinky Essence of Mammoth that I saw you ogling."
Proxy Queen AlwinarweEdit

After completing the quest, Proxy Queen Alwinarwe will enter:

Courtier Vindilween: "Proxy Queen Alwinarwe, may I present the Nord ambassador, Rigurt the Brash."
Rigurt the Brash: "Pleased to be seeing your beautiful face, your majesty! Sign the treaty and we can break for dinner, unless you want to be negotiating first."
Proxy Queen Alwinarwe: "Let's not get ahead of ourselves, ambassador. I'll listen to what you have to say and we'll see where the evening takes us."
Rigurt the Brash: "As long as the evening includes lots of mead, that sounds fine to me!"
Proxy Queen Alwinarwe: "Ambassador, I find your Nordish inclinations to be most ... refreshing."
Rigurt the Brash: "Oh, Rigurt has plenty of inclinations, your majesty!"
Proxy Queen Alwinarwe: "We look forward to finding out all about your inclinations, Ambassador Rigurt. Come along. The Royal Chef makes a rabbit meatball pie that you'll absolutely devour."


Cross-cultural ConfusionEdit

Rigurt in Rimmen

Rigurt can be found browsing through Nakiri's spice stall in the Rimmen Bazaar. As you approach you can hear him exclaim, "Shor's Bones! Rigurt knew he should have brought more mead."

"Hello! Rigurt was just asking this merchant which mound of colored powder he should eat first. Rigurt says red. Merchant says please go away. We find ourselves as stale mates.
But Rigurt has bigger problems than what to eat for lunch."

He will recognize you if you have met before and will be pleased if you offer your assistance.

"Rigurt's favorite diplomatic assistant! How have you been? Rigurt has been busy bringing cultures together like a delicious stew made of strangers.
Now Rigurt could use your help. After our past success, it would be good to work with you again."
What's wrong?
"As soon as Rigurt returned home from successful diplomatic endeavoring, the Skald-King sent him to Elsweyr with gifts for the cats. Rigurt is always given the most important, most far away missions.
Problem is, Rigurt lost the gifts."
How did you lose them?
"So many ways! First, a courier brought Rigurt's package to Riverhold instead of Rimmen. Then, as our ship was boarding, a werebear attacked and stole honey needed for my special sweetbread. Last and not least, Rigurt's famous minstrels are missing!"
I'll help you recover your missing gifts.
"Thank you, friend! Retrieve Rigurt's package from Thadarra in Riverhold Marketplace, and meet me after in the Stitches. Rigurt's diplomacy waits for no man! Or woman! Or cat!
But be careful. Sweaty threats fill Elsweyr's deserts."
What's in the missing package?
"The finest coats in all of Skyrim! A gift for Canonreeve Juz-do to make peace between the Nords and Khajiit. Rigurt would already have them if his courier wasn't completely incontinent.
The package was delivered to Thadarra in Riverhold Marketplace."
I'll retrieve the package, but what about your stolen honey?
"It's impossible to find Windhelm-worthy honey in Elsweyr, but this cat merchant says honey flowers from Merryvale Moon-Sugar Farms will work for baking sweetbread.
Rigurt's cooking is sure to make peace between the Nords and Khajiit."
I'll gather honey flowers, but what about the missing minstrels?
"Rigurt hired Skyrim's best band, the Screaming Mammoths, to play for Lady Izza. She has great influence with the cats, so Rigurt needs to gain her favors to clinch peace between our peoples.
Last Rigurt heard, the band was at Valenwood Gate."
Got it. I'll get the package, pick honey flowers, and search for the minstrels.
What have you been doing since the last time I saw you? (Appears if you have previously met)
"The Skald-King charged Rigurt with handling all matters that are out of his sight, so Rigurt has been very busy, friend.
It's difficult work, and it doesn't leave enough time for drinking too much mead, but Rigurt wouldn't have it any other way."
The StitchesEdit

After you have recovered his package, he will be waiting for you in the Stitches.

"My helpful friend! Rigurt is pleased to see you returned from the desert with your limbs intact. Did you find the misplaced package in Riverhold?"
Yes, but I had to reimburse Thadarra for the delivery fee.
"Ah! Rigurt forgot about the fee! You will find this shocking, but Rigurt forgets many things. Especially on the days he drinks mead. Which is all of the days.
Don't be worried. Rigurt will pay you back as soon as we finish this diplomatic mission."
Here's your package. I'll get the honey flowers next.
Rigurt presents his package to Canonreeve Juz-do

He will then approach Lord Juz-do of Albaster with his gift. It will not go well.

Rigurt the Brash: "Canonreeve Juz-do of Alabaster, I am Rigurt of Windhelm! On behalf of the Skald-King, I present you with a gift of peace from the Nords to bring our cultures closer!"
Lord Juz-do: "Is your gift rancid cabbage? Because it smells like rancid cabbage."
Rigurt the Brash: "Not at all! Rigurt brought our finest snowy sabre cat coats! Although, they may have been stored near cabbage. And the cabbage may have gone bad."
Lord Juz-do: "Your gift is clothes made from slaughtered cats? This isn't a peace offering, it is a war crime!"
Rigurt the Brash: "These are the finest coats in all of Windhelm. Who wouldn't want to be wrapped in our warm and luscious … cat skins?"
Lord Juz-do: "Tell your Skald-King that if he wants our war to continue, Queen Ayrenn will be happy to oblige."

Juz-do will then stalk away.

Rigurt the Brash: "Rigurt's message will be heard by Queen Ayrenn, leader of the Aldmeri Dominion? Rigurt feels so important!"

If you speak with him, Rigurt will be optimistic.

"Things are looking upward, friend. Gather honey flowers from Merryvale Moon-Sugar Farms for Rigurt's sweetbread, and there will be peace between the Khajiit and Nords in no time!"
Merryvale FarmsEdit

After you have gathered the Honey Flowers from the nearby farm, Rigurt will be waiting for you by one of the buildings on the south side of the farms. He will be busy mixing the sweetbread dough.

"Ah! You must have been drawn by the scent of my rising dough. And don't be shy about staring at Rigurt's muscles as he stirs.
Did you bring the honey flowers? If there's one thing Rigurt knows about the cats, they love their sweets."
I brought honey flowers, but aren't you supposed to add them in the beginning?
"Nonsense. Rigurt's belly doesn't care if mead or meat is swallowed first, so why should a mixing bowl be any different? Rigurt has gone far in life by treating every situation like he treats his belly.
Give Rigurt the flowers and he will add them."
If you say so. Is there anything else I can do?
"I saw Asaldak, the famous Khajiit sweetmaker, by the Merryvale Farms fountain!
Ask him to try my sweetbread. His endorsement will change the Khajiiti belief that Nords only eat frozen potatoes and inspire a pastry-based esteem between our cultures."
I'll find Asaldak, and invite him to your tasting.

Once you have convinced Asaldak to try Rigurt's food, you can return to the masterchef himself.

"Rigurt's sweetbread turned out better than expected! It's perfectly brown and tough enough to break a mammoth tooth!"
Should sweetbread be tough?
"Everything should be tough! Our teeth can't grow stronger if we don't challenge them with unyielding treats. When Rigurt was a baby his mother had him suck on rocks to comfort his sore gums. Now his bite is strong enough to snap a bristleback's tusk!"
Well, Asaldak is on his way. I'll search for the Screaming Mammoths in Valenwood Gate next.
Asaldak assessing Rigurt's food

Asaldak will arrive on time to try Rigurt's Nord pastry goods.

Rigurt the Brash: "It's an honor to meet you, Asaldak. On behalf of Jorunn Skald-King, please enjoy Windhelm's famous sweetbread!"
<Asaldak looks at the loaf.>
Asaldak: "Did you bring the bread with you from Skyrim? It's hard as a rock."
Rigurt the Brash: "Harder than a rock! Rigurt made some improvisations to the original recipe."
Asaldak: "Hmm, it doesn't smell too wretched. Asaldak will attempt to take a bite without breaking a tooth."
<Asaldak takes a bite of the sweetbread.>
Rigurt the Brash: "What do you think? Impressive? Delicious? Ferocious?"
Asaldak: "Atrocious! Why is it filled with flowers? Why are the flowers covered in dirt? Why are there insects in the dirt?"
Asaldak: "How did you make something so terrible?"
<Asaldak staggers away clutching his stomach.>

When you talk to him, Rigurt will be optimistic about the result.

"Did you hear that, friend? Asaldak wants to know Rigurt's recipe! ! I'm sure he'll return after he wins his digestive battle.
Find the Screaming Mammoths at Valenwood Gate so they can play for Lady Izza. We are finally on the verge of making peace."

After you learn that the Screaming Mammoths are unable to play due to eating too much moon sugar, you will have to bring the instruments to Rigurt in Rimmen. He will be with Lady Izza.

"Welcome back, friend! Rigurt found Lady Izza! She's not as talkative as the women in Windhelm, but she's quite classy. Rigurt is sure a Nord ballad will convince her to help make peace between the Nords and Khajiit.
Where are the Screaming Mammoths?"
They can't make it, but they let me borrow a lute and drum.
"The Screaming Mammoths let you touch their instruments? Rigurt tried to touch them after a performance in Niblheim, and his brain still aches from the pummeling! Definitely Rigurt's favorite head injury.
Why did they give you their instruments?"
They ate too much moon-sugar, and want us to play in their place.
"Rigurt can be an official Screaming Mammoth? He can play the instrument of legendary lutist, Frongeir Half-Giant? Did Rigurt drink a barrel of mead and find himself in a land made of dreams?
These are honest questions. Rigurt gets confused."
This is real. If you want the lute, I'll take the drum.
"Rigurt's mind explodes like the top of Mount Vvardenfell! Drinking mead with the Mammoths was one thing, but playing their instruments is beyond Rigurt's wildest imaginings!
We will play Lady Izza the best ballad Elsweyr has ever heard!"'
Sure, I'll grab the drum.
Rigurt playing the lute for a housecat

He will then proceed to play "Our Love is like a Troll Skull", a Nord Love Ballad, with you playing the drum as accompaniment.

Rigurt the Brash: "Oh, your eyes shine like glowing mushrooms in Gloomreach! And you're sturdy as a mountain goat's hoofed feet! We should meet to drink mead and eat wolf meat!"

The actual Lady Izza will then arrive.

Lady Izza: "Why are you singing to my house cat, Luna?"
Rigurt the Brash: "Lady Izza? Rigurt has a logical explanation! You have great influence with the Khajiit, so Rigurt wanted to impress you with a song. But first he had to practice. On your cat. Because is like a tiny you."
Lady Izza: "It's difficult to imagine anything sadder than a confused Nord clutching a lute."

If you talk to him, he will ask you to stall for time by talking to Lady Izza.

"Rigurt was surprised by the true Lady Izza, but thankfully he's known for thinking quick with his feets.
Keep her busy while Rigurt gathers his diplomatic thoughts."

After you have spoken with her, you can present Rigurt Lady Izza's diplomatic gift to him.

"Lady Izza is eager to use her influence to bring peace between the Nords and Khajiit, isn't she?
Nothing solves problems better than a traditional Nord love ballad. Except for mead."
Lady Izza awarded you with an honorary collar and bell.
"A collar and bell made to fit Rigurt's rippling neck? Rigurt will jingle it with pride!
Please accept this gift, friend. Rigurt could not have made peace between the Nords and Khajiit without you."

After receiving his bell collar, Rigurt will play the lute in celebration:

Rigurt the Brash: "This song is dedicated to Rigurt's favorite diplomatic assistant! And Lady Izza! And that house cat! And increased peace between the Nords and Khajiit! Oh yeah, and mead!"
Lady Izza: "Lady Izza will do her best to make peace between the Nords and Khajiit, just so you can make your way back to Skyrim."

You can ask him a few questions while he strums along.

"Rigurt could not have completed his diplomatic mission without your help, friend. Rigurt is externally grateful and will return the lute and drum to the Screaming Mammoths so you can go about your business.
After Rigurt plays with them some more."
What will you do next, Rigurt?
"Rigurt will go wherever the winds of diplomacy take him, friend.
Rigurt refuses to rest until Tamriel's races are all sitting together peacefully, drinking mead, and singing songs about … mead, probably."

The Heir of AnequinaEdit

If you helped him out earlier, Rigurt will be one of the guests to Khamira's coronation.

"All hail the greatest diplomatic assistant in Tamriel!
Let us celebrate our accomplishments by drinking mead and exchanging friendly headbutts! Rigurt doesn't consider any mission complete until he can't remember most of what happened."
What will you do next, Rigurt?
"Rigurt will go wherever the winds of diplomacy take him, friend.
Rigurt refuses to rest until Tamriel's races are all sitting together peacefully, drinking mead, and singing songs about … mead, probably."

Western SkyrimEdit

Cultural ConciliationEdit

Rigurt on the side of the road in Western Skyrim

Rigurt can be found on the side of the road in the southwesten area of Western Skyrim, west of the Chilblain Peak Ritual Site. Behind him a guard will be carefully watching a cage containing Venki. As you approach, you might hear him ask himself, "Just think, current Rigurt! What would past Rigurt do?"

Talk to him to see what's wrong, he will recognize you if you have met previously:

Normal Greeting:
First Time Meeting:
"Bestest friend! Rigurt was just thinking about his past diplomatic successes with you! It helps distract from his current predicament.
Oh! But you can help Rigurt as you did before! You are his greatest assistant, after all."
"Hello, strange person! Rigurt was just thinking about his past diplomatic successes! It helps distract from his current predicament.
Oh! But you can help Rigurt with his problem, maybe!"
What's the problem?
"Skald-King sent Rigurt to Western Skyrim for an important mission: to talk to Thane Hraldi and Thane Svyne about a peace treaty with Windhelm.
Helping Rigurt meet them is Jarl Morryn of Whiterun, Skyrim's greatest diplomat! After Rigurt, of course."
So what's the problem?
"Rigurt is supposed to meet them soon, but there is something wrong with his aide. He is meaner and hungrier than usual. Rigurt cannot meet the thanes without an aide! He needs a new one who will not start things off on the wrong hoof! Can you help?"
I'll be your aide at this meeting.
"Oh, thank you, friend! Rigurt wouldn't want these thanes to think less of him for something so silly.
Meet Rigurt at Jarl Morryn's hunting lodge. There, we broker a great peace treaty between Eastern and Western Skyrim!"

Before you leave for the cabin, you can ask some questions:

Why are you here with the Jarl of Whiterun?
"Rigurt knows there is no love for the Skald-King or his domain here. But with the Three Banner's War, Rigurt must find allies and friends wherever he can.
Solitude has not received an envoy from Whiterun for ages. We needed another way."
And Jarl Morryn can help with that?
"There is no greater mediator in all of Skyrim! Besides Rigurt, of course.
Jarl Morryn is also distant kin to Western Skyrim's rulers. Her family's hunting lodge is here. She can come and go from the kingdom without raising concern."
Tell me more about your mission.
"Rigurt's mission is the same as always: to be the handsome, friendly face of Nord culture throughout all of Tamriel!
Rigurt is only sent on the most important assignments. This time, he must convince thanes to sign a peace treaty with Windhelm."
Normal Response:
Completed Daughter of the Wolf:
Why now?
"The Three Banners War drags on, and anyone that is not a friend to Windhelm may soon become an enemy.
Besides, it is no good to have neighbors you disagree with. Rigurt had a neighbor once, growing up. She swept away his favorite anthill! So sad."
But Skald-King Jorunn is in Solitude. Do you still need to do your mission?
"The Skald-King is in Solitude? Shor's bones, no one tells Rigurt anything!
Well. Rigurt has never failed a mission! He will do his best to see this one through, for the good of his people!"
Rigurt arrives at the cabin

When you arrive at Jarl Morryn's Cabin she will be talking to her aide Rinda Ice-Eyes:

Jarl Morryn: "I'm not to be disturbed … unless those two decide to play nice with each other and join me."
<Rigurt arrives.>
Rigurt the Brash: "Jarl Morryn! Rigurt has a new aide! We can talk with the thanes now!"
Jarl Morryn: "The talks aren't happening, Rigurt. Those fools refuse to set aside their inane feud. Gods, I need a drink."
<She heads inside her cabin and locks the door.>
Rigurt the Brash: "Let's talk, friend."

See what Rigurt wants to in response to this setback.

"Jarl Morryn wants Rigurt's help to get the thanes to put aside their silly feud so they can negotiate!
It's just like the Skald-King always says: you always find Rigurt at the heart of a problem! Because he is so good at fixing them!"
What are the thanes feuding about?
"Rigurt does not know! Every little thing rankles these western beard-pullers. "My cheese is too round! Mine is not round enough! Rigurt, get your hands out of the cheese!"
Still, Rigurt is sure we will solve their problem, whatever it is!"
Can you tell me more about the thanes themselves?
"Rigurt knows only what Jarl Morryn told him. Thane Hraldi likes to fish and keeps the old gods, the animal kinds. Thane Svyne likes to eat. And complain. Like thanes do in Eastmarch, but meaner.
Rigurt will need your help to get them to meet."
I'll help you resolve the feud between the thanes.

You can then ask a question or two before leaving to find the thanes:

"Thank you, friend! This makes Rigurt happier than a hairy skeever in the larder!
Ending this feud will be simple for us. Rigurt has overcome many trials that others said were hopeless. Like that time he fell in the latrine at Fort Amol!"
Should we ask Jarl Morryn for advice?

[verification needed — see talk page]

"Rigurt knows diplomacy is not the smoothest road, but this one was almost too bumpy, even for him!
Either way, Rigurt could not have done this without your help, friend."
[verification needed — see talk page]
Are you ready to discuss the treaty?
"Rigurt has this under control, friend! There is no need to bother Jarl Morryn. We will find the thanes, end their feud and begin the talks before she even finishes her mead!
Rigurt just hopes she saves a drink for him!"
Thane SvyneEdit
Rigurt cannot persuade Svyne

When you arrive at Svyne's camp, Rigurt will already be talking with the Thane:

Thane Svyne: "Sod off, iceheel. I'd let a giant bed me before I sat at a table with Thane Hraldi."
Rigurt the Brash: "Ha! That happened to Rigurt once! Friend, perhaps you can talk to the thane?"

Talking to Rigurt before the Thane:

"Rigurt's beard is going to go gray by the time he's done dealing with these thanes. Can you try talking sense into him? He makes Rigurt's head hurt."

After you have spoken with Thane Svyne, you'll learn that he swore that the next thing he'd eat would be a Nordic Feast and after a week of fasting, he is ravenously hungry. After hearing this, Rigurt will decide to cook a feast for him.

"Rigurt knew from the moment he saw Thane Svyne's belly, this is a Nord that acts with his gut, not his head! Rigurt is much the same, only he looks worse with his shirt off.
But if a Nordic feast will make Thane Svyne listen, then he'll get one!"
What are you thinking?
"Our portly friend wants a fine Nordic meal, yes? Then Rigurt will make him the mouth-wateriest Nordic roast boar that he's ever had!
And to assure success, Rigurt will elevate this dish with techniques he's learned from across Tamriel!"
You're sure you can do this?
"Friend, Rigurt spreads the joy of Nordic cuisine across all of Tamriel. He has also seen how other cultures fill their bellies! This will be easy.
All Rigurt needs is help getting ingredients!"
What ingredients do you need?

He will then give you a rundown of who to talk to. You can ask further questions about the ingredients:

"Rigurt's friend Farethor, a butcher from Greenshade, is wintering in Dragon Bridge. His meat is divine! And we can season it with Orcish howlwater. Rigurt knows Mahgrok, in Mor Khazgur, brews it.
While you get those, Rigurt will get the final item."
How do you know these people? / How did you know the people who have the ingredients?
"Have you forgotten that Rigurt is Windhelm's most accomplished cultural ambassador? He makes friends everywhere, and learns as much as possible about each place he visits!
Especially when it concerns their food and beverages!"
What's Orcish howlwater?
"Rigurt … doesn't exactly remember? It's strong stuff, prized by the clans of Wrothgar. It's sure to make a wonderful ingredient, friend!"
What's so special about Farethor's meat?
"Rigurt samples meats from all across Tamriel. Some squirmed! Some barked! Some fought! But it was in Greenshade that Rigurt ate the finest cuts.
I don't know what kind of animal it came from, but Farethor said it honored the Pact!"

When you have procured the ingredients, you can return to the camp where Rigurt will be waiting for you:

"Friend! You are just in time! Rigurt is almost out of Nord warrior jokes. He told his favorite about the lusty horker but perhaps it was not explained well enough. Usually it gets quite the laugh.
I see the meat is here. Do you have the howlwater?"
I have it right here.
"Oof! It is as strong as Rigurt remembers. Good!
Rigurt used his contacts at Solitude's port to get his hands on some Rimmen cane-spice and a special secret ingredient. Now we are ready to cook!"
What do you need me to do?
"Rigurt must focus on tending the fire. In the meantime, you should make sure the roast boar is perfect. If it is too bland, add more seasoning. Too dry, baste with howlwater. Too tough, tenderize it!
So, friend, are you ready?"
Let's prepare a meal for Thane Svyne.
Help Rigurt baste the boar

Rigurt will then head over to the boar which is roasting over the fire. He will control the fire part of the cooking:

"See to the meat, friend! Rigurt must tend to the fire!"

Meanwhile, Rigurt will shout orders as he roasts the meat:

Seasoning the Boar
Rigurt the Brash: "Smells too bland! Spice the meat, friend!"
Basting the Boar with Howlwater
Rigurt the Brash: "The meat's getting too dry! Use the howlwater!"
Rigurt the Brash: "The meat's drying out again! Give it another splash!"
Tenderizing the Boar
Rigurt the Brash: "The meat's tougher than a mudcrab's shell! Let's soften it up!"
Rigurt the Brash: "Soften it up again, friend!"

When the boar is cooked, the smell is apparently wonderful:

Thane Svyne: "Shor's bullocks, man, do you mean to drive me mad with that scent?"
Rigurt the Brash: "Thane Svyne! Rigurt prepared an exquisite dish to cure your grumpiness!"
<Rigurt hands him a plate and Svyne begins eating.>
Thane Svyne: "This — this is sodding wonderful! But there's a taste I can't place?"
Rigurt the Brash: "That's Rigurt's secretest ingredient: powdered hagraven squeezings!"
<Thane Svyne freezes and stops eating, his hands go to his knees.>
Thane Svyne: "Oh … oh no."

Rigurt will be pleased by the reaction:

"Thane Svyne loves Rigurt's cooking! Now, see if he will attend Rigurt's meeting, dear aide!"

After you have spoken with Thane Svyne and inadvertently blackmailed him into attending the meeting:

"Rigurt needs to taste this boar for himself. Nothing better than fresh hagraven squeezings!"

Rigurt will say the following if you still need to convince Thane Hraldi:

Rigurt the Brash: "Good work, friend! Rigurt will find Thane Hraldi! Meet him there!"
Thane HraldiEdit
Rigurt at Hraldi's fishing camp

Thane Hraldi will be fishing while Rigurt talks to him when you approach his camp:

Thane Hraldi: "I already told Jarl Morryn, if Thane Svyne attends this meeting, I will not. Now let me finish the rite of the Whale."
Rigurt the Brash: "Praying to catch fish, eh? Rigurt just uses a net."
<Rigurt then turns to you.>
Rigurt the Brash: "Friend, see if you can convince Thane Hraldi to talk to us."

Talking with him before the Thane, Rigurt will give his opinion on fishing:

"Rigurt has been trying to get Thane Hraldi to listen to him, but the thane wants nothing but fishing!
It's the worstest sport, friend. Just standing and fishing. There's not even a ball!"

While you speak with Thane Hraldi you will learn about the generations long battle to catch the legendary Old Hjaalsdottir. This will inspire Rigurt:

Rigurt the Brash: "Thane Hraldi will not move until this fish is caught. So if we catch it, he will have to go to Rigurt's meeting!"
Thane Hraldi: "That is absolutely not what I sa—"
Rigurt the Brash: "Friend, meet Rigurt at Chillwind Depths. He has a plan to catch this slippery horker's daughter!"

Rigurt will then run off and can be found within Chillwind Depths:

Rigurt the Brash: "Rigurt is glad to see you, friend! This place makes his armpit hairs stand up!"

You can then ask Rigurt what exactly you are looking for. It is a long and winding tale:

"Rigurt has long heard tales of the strange caves near Solitude! The tales did not say they were so eerie. But Rigurt does not scare easily! He is a proud, unflinching son of Eastmarch!
Now, let's get what we came for and leave. Quickly."
What does this have to do with getting Thane Hraldi to meet with us?
"Rigurt said we'd catch Thane Hraldi's silly fish for him. But Rigurt must admit something that will come as a surprise to you. He … is not a talented fisherman."
So why are we here?
"Rigurt may be a poor angler, but he is still the best ambassador in all of Tamriel!
And he happens to know how to acquire the perfect fishing bait from his time among the Argonians in Shadowfen."
What is it?
"A mushroom with a silly Argonian name. Too many sounds for poor Rigurt's tongue!
But it grows in the dark, dank pits, of Shadowfen. Pits just like this! If we look around, Rigurt is sure we'll find it!"
Are you sure this will work?

You can ask about the mushroom itself:

"Yes! Rigurt swears, no fish in Tamriel can resist such a mushroom! If only it grew more frequently, it would be used by people everywhere, my friend.
Now, lead the way. Rigurt will follow. He will use his keen nose to find the prize we seek!"
Where should we look for this mushroom?
"Rigurt remembers his Argonian friends taking him into the darkest part of a stinky cavern. At the very back, Rigurt spotted the mushroom. Smelled it too.
It should not be hard to find. Keep your eyes and nostrils open, friend!"

Once you have found the mushroom, Rigurt will confirm it is the right kind before leaving:

Rigurt the Brash: "That's it! Rigurt remembers that stink! He will take it back to Thane Hraldi at once!"

When you return the fishing camp, you can watch to see what Rigurt does with the mushroom:

Thane Hraldi: "You're back. And by the Whale, you stink! How is that going to help you catch Old Hjaalsdottir?"
Rigurt the Brash: "Just watch, Thane Hraldi!"
<Rigurt walks into the shallows.>
Thane Hraldi: "Wait, where's your fishing rod?"
Rigurt the Brash: "Rod?"
<Rigurt then throws the mushroom into the water. There is splash and large wake appears.>
Thane Hraldi: "By the spirits … that wake! It's Old Hjaalsdottir!"
Rigurt the Brash: "This is the part of fishering where we run after the fish, yes? Let's go, friend!"

Talking to him while chasing Old Hjaalsdottir:

"Friend, we need to catch Old Hjaalsdottir! Let's run!"

When you finally corner and catch Old Hjaalsdottir, she will reveal herself to be a horker. Rigurt agrees with this identification:

"Ha! Rigurt and his friend have cornered the beast! Though it looks less like a fish and more like a horker.
Rigurt sees why people enjoy fishering. He should do it more often."

Once you have spoken to the perplexed Thane Hraldi and gotten him to agree to the meeting, Rigurt will say the following if you need to convince Thane Svyne:

Rigurt the Brash: "Good work, friend! Rigurt will find Thane Svyne! Meet him there!"
Jarl MorrynEdit

Once you have convinced both Thanes to attend the meeting, Rigurt will be ready to return to Jarl Morryn:

Rigurt the Brash: "Good work, friend! Rigurt will meet you at Jarl Morryn's Cabin!"
"Now that Thane Hraldi and Thane Svyne have agreed to meet, we should return to Jarl Morryn's hunting lodge.
Go on, friend. Rigurt will meet you there."

When you enter the cabin you'll find it full of empty bottles and a very drunk Jarl.

Jarl Morryn: "Rigurt, you bearded ox, get over here! And bring your friend! There's more mead where this came from!"
Rigurt the Brash: "Jarl Morryn is in good spirits! See if she's ready to meet with the Thanes, while Rigurt cleans up!"
<Rigurt finds a broom and begins to sweep.>

After telling Jarl Morryn about her impending guests, they will arrive. Rigurt will urgently want to talk to you:

Thane Hraldi: "Jarl Morryn. Rigurt. Am I early?"
Rigurt the Brash: "Er … not at all! Rigurt and his assistant just need to finalize preparations! A word, friend!"

Talk to him to see if he needs any more help:

"Rigurt knows diplomacy is not the smoothest road, but this one was almost too bumpy, even for him!
Either way, Rigurt could not have done this without your help, friend."
Are you ready to discuss the treaty?
"Rigurt is as ready as ever! Of course, King Jorunn told Rigurt not say anything during the meeting, so mostly he is ready to nod. And smile!
You have been such a good friend to Rigurt. Take this, with his thanks!"

Once you have spoken with Rigurt and completed the quest, the Thanes will immediately begin to snipe at each other:

Thane Hraldi: "Thane Svyne, don't think my being here means I've forgotten the New Life festival."
Thane Svyne: "Will someone thank Thane Hraldi for facing away from me, so I don't have to look at his pissing beard?"
<Svyne notices the bottles.>
Thane Svyne: "Look at all these bottles. Did you start without us, Jarl Morryn?"
Jarl Morryn: "Well, I actually, hm."
Thane Svyne: "Ha! My kind of diplomacy! Speaking of, we've got some talking to do, don't we?"
Thane Hraldi: "Yes. I must second my corpulent peer's point. Let's discuss this treaty of yours."
Rigurt the Brash: "Of course! Right away, your thane-inesses!"

Afterwards you can talk to him some more:

"Rigurt hopes these talks go well!
The Skald-King plans to send him on another mission soon. Hopefully it will be a place where the people are excited to embrace Nord culture!"
Any idea where you're going next?
"Oh, Rigurt has no say. Someplace far away, most likely. Where the Nord Cultural Exchange can do the most good.
Rigurt did hear the Skald-King mumble something about the distant reaches of Oblivion. Or was it the depths of the Alik'r desert?"

High IsleEdit

The Large DelegateEdit

When approaching him, he will be not in a good mood:

"Uhhhhh…This is not good…Rigurt needs help. Again."

Depending on whether you met him before or not, his responses will be different:

Met him before from previous encounters:
First Time Meeting:
"Why it is you! Bestest friend! I never expected to see you here on High Isle! This is most fortunate, because I have little problem again.
I am large delegate! But I lost my scepter."
"Hello there! I am Rigurt, sometimes called the Brash. And I am large delegate for the Ebonheart Pact Cultural Exchange!
Or I would be. If I had my scepter."
Large delegate?
"That is what King Jorunn told me! He said, Rigurt, go to High Isle and be Ebonheart Pact cultural ambassador. And be large! Delegate–and–large, that is me!
But I lost my scepter of office. I had it with me last night, but now I can find it."
Do you mean delegate-at-large?
"Yes! I went out with delegates Tanillin and Ulgonash last night. We ate and drank like kings! I don't remember all that happened, but I spent most of my gold. And I lost my official scepter.
Will you help me look for it? I can pay you. A little."
I'll help you find your scepter of office.
"I've been thinking very hard and it hurt. We should begin at the Ancient Anchor. That is where I went last night with the other diplomats.
The innkeeper was angry with me this morning, but she might talk to you. Meet you there!"
Who are Tanillin and Ulgonash, exactly?
"They are delegates too! Tanillin is very important Elf from Aldmeri Dominion. And Ulgonash is noble Orc from Daggerfall Covenant who brings culture wherever he goes.
I don't remember what we talked about. It must have been another diplomatic success!"
Any chance one of them has your scepter?
"Uhh, must think again…no. We parted ways with great enthusiasm in street just outside Ancient Anchor. I went back inside and I had it with me then.
I need my scepter of office. I can't lose another one, or they'll dock my pay."
I'm surprised the Nord Cultural Exchange is still in business. (If you have helped him before on previous quests)
"Thanks to you, it is! Last time, you helped make the Cultural Exchange glorious success. So much success, King Jorunn said we didn't need to send culture to High Isle.
Then I told him you might be here to help again. He said I could come!"

When you enter the Ancient Anchor, Rigurt will stir the ire of the innkeeper.

Marisette Lemaitre: "Not you again! You haven't paid your bill. Or did you forget that too?"
Rigurt the Brash:"See? I was here and she remembers me! I must have committed great diplomacy last night. Ask here about the scepter, friend."

Speaking to him before speaking to Marisette:

"You should talk to the innkeeper. Every time I ask about my scepter she only wants to talk about the bill from last night.
I know I paid, because my coin purse is almost empty today."

Telling him that he needs to pay off the tab:

"You found the scepter! That is good.
And I remember now. I wanted to pay the bill to impress the other delegates. But now I don't have the coin to do that again. We have to get them to pay their shares. I can't lose another scepter!"
What else do you remember about last night?
"Let me see. Tanillin didn't seem to be having fun so I brought her a special drink. And then Ulgonash wanted dessert. I ask the man in the back for something sweet so my friends could have a good time.
We headed back to our own lodgings after that."
You said you bought a special drink for Tanillin?
"Oh, yes! I am good diplomat, so I thought she would like something to remind her of home. After that, Tanillin kept asking for more drinks. We all laughed and had fun!
We said goodnight just outside. She got in her carriage and drove off for home."
And Ulgonash wanted a dessert?
"We might have been arguing about where to get the best cake in Wrothgar. That made us want cake. But the man in the back room said he did not have cake.
So I asked him to give me whatever he had. For Ulgonash!"
Where can I find Tanillin and Ulgonash?
"I think Tanillin is staying at Steadfast Manor, a little way outside of town. She likes Lord Bacaro's gardens. Ulgonash rented a small house in Gonfalon Bay near the west gate.
Here. I'll be right behind you. When my head stops spinning."

Speaking to him again before setting out to find the delegates:

"This is very embarrassing. We have to ask Tanillin and Ulgonash to pay their portion of the bill. Or else the innkeeper won't return my scepter of office.
I guess we should go find them."
Rigurt and Tanillin

Once at Steadfast manor, you will say Tanillin bedridden and Rigurt will comment on that:

Rigurt the Brash: "Oh. She must have taken ill after dinner last night. Is that a note by the bed?"

Speaking to him before reading the note:

"A note from a healer? That could be important. Perhaps it is a clue as to what ails poor Tanillin there.
Read it, friend."
Tell me again about that special drink you bought for Tanillin?
"Oh, yes! I am good diplomat, so I thought she would like something to remind her of home. After that, Tanillin kept asking for more drinks. We all laughed and had fun!
We said goodnight just outside. She got in her carriage and drove off for home."
Tanillin got into her carriage and drove home?
"Yes, yes! I mean, we sort of put her in the carriage, because she couldn't stand by then. And we told the driver where to take her, because she wouldn't stop singing.
But that is about right."

After reading the note:

Rigurt the Brash: "Look for a mammoth ear plant in the woods near the manor. We need to wake her up!"

Speaking to him, he's disappointed Lord Bacaro isn't here to lend you a mammoth ear plant:

"I don't see Lord Bacaro here, so I am sure he wouldn't mind if I borrowed a leaf from one of his plants. But…I don't know if I would recognize a mammoth ear. Unless it was attached to a mammoth.
Perhaps you could look?"

Once you come back with the plant, he will urge you to turn it into juice so Tanillin can drink it:

Rigurt the Brash: "Crush the leaf and give her the juice. If she wakes up, we can tell her about her share of the bill!"

Speaking to him before crushing the leaf:

"Ah, you have a mammoth ear leaf? Good! We should give a little of the juice to Tanillin and see if it makes her feel better.
And perhaps stand back after we give it to her."
Can you tell me anything more about Tanillin's special drink?
"Oh, yes! I am good diplomat, so I thought she would like something to remind her of home. After that, Tanillin kept asking for more drinks. We all laughed and had fun!
We said goodnight just outside. She got in her carriage and drove off for home."
Just like that? Tanillin got into the carriage and drove home?
"Yes, yes! I mean, we sort of put her in the carriage, because she couldn't stand by then. And we told the driver where to take her, because she wouldn't stop singing.
But that is about right."
She doesn't look good. How much rotmeth did you buy for her?
"I did not really keep count. Four tankards? Five? Everybody knows that Wood Elves love rotmeth—
Oh. Tanillin is a High Elf, isn't she? I might have forgot differences between Elves. But I am sure she will be fine!"

When you successfully wake up Tanillin:

Rigurt the Brash: "It worked! She's awake! I was a little worried that she might be dead."

Speaking to him before Tanillin:

"Would you talk to Tanillin about my problem, friend? Now that she's awake, she might be more helpful.
I will need her to pay her share of last night's tab to get my scepter of office back from the innkeeper."

After speaking to Tanillin:

Rigurt the Brash: "A diplomatic success! Thank goodness we were able to help her recover from this unforeseen illness."

If you helped Tanillin first:

"I'm glad to see that Tanillin is just fine! Now we have to convince Ulgonash to pay his portion of our bill. Otherwise the innkeeper won't return my scepter of office.
Maybe we should check his house in Gonfalon Bay?"
Rigurt and Ulgonash with Sergeant Dupertuis

When you are finding Ulgonash, Rigurt will be with Sergeant Dupertuis and a bound Ulgonash.

Rigurt the Brash: "Ulgonash is a prisoner? I don't understand. Ask him what happened!"

Speaking to Rigurt before speaking to Ulgonash:

"This is terrible. The Daggerfall Covenant cultural delegate in the manacles of a common criminal?
Talk to Ulgonash, please. There must be explanation!"
Once again: Ulgonash wanted dessert?
"We might have been arguing about where to get the best cake in Wrothgar. That made us want cake. But the man in the back room said he did not have cake.
So I asked him to give me whatever he had. For Ulgonash!"
What exactly did the man in the back room give you for dessert?
"I don't know. But it must have been very special. He told me not to let anyone else open the bag except my friend.
I hoped Ulgonash would look inside so I could see the surprise. But he just said he'd take it home and eat it later."

After hearing out Ulgonash:

Rigurt the Brash: "You'd better talk to the guard. Ulgonash won't be able to pay his share of the tab if he's in prison!"

Speaking to Rigurt before speaking to the guard:

"I am sure the guard will be happy to help us sort everything out.
But it might be best if you talked to him. I don't know how moon-sugar got into the dessert I ordered for my friend Ulgonash. I only paid the bill!"

After speaking to the sergeant:

Rigurt the Brash: "You are very clever, friend! Just find Berjac Catillon's ill-gotten booty and I'll get my scepter back. Is simple!"

When you're on the hunt to clear Ulgonash's name:

"See? This is all working out. Trail Berjac Catillon back to his den and bring back proof he has skooma there. We need to free Ulgonash so he can pay his tab!"

Once you come back with the evidence:

Rigurt the Brash: "You are back! Do you have the sk—er, the dessert? Sergeant Dupteruis is waiting!"

Speaking to Rigurt before turning in the evidence to the sergeant:

"I am glad you're here to clear this up. And I am glad the skooma smuggler did not murder you and leave your body in an alley.
Talk to the guard. Ulgonash is as good as free!"
Explain this to me. Ulgonash wanted a dessert?
"We might have been arguing about where to get the best cake in Wrothgar. That made us want cake. But the man in the back room said he did not have cake.
So I asked him to give me whatever he had. For Ulgonash!"
And the man in the back room just gave you a dessert? What did he give you?
"I don't know. But it must have been very special. He told me not to let anyone else open the bag except my friend.
I hoped Ulgonash would look inside so I could see the surprise. But he just said he'd take it home and eat it later."
The man in the back room at the inn. Was that Berjac Catillon?
"That name is familiar…yes! That was it. I thought he worked for the inn, so I asked him for something for my friend. Dessert seemed very expensive!
When I asked him what else we owed him for dinner, he said he was good. So we left."

When Ulgonash is free, Rigurt will be happy that part of the debt will be paid off:

Rigurt the Brash: "Excellent! Ulgonash has paid his debt to society. Another diplomatic triumph!"

Speaking to Rigurt before Ulgonash:

"Good work, my friend. Our diplomacy is very strong today!
Talk to Ulgonash, please. Now that he's free, he should be happy to pay his share of last night's bill. I need to get my scepter of office back!"

After getting Ulgonash to promise to pay for part of the tab, he is oblivious how he got Ulgonash in trouble:

Rigurt the Brash: "Excellent! Good thing we came along when we did. I can't imagine how he got himself into this situation."

Speaking to him if you resolved Ulgonash's issue first:

"I can't believe Ulgonash got himself arrested! Ha! That will be some story. Now we just have to find Tanillin and convince her to pay her portion of the bill from last night. Marisette Lemaitre seemed pretty angry about it all!"
Scepter of OfficeEdit
Rigurt and the delegates pay their tab

Once you finished helping out both Ulgonash and Tanillin, Rigurt wants to return back to the innkeeper to get back his scepter:

Rigurt the Brash: "Now, let us return to the inn and settle this bill!"

Speaking to him before you return back to the inn:

"We should go back to the inn. I can't wait to see the look on Marisette Lemaitre's face when three large diplomats come back to settle scores with her!"

Once you're back at the inn, Rigurt and his fellow diplomats will be settling their tab with Marisette:

Marisette Lemaitre: "Right, that's settled. I hope you all have learned your lesson. Don't pay the bill to shady characters in the back room."
Rigurt the Brash: "We are in agreement! I hope this means I can have my scepter back."

Speaking to him before Marisette:

"A good day for diplomacy, yes? Nobody died or went to prison, and the innkeeper was paid in the end. Now, would you talk to Marisette Lemaitre about my scepter of office?
I think she is still a little mad at me."

Speaking to Rigurt to give him back his scepter:

"My bestest friend! Thanks to your help, I can commit diplomacy again. Everyone here will know that they have been diplomaticized by Rigurt the Brash!
But I still have no idea how things got so out of hand. Everyone was so upset!"
You honestly don't understand the cause of all this trouble?
"Diplomacy is hard work. I bought special drinks for Tanillin, but they made her sick. I ordered dessert for Ulgonash and tried to pay for dinner. Ulgonash got arrested and the innkeeper kept my scepter!
Now I am even more confused."
More confused? How?
"I don't know what High elves like to drink. And I'm not sure why that man gave me a bag of skooma when I wanted something for my friend Ulgonash. I only wanted him to have good time!
I am stumpled. Did Marisette Lemaitre have my scepter of office?"
Here's your scepter, Rigurt.
"Thank you, friend. I am offical [sic] large delegate again! Just think of the great diplomatic triumphs that are sure to come because you helped me.
I do not have much gold left in purse, but what I have is yours."

If you exit out of the conversation before turning in the quest, he will alternatively say:

"You are a true friend in need. Did the innkeeper give you my official scepter of office?"
Here's your scepter, Rigurt. (Leads to quest completion dialogue)

After the quest is completed:

Rigurt the Brash: "Another diplomatic success! Thank you, friends, for an unforgettable night."
Tanillin: "It was certainly a, well, unique experience."
Ulgonash: "Agreed. It was unique. Let's all agree to never speak of it again."

Speaking to him on what he's going to do next:

"What an adventure! I am sure King Jorunn would be proud of the diplomacy I have committed today.
Thank you again, friend. Without your help, my scepter of office would be missing."
What are you going to do now?
"Hmm. I have spent all my advance for travel expenses and diplomatic entertaining. No matter! I am happy to diplomacize High Isle for free.
Whatever else happens, they are sure to remember Rigurt the Brash!"

A Chance For PeaceEdit

If you completed his quest in High Isle, Rigurt will attend the ceremony in Gonfalen Palace:

"Just look at all these fine people committing diplomacy together! And they say it is all because of you, my bestest friend!
You must tell Rigurt how you did it sometime."
How's the cultural exchange going, Rigurt?
"Oh, very good! Tanillin and Ulgonash said my diplomacy was so strong they didn't need to be diplomacized any more. They told me I could go commit diplomacy on new people and make more friends!"
Who else did you commit diplomacy against?
"Everybody in town! Sailors, merchants, fishmongers, dockworkers, beggars, anyone I could catch! People like you when you buy them drinks. Although I'm not really sure how that helps Ebonheart Pact."

After you have completed the quest:

"Bestest friend! I had no idea you were large diplomat, too! Prince Irnskar says you saved the peace talks by saving his life. Twice!
That is very strong diplomacy! I wish I had thought of that."
How's the cultural exchange going, Rigurt? (Same Dialogue)


Long Live the KingEdit

Rigurt (center) with Uugus (left) and Alinon (right)
In Scarp Keep

After returning from Kurog's funeral:

Rigurt the Brash: "Does priest appreciate Rigurt's gift? It's filled with the finest Nord spices and … well, you probably don't want to know about the "and.""
Priest Uugus: "Are you sure this is safe to eat? I'm not sure I even know what this is."

At Scarp Keep:

"Such a sad and dismal day. But Rigurt knows how to fix that! I have most excellent Nord gifts for everyone! No face can stay sad when it has one of Rigurt's most excellent gifts in its mouth!"

Post-Culture Clash DialogueEdit

After completing the quest, Rigurt can later be found on the bridge overlooking the city near the palace. You can ask him how the talks went with the Proxy Queen.

"Thanks again for all the help, my friend! We may not have a treaty yet, but the Proxy Queen seems extremely eager to see Rigurt again.
Just between us, for a haughty High Elf, she handles mead almost as well as a Nord battle maiden!"
How did your meeting with the Proxy Queen go?
"Better than Rigurt expected! We shared an excellent meal, drank mead, and talked for hours. She wanted me to spend the night, but Nord ambassadors never jump into bed the first time they are asked.
The second time, though, that's a different matter."

A New AllianceEdit

If you helped him out previously in Summerset, he will be found at the palace during the quest. He can be found outside in the main hall once an agreement has been made.

"So you really beat a Daedric Prince? Unbelievable.
Makes being an ambassador seem a bit dull in comparison. Not that I'm not proud of my work, of course. But perhaps a battle or two is overdue. My axe arm is feeling a tad rusty."


The Nord diplomat Rigurt travels around Tamriel to learn about other cultures while demonstrating his own brand of Nord culture. Welcome him home! After adding Rigurt to your home, you can set him on a path, plus you and your visitors can speak with him.
Rigurt the Brash
Rigurt the Brash
Type Houseguest
Acquired From Crown Store
Price 025002,500  
Availability September 1, 2022 - September 15, 2022

Rigurt is a houseguest. He was available in the Crown Store for 025002,500   from September 1 to September 15, 2022. In 2023, He was offered to ESO Plus Members at a discounted 020002,000   in November of 2023.


  • Crown Store — September 1, 2022 - September 15, 2022
  • Crown Store — November 9, 2023 - November 16, 2023 (discounted for members)

Houseguest DialogueEdit

He can be spoken to inside your home.

"Do you like stinky fish? Rigurt loves stinky fish! The fishmonger in Lower Yorgrim sells the stinkiest!"
"Don't ask Rigurt about gods. We have an understanding, the gods and I. Rigurt doesn't ask anything of them, and they don't ask anything of Rigurt. Except maybe Dibella. Rigurt appreciates any advice on love he can get."
"Hail! I am Rigurt the Brash! Leader of the Glorious Expedition for Nord Cultural Exchange! Rigurt is not here on official ambassador business, but is happy to trade culture and traditions. I always carry a few stinky cheeses for such transactions."
"Ladies can't resist fancy cultural garb! Even men treat you differently when you wear such finery! If you want, Rigurt can set you up with an outfit of your own."
"Magic. Rigurt has never understood how such wonderment works. It's like ... magic! Hmm. Must be where name comes from. Makes sense."
"Mammoth dung! Skald-King wants Rigurt to go on diplomatic mission, but Rigurt just got back from one! The work of Cultural Exchange never ends, it seems. Also, Rigurt thinks Jorunn prefers it when Rigurt not in palace. No idea why."
"Milk-drinker. Why did that become such a terrible Nord insult, I wonder. Milk is good for you! I love the stuff! Not as much as I love mead, but it's a close second. Maybe third."
"Most excellent friend! So good to see you! This calls for drink! Who is Rigurt kidding? It is always time for drink!"
"My bestest friend! No one knows the depths of Rigurt's heart like you. What? No, Rigurt needs no help right now. Can't one friend express affection for another? I will most likely need help later. Rigurt will let you know."
"Nord culture is the bestest culture! We hunt, we fish, we sail. We drink and we fight. We sing and we love. And we build. Mostly with lumber. Which comes from trees. Which Rigurt did not know until recently."
"Once Rigurt was forced to eat paws-on-a-stick. Very strange Wood Elf food. I could not get tiny Wood Elf to tell me where paws came from, but it tasted... not terrible. Did have a claw stuck between teeth for a week though."
"Rigurt can drink! Once put away seven casks of mead in one sitting! Rigurt couldn't remember the rest of the evening, and head hurt for days, but totally worth it!"
"Rigurt feels so important! Jorunn the Skald-King promised to take Rigurt the next time he meets with other alliance leaders. Says Rigurt makes Jorunn look like smartest Nord in room when Rigurt is present."
"Rigurt goes where the wins of diplomacy take him. And wherever the Skald-King sends him. As long as there's mead. And rabbit meatballs. Rigurt loves rabbit meatballs."
"Rigurt has met many people. Visited many places. Alinor is nice, but the tall, skinny Elves have so many rules. Rigurt could barely keep them all straight!"
"Rigurt has no qualms about mingling with most important dignitaries from all the foreign lands. Even the awful ones!"
"Rigurt is happier than a skeever in a cheese shop! Must be this place. Rigurt thinks it is the mammoth's meow! Is that sound mammoth makes? Yes, yes, what else would it be?"
"Rigurt knows only one person who can drink more mead than me. Jorunn the Skald-King! He has a stomach the size of mammoth! And Thane Jeggi. But Jorunn says he has hollow legs."
"Rigurt loves all cultures! That's why he volunteered for services as diplomat! And by volunteer, Rigurt means Skald-King gave Rigurt choice - ambassador or banner-bearer in Alliance War. It was easy decision."
"Rigurt loves this place! My eyes are round with wonderment! What fine examples of cultural bric-a-brac! Rigurt is hugely impressed!"
"Shor's bones. What an odd saying. Rigurt supposes it makes some sort of sense, if dead gods even have bones. And where are they buried? Is there a dead god graveyard somewhere in the Velothi Mountains? Ooo, Rigurt would like to visit such a place!"
"Thanes! Rigurt supposes Skyrim needs them to function, but they are big pain in Rigurt's horker. Still, better than the various lords and counts that other nations must contend with, I suppose."
"The secret to good diplomacy? Talk loud, interrupt constantly, bang fists a lot, and never forget to hand out cultural presents. Ambassadors love cultural presents. Especially Rigurt's!"


  • Rigurt is mentioned by Jurak-dar outside of the ruins of Belarata as being one of the latter's customers. Jurak says that he warned Rigurt to not "drink from an unmarked bottle that's been locked away since the First Era with a Daedric guardian stewing in the contents". Rigurt apparently ignored the warning, claiming that "all [his] drinkings are mighty!", and supposedly lost his beard as a result.
  • He is the author of Understanding the Living Gods and Cat Food.
  • Rigurt says to find Asaldak "by the Merryvale Farms fountain". The location is by the circular garden. It's possible the feature was once a fountain prior to release but was changed by the developers.
  • For helping him, Rigurt often gives you a personal article of clothing as a quest reward, including twice giving you the shirt off his back:
The only exception was when he gave you a club belonging to the Nord Cultural Exchange (Club of the Nord Cultural Exchange)