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The history of the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages dates back to the fall of 1994, when UESP founder Dave Humphrey started a text FAQ for Daggerfall during the game's early production. The FAQ was distributed regularly on Usenet and grew in size and popularity. In the fall of 1995, Dave and the FAQ's two other editors decided on the name UESP to expand its scope to all Elder Scrolls games. The two other editors left, making Dave the sole maintainer of the old UESP site.

In 2005, as the release of Oblivion drew near, UESP converted to a wiki format. All users were now allowed to edit its pages, letting Dave take on more of a backend role to support the site's expansion. In November 2005, the wiki moved to a dedicated server in Montreal.

Since the creation of UESPWiki, its scope has expanded to include not just the games but the entire Elder Scrolls franchise, including general information and archives, mods, real books, and merchandise.


Below is a timeline of the entire history of the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages.

Included in some of the earlier entries is commentary from founder Dave Humphrey. Many of the original details and dates are vague, as there are few records available anymore.


1994, February 3Arena is released.
  • The first game in the Elder Scrolls series appears on store shelves.
1994, Summer — Dave's first glimpse of Arena.
  • Dave Humphrey: My first experience with the Elder Scrolls games was with Arena on a friend's computer. I remember the scene well: A cityscape at night with snow slowly drifting down between the street lights. While I was just beginning to get into PC computer games at the time, I was seriously impressed. I actually want to push this date back further (almost a year further in the winter of '93) but that would be before Arena was released, so I'm assuming my memory is just failing me.
1994, Fall — Dave buys Arena.
  • Dave Humphrey: I was bored one weekend and was in a small computer shop which just happened to have one copy of Arena as one of its dozen games. It was all downhill from here... This was the second game I ever bought (the first being Doom).
1994, FallDaggerfall FAQ is started.
  • Dave Humphrey: After playing and being very impressed with Arena, I started frequenting the Usenet newsgroups and soon found out about Daggerfall, which was in early production at the time. Seeing the general lack of knowledge on the game, I started a text FAQ for Daggerfall, which was distributed regularly on Usenet.
1994, WinterDaggerfall FAQ grows. Andrew Frankling and Michael Bodenhoff join as editors.
  • Dave Humphrey: The FAQ grew quickly and two other people joined me in gathering information and editing it.
1995, SummerDaggerfall FAQ becomes a website.
  • Dave Humphrey: Early in the life of the World Wide Web, the text FAQ was converted into a webpage at
1995, FallUESP is born.
  • Dave Humphrey: After some discussion and ideas with the other two editors of the FAQ, I created the UESP website to include information about all the Elder Scrolls games. It was shortly after this that the two other FAQ editors dropped out of sight.
1996, September 20Daggerfall is released.
  • Dave Humphrey: This was a very busy time and the UESP expanded considerably with Daggerfall information.
1996, November 16 — Dave posts his first update on the old UESP site.
  • This post appears on a new page called "What's New", later archived on an "Older Updates" page.[1]
1997 — UESP moves servers.
  • Dave Humphrey: I moved the site to the donated site (thanks to Moose) once the Newforce server started charging based on bandwidth instead of a flat monthly charge (it would have increased the site fee from something like $10 to over $100 a month). I'm unsure of the exact move date.
1997, April 15 — A Redguard section is created on the old site.[1]
1997, September 20 — A Battlespire section is created on the old site.[1]
1997, December 4Battlespire is released.
1998, May 16 — The old UESP site receives a redesign.
  • This is also the first mention of Morrowind in UESP's news updates.[2]
1998, May 23 — An FTP site is set up on the old site.[2]
1998, June 6 — The UESP Mailing List starts using ListBot.[2]
1998, October 16 — UESP moves servers again.
  • Dave Humphrey: Due to problems at the donated honesty site, I moved to the donated site (which had its network connection graciously donated by Bethesda, thanks!). Again, the exact date is uncertain.
1998, October 20 — MyUESP is introduced, allowing readers to customize their home page.[2]
1998, November 9 — UESP receives its first "official" recognition.
  • UESP is chosen as a vital site in CNET Gamecenter's Underground.[2]
1998, November 14Redguard is released.
1998, November 29 — The first UESP poll concludes.[2]
1999, February 11 — UESP is converted entirely to SHTML.
  • Other changes include consistent styling of pages, a page counter, and a contact form.[2]


2000, June 17 — Dave returns from a hiatus after working in North Africa.
  • After few updates to the site since April 1999, Dave makes some new updates.[3]
2000, September 24 — Dave leaves for work in North Africa again for about a year.[4]
2001, September 13 — The UESP Tamriel Map is converted from a CGI script to a Java applet.[4]
2002, January 6 — With Dave back home, he plans to update most pages on UESP.[4]
2002, May 1Morrowind is released.
  • Morrowind is the first fully detailed open-world game in the series, now a defining characteristic of the Elder Scrolls main series. It follows up on the lore and graphical enhancements tested in Redguard and capitalizes on them to great success. It begins the tradition of including a Construction Set with the game, which makes it easy for modders to create content and even easier to collect and verify game data.
2002, May 12 — The Morrowind section of UESP gets some content pages.[4]
2002, June 1 — UESP releases its first iteration of a Morrowind interactive map.
  • This version is written as a Java applet.[4]
2002, November 6Tribunal is released.
2002, November 19 — A Tribunal section is added to UESP.[4]
2002, December 5 — Dave releases a Furniture Plugin for Morrowind.[4]
2003, January 2 — Dave releases a NIFTexture utility to load NIF files and modify the textures they use.[4]
2003, March 1 — Dave releases an early version of MWEdit.[4]
2003, March 13 — A Bloodmoon section is added to UESP.[4]
2003, May 27 — Dave releases the first version of MW Random Item Generator.[4]
2003, June 3Bloodmoon is released.
2004, January — UESP moves servers a third time.
  • Dave Humphrey: After m0use being down for a few months, I purchased and moved the site to the domain on a virtual server hosted by Canaca. Hopefully, this will be the last move for a while.
2004, November 29 — Dave provides an update.
  • This is the first update since February 16, 2004, and Dave was mostly away from the site. He says UESP passed 2 million hits on the main page a while before this date and averages 20,000 page views per day sitewide. He plans to abandon most of his Morrowind programming projects in favor of updating for Oblivion.[5]
2004, December 1 — An Oblivion section is added to UESP.[5]
2005, January 10 — Dave openly discusses the idea of moving to a Content Management System.
  • Suggestions from readers include Xoops, Mambo, and Post Nuke.[5]
2005, January 12 — The first public mention of a UESP wiki possibility.
  • Dave titles the news post "To Wiki, or Not to Wiki".
    Dave Humphrey: Someone suggested looking at a wiki-based solution for the site. I have actually been thinking about moving towards a wiki format, though mainly for the Tamriel section, but expanding the idea to the rest of the site is intriguing. Wikis are definitely more content oriented than the other CMS solutions, but it's not a perfect fit in terms of how I'd prefer to organize things. I suppose it's unlikely I'll find anything perfectly suiting my needs, but I don't want to rush such a major design decision either.[5]
2005, February — UESP begins its change to a wiki format.
  • Dave Humphrey: After much research and testing, I decided to move to a wiki-based site. This lets the Elder Scrolls community add and edit the site content, as the site has gotten so large I cannot devote enough time to properly maintain it.
2005, March 28 — First public news post about UESPWiki.
  • Dave Humphrey: Thanks to everyone's suggestions, I have set up and started work on the UESPWiki at It's actually been up for a month or more as we slowly transfer the original pages to wiki articles and have been making good progress (considering I haven't had much time lately). Feel free to take a peek or create an account and add or edit a few articles if you wish.[5]
2005, September 9 — Last post on the old UESP site.
  • A banner is added to the old site redirecting users to the wiki. At the time, UESP was receiving 100,000 hits per day.[5]
2005, October 17Wrye is made the wiki's first administrator after Daveh.
2005, November — UESP moves to a dedicated server.
  • Dave Humphrey: With increasing load due to now being a wiki, as well as Oblivion's release date approaching, the site outgrew its virtual server. I switched to a fully dedicated server from iWeb in Montreal, which increased the monthly cost from a mere $10 to $100. Typically, load on the current server is 10-20%, so there is a good amount of room for future growth.
2005, November 23 — The UESP Forums are created, with Daveh as the first user.
  • Few conversations happen until 2006.[6]
2006, March 20Oblivion is released.
  • The fourth Elder Scrolls game makes its debut not long after UESPWiki gains a regular group of editors.
2006, April 20Garrett is made an administrator on the wiki.
2006, April 21Endareth is made an administrator on the wiki.
2006, June 19Aristeo becomes an administrator on the wiki.[7]
  • This was the first successful Request for Adminship (RfA).
2006, August — UESP posts its first Featured Article, Tamriel:Khajiit.
  • The article was also the first Featured Article to have that status rescinded.[8]
2006, August 12 — UESP releases its first interactive game map for Oblivion.[9]
2006, August 13Nephele becomes an administrator on the wiki.[10]
2006, September 16 — UESP releases an Alchemy Calculator for Oblivion.[11]
2006, October 5 — The Reference Desk is established.
  • While active as a Q&A forum for a long time, the page has since been largely replaced by live chat.[12]
2006, October 16 — Anonymous editing is enabled on the wiki.
  • Before this, all edits had to come from registered accounts.[13]
2006, November 8 — The Morrowind Redesign Project begins as the first wiki project.
2007, January 8Patrollers are designated as a user group on the wiki.
2007, January 31Ratwar becomes an administrator on the wiki.[15]
2007, February 22TheRealLurlock becomes an administrator on the wiki.[16]
2007, February 28 — Aristeo steps down as administrator.[17]
2007, March 1 — The Daggerfall Redesign Project begins.
2007, May 2 — The Oblivion Places Redesign Project begins.
2007, May 30NepheleBot is made the wiki's first bot.[18]
2007, August 9 — The Image Cleanup Project begins.
2007, October 1Rpeh becomes an administrator on the wiki.[19]
2007, November 26 — The Oblivion Creatures Project begins.
2008, January 1 — UESP reaches 10,000 articles in size.[20]
2008, January 27RoBoT is made a bot on the wiki.[18]
2008, February 25 — The Oblivion NPC Redesign Project begins.
2008, June 22 — UESP releases an interactive map for Morrowind.
  • This is the third interactive map, after the ones for Oblivion and Shivering Isles.[21]
2008, July — The Tamriel namespace is renamed Lore.
2008, November 11GuildKnight becomes an administrator on the wiki.[22]
2009, June 16 — Nephele becomes a bureaucrat on the wiki.
2009, June 17 — The General and UESPWiki namespaces are created.
  • The General namespace serves to document topics not specific to any Elder Scrolls game, while the UESPWiki namespace is about UESP itself.[23]
2009, July 24 — MediaWiki is updated to version 1.14 on UESPWiki.[24]
2009, August 7Timenn becomes an administrator on the wiki.[25]
2009, September 7 — The UESP Blog is established.
  • This area of UESP is intended for UESP editors and fans to write about and discuss Elder Scrolls games and other topics not entirely suitable for the UESPWiki or UESP's forums.[26]
2009, December 8 — The 500,000th edit is made on UESPWiki.[27]


2010, January 25The Infernal City gets its own pseudo-namespace in Lore.[23]
2010, May 3Krusty becomes an administrator on the wiki.[28]
2010, July 25 — The Dawnstar namespace is created.
  • This moves it out of the main namespace.[23]
2010, August 9RobinHood70 becomes the wiki's first blocker.
2010, August 13HotnBOThered is made a bot on the wiki.[18]
2010, September 29TheAlbinoOrc is made the wiki's first userspace patroller.[29]
2010, October 16Rigas adapts a Wikipedia self-test into the UESPholic Test.
2010, October 27 — UESP celebrates its 15th birthday.[30]
2010, December 11 — The Morrowind Quest Results Project begins.
2010, December 12 — In anticipation of Skyrim, the Skyrim namespace is started.[23]
2011, January 28 — The Stormhold and Oblivion Mobile namespaces are created.
  • With these namespaces, every TES Travels game has its own section. Only the Travels series as a whole remains in the main namespace.[23]
2011, April 25 — The Books namespace begins.
  • This comes after The Infernal City staying over a year in the Lore section.[23]
2011, May 1 — UESP posts its first Featured Image to the main page.
2011, June 19 — Overhaul of the Lore namespace begins.
  • Starting with the Shivering Isles Redesign Project, Lore pages begin to incorporate game-specific information in addition to general info on the setting, leading to a rapid expansion of the namespace.
2011, October 29Alpha Kenny Buddy, DKong27, Dwarfmp, Legoless, and SerCenKing are made temporary administrators to assist with the release of Skyrim.[32]
2011, November 11Skyrim is released.
  • The series' long-awaited fifth entry is released, sparking a large influx of new readers and editors to UESP.
2012, January 22 — The first set of guidelines are drafted for the Lore namespace.
  • As the namespace continues to grow, a set of formatting and content guidelines are established to ensure a consistent in-universe style and appropriate use of citations.
2012, February 18Alpha Kenny Buddy and Legoless gain permanent adminship.[33][34]
2012, February 29Dwarfmp gains permanent adminship.[35]
2012, April 14Elliot is made the wiki's first autopatrolled user.[36]
2012, May 10 — In anticipation of Elder Scrolls Online, the Online namespace is started.[23]
2012, June 2 — The Skyrim Quest Redesign Project begins.
2012, June 4 — The Spin-off Series Completion Project begins.
  • This projects aims to bring the older Elder Scrolls spin-off games up to site standards.
2012, June 4 — The 1,000,000th edit is made on UESPWiki.[37]
2012, June 29 — UESPWiki hits 100,000 combined articles and redirects.
  • Only much later, in 2023, does it achieve 100,000 content articles.[38]
2012, September 3 — MediaWiki is updated to version 1.19 on UESPWiki.[24]
2013, January 6 — UESP's 2012 Year in Review
  • Dave Humphrey marks 2012 as the site's busiest ever, with traffic doubling. He decides to work on the site full time as its first employee.[39]
2023, January 10 — MediaWiki is updated to version 1.19.3 on UESPWiki.[24]
2013, February 26 — UESP expands to social media sites by joining Twitter, Facebook, and Google+
  • UESP begins posting various types of content about the wiki, Elder Scrolls trivia, and more.
2013, February 18Wabbajak is made a bot on the wiki.[18]
2013, February 21 — The Morrowind Overhaul Project begins.
  • This project aims to fully document Morrowind and bring the namespace up to site standards.
2013, April 20 — The Oblivion Houses Redesign Project begins.
2013, April 21 — The Skyrim Houses Redesign Project begins.
2013, August 16 — UESP creates a YouTube channel.
  • However, its first video is not posted until three years later.[40]
2013, October 5 — UESP joins Tumblr.
2014, January 27RobinHood70 becomes an administrator on the wiki.[41]
2014, February 15 — UESP reaches 20,000 articles in size.[42]
2014, March 30Alfwyn, Jak Atackka, and Jeancey are made temporary administrators to assist with the release of ESO.[43]
2014, April 4The Elder Scrolls Online is released
  • This massively multiplayer online spin-off makes its first content release. The restrictions in place for modding, lack of a construction kit, in-game console use, and interference from other players make this a challenging new genre for UESP to begin documenting. Additionally, this is the first game where content can be deprecated and lost forever if not documented in a timely manner.
2014, May 15 — UESP reaches 30,000 articles in size.
  • With a game as large as ESO, UESP's article count begins to increase at an unprecedented rate.[44]
2014, October 23Jeancey gains permanent adminship.[45]
2015, May 22 — MediaWiki is updated to version 1.22.15 on UESPWiki.[24]
2015, June 15 — The Legends namespace is started.
  • This happens over a year before the open beta.[23]
2015, November 26 — MediaWiki is updated to version 1.23.11 on UESPWiki.[24]
2016, January 21 — A Portuguese translation of UESPWiki is launched.
2016, October 7 — The Arena Places Redesign Project begins.
2016, November 5 — UESP posts its first YouTube video.[47]
2016, December 22 — The UESP Discord server is created.
  • While UESP uses its IRC chatroom at this time, the move to Discord is steady and eventually replaces IRC for the majority of live chatting between UESP users. The Discord server brings together users from the wiki, forums, guilds, and greater Elder Scrolls community.
2017, July 16Beyond Skyrim gets its own section on the wiki, starting with the Cyrodiil province mod.
2017, August 11 — The Online Quest Project begins.
2017, August 13Enobot is made a bot on the wiki.[18]
2017, November 6 — An Italian translation of UESPWiki is launched.
  • This is the second hosted translation wiki to be hosted at UESP.[48]
2017, December 24 — The Modspace Project begins.
  • The modspace project, led by Enodoc, opened up documentation of mods on UESP to all mods.[49]
2018, June 10 — The Blades namespace is started.
  • This happens almost a year before early access.[23]
2018, July 30TheRealLurlock reaches 100,000 edits.[50]
2018, September 12Dillonn241 becomes an administrator on the wiki.[51]
2018, September 27CyrusBot is made a bot on the wiki.[18]
2018, October 1Alpha Kenny Buddy is hired as UESP's second full-time employee, after Dave Humphrey.
2018, November 9Skyrim: Home of the Nords, Province: Cyrodiil, and Tamriel Data get their own sections.[23]
2018, November 21 — The UESP mobile app is released for closed beta testing.
  • The UESP app for Android is a project started by ThalJ that allows users to browse UESP with ease on a small screen.[52]
2019, January 9 — The UESP mobile app opens for public beta testing.[52]
2019, January 14Pylawn hosts UESP's first Podcast episode.[53]
2019, February 25HoodBot is made a bot on the wiki.[18]
2019, March 9 — The Online Collectible Images Project begins.
2019, May 31 — An Arabic translation of UESPWiki is launched.
  • As the third translation wiki, Arabic editors begin the project with a translated UESP logo and a right-to-left site layout.[54]
2019, May 31Ilaro becomes an administrator on the wiki.[55]
2019, August 18 — At last, Arena and Daggerfall receive their own mods and modding namespaces.
2019, December 3 — The Skyrim NPC Redesign Project begins.
2019, December 11Jeancey reaches 100,000 edits.[56]


2020, January 28 — UESP launches its Patreon account.
  • While the site generates revenue to keep its servers running, Patreon donations support larger site improvements.
2020, February 1 — Preparations are made to merge the Dragonborn namespace into Skyrim.
2020, April 2Call to Arms gets its own namespace.[23]
2020, April 7 — A namespace is made to cover mods and modding for all other games besides the main series and ESO.
  • It is initially called TesOtherMod, then renamed to Mod.[23]
2020, May 1 — The UESP holds a charity event for COVID-19.[57]
2020, May 5 — UESP begins documenting Elder Scrolls Merchandise, Skyrim Pinball, and Skyrim Very Special Edition.[23]
2020, June 8 — The Dark Mode Project begins.
  • An effort to make a dark mode for UESP begins with Kiz as its lead. Since it is a gadget, it will have a few issues until it can be converted to a wiki skin.
2020, June 27 — The Legends Namespace Completion Project begins.
  • With Legends going into maintenance mode, this project is started to catch up and document everything in the game that's left.
2020, September 4 — The Shadowkey Documentation Project begins.
2020, December 4 — Wikis from The Assimilation Lab are merged into UESPWiki.
2021, January 7 — Per the Modspace Project, a Namespace Overhaul begins.
  • With this change, very large modding projects like Tamriel Rebuilt receive their own full namespaces, and every mod with more than a handful of pages is eligible to receive a pseudo-namespace.[23]
2021, March 8MolagBallet becomes an administrator on the wiki.[59]
2021, April 3Imperialbattlespire becomes an administrator on the wiki.[60]
2021, May 29 — The Starfield Wiki is founded as an independent wiki under the UESP umbrella.
2021, September 2 — The main page gets a game carousel.
  • This is the row of clickable game covers above the news section.
2021, September 13 — The UESP mobile app has its first beta released for Patreon testers.
  • The app's look and feel is different and new features include a dark theme, a news tab, and the ability to rearrange the home tab.[52]
2022, January 19 — The UESP mobile app officially releases to all users on the Google Play Store.
  • Besides the features tested in the Patreon beta release, there is a new and improved image viewer, launcher shortcuts, and UESP links automatically open in the app.[52]
2022, February 9 — MediaWiki is updated to version 1.28.3 on UESPWiki.[24]
2022, June 28 — RobinHood70 releases Riven.
2022, August 8ThalJ is hired as UESP's third full-time employee.
  • He is hired as a web developer to work on the UESP mobile app and site, interactive game maps, and other technical projects.
2022, November 17 — UESP creates an account on Mastodon.[62]
2022, November 30 — UESP starts to form affiliate connections with other wikis, starting with the Independent Fallout Wiki.
2022, December 15 — A French translation of UESPWiki is launched.
  • This is the fourth translation project for UESP.[24]
2022, December 19 — UESP affiliates with Combine OverWiki and Halopedia.
2022, December 20 — UESP officially affiliates with The Imperial Library.
2023, February 1MolagBallet reaches 100,000 edits.[63]
2023, February 7CSList expands to support multiple languages.
  • This expansion began with French and German data for Morrowind, which will assist editors of the French UESPWiki and any future German translation wiki.[64]
2023, March 3 — Beta testing starts for the new Interactive Game Maps.
  • Daveh and ThalJ release a new version of the interactive maps linked to throughout UESP. Keys features include high performance, a unified user interface, and map layers.[65]
2023, March 22 — Dave is invited to a private ESO Necrom preview.[64]
2023, April 17 — RobinHood70 updates MetaTemplate.
  • The update adds some minor features and brings it up to modern MediaWiki standards, allowing it to be more easily maintained in the future.[66]
2023, June 29 — A major overhaul of the Lore:Vivec page is completed.
  • Beginning April 28, these edits attempt to account for all the nuances and conflicting accounts of the Tribunal god's origins and history.
2023, July 5 — MediaWiki is updated to version 1.30 on UESPWiki.[24]
2023, July 6 — UESP creates an account on Threads.[67]
2023, August 8 — UESP creates an account on Blue Sky.[68]
2023, August 16 — UESP's new maps system launches, replacing the old maps.[69]
2023, August 28 — After over two years in development, Starfield Wiki launches.
2023, September 30 — The Castles namespace is started.
  • This comes after the surprise announcement of early access testing.[23]
2023, October 10 — UESP affiliates with JoJo Wiki.
2023, November 4ZeniMax Online Studios invites UESP to an ESO Endless Archive streaming event.[64]
2023, November 8 — UESP affiliates with Mystery Dungeon Franchise Wiki.
2023, November 14 — UESP reaches 100,000 articles in size.
  • After spending most of its wiki life in the ten thousands, UESP finally achieves a six-digit article count, with Lore:Cheese as the 100,000th article. This achievement is celebrated in an ESO Community Spotlight.[70]
2023, December 4 — UESP participates in Extra Life 2023.
  • This is a fundraising event whose proceeds go directly to children's hospitals. With the help of the community, UESP was able to raise $5,000.[64]
2024, January 24Alpha Kenny Buddy and ThalJ are granted an employee role on the wiki.
  • This new role allows rights such as editing the Main Page and user interface. Additionally, editing the wiki's user interface has been split off from the Patroller role and must be requested separately, similar to how Blockers work.[24]
2024, February 13 — UESP releases its 2023 Year in Review.
2024, February 15 — RobinHood70 becomes a bureaucrat on the wiki.
2024, March 29 — Dave Humphrey hosts a 30th anniversary stream for The Elder Scrolls.[71]
2024, April 5 — UESP attends the 10th Anniversary Celebration for Elder Scrolls Online in Amsterdam.


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