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UESP 25th Anniversary Coins Finished! — September 25, 2020

ESO Holds Explorer’s Celebration — November 12, 2020

Ebony Plate Creation Temporarily Free — November 12, 2020

Free Upgrade for ESO Players to Next Console Generation — November 09, 2020

Elder Scrolls Online: Markarth Released — November 02, 2020

Asian Market Version of The Elder Scrolls: Legends Shutting Down — October 29, 2020

Daedric Mail Creation Temporarily Free — October 26, 2020

Creation Club Set to Return by End of Year — October 02, 2020

Call to Arms News — October 02, 2020

Lost Treasures of Skyrim Event Successfully Completed — October 02, 2020

Bone Wolf Creation Temporarily Free — October 01, 2020

Microsoft to acquire ZeniMax Media — September 21, 2020

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Jakben Imbel's House

Jakben Imbel's House is a large manor in the Imperial City Talos Plaza District found in the main plaza between The Tiber Septim Hotel and Umbacano Manor. It is the residence of Jakben, Earl of Imbel, an ancient vampire posing as a local nobleman, and his servant, Gemellus Axius. (more...)

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