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Location Near Hammerdeath Arena, Kragenmoor, Kulati Mines, House Indoril Crypt, Mephala's Nest, near Davon's Fine Steeds, near Summoner's Camp, Nilata Ruins, The Scuttle Pit, Cathedral of WebsSummerset, Doomvault PorcixidBlackwood
Species Spider
Health 31,364
Reaction Hostile
Crawlers, Spider Egg, Carapace, Petrified Spider Egg

Spiders range from small, passive creatures to large, aggressive ones. They vary somewhat in appearance: from brown, black, grey, and blue spiders to spiders with red markings. They can be found in a variety of places, such as in their webs, in caves, or in the forest.

Small, passive spiders yield crawlers when slain. Both types can drop spider eggs, which serve as an alchemical reagent.

Related QuestsEdit

Skill and AbilitiesEdit

Corrosive Bite
The spider bites you, dealing poison damage.
You are bitten by the spider, causing physical damage.
The spider sets down a web AoE that slows players that step in it.
Ranged ability, deals poison damage.
Poison Spray
The spider sprays venom at you, dealing poison damage.
If a nearby spider corpse is present, either big or small, the spider rushes over to it and starts eating it to regain health. This can be interrupted.

Unique SpidersEdit


Generic SpidersEdit

Generic, unnamed spiders can be encountered in various places across Tamriel, including delves, dungeons, and DLC content. These spiders have varying stats, namely health. Below is a list of spiders, categorized by location, difficulty and health.

Zone / Dungeon Specific Location Reaction Difficulty Health
Tamriel In caves, delves, and dungeons Passive 1
Cyrodiil Breakneck Cave Hostile 42,677
Battle of Cormount Memorial
Hightide Hollow, Hrogar's Hold, Shadowsilk Goblin Camp
White Stallion Inn
Hostile 29,870
Spindleclutch I Throughout the dungeon
Smaller spiders
Hostile  33,399 123,034
 30,059 (?)
Fungal Grotto II Throughout the dungeon Hostile  (?) (?)
The Scuttle Pit Throughout the cave Friendly 0
Crypt of Hearts II Near Death Spider Hostile  19,647 (?)
Selene's Web Tunnels and caves Hostile  33,399 123,034
Selene's Web Summoned by Mennir Many-Legs Hostile  49,116 136,704
Mtharnaz Black and red spiders Hostile 62,200
Brown and grey spiders Hostile 59,200
Initially found with and later summoned by the Skillful Seamstress Hostile 27,500
Shada's Tear Black and red spiders Hostile 62,200
Brown and grey spiders Hostile 59,200
Morkul Descent 
Morkuldin Forge 
White spiders Hostile 31,364
Black and red spiders Hostile 29,870
Emerging from nests Hostile 13,846
Old Orsinium  Dungeon occupants Hostile 31,364
Summoned by Great Zoraluma Hostile 13,846
Cradle of Shadows  Spider Caves Hostile (?)
Bal Fell  Summoned by Mad Griskild Hostile 6,600
Cathedral of Webs Exterior 
Corgrad Wastes Underground 
Direnni Acropolis 
Red Temple Catacombs 
Black and red spiders Hostile 31,364
Brown and grey spiders Hostile 29,870
Eton Nir Grotto  Delve occupants Hostile 31,364
Summoned by Webmistress Xoraxia Hostile 13,200
Illumination Academy  Small spiders in the gardens Friendly 39,959
After one is caught and released during the quest Illusions of Grandeur Friendly 15,000
Blackrose Prison  Round 2: Hall of Beasts/Round 4: Mess Hall of Misery Hostile  58,940 (?)
Scrivener's Hall  Summoned by Lamikhal Hostile (?)


Achievement Points Description
   Veteran Arachnid Slayer 10 Defeat 200 Spiders in Veteran Fungal Grotto II.
   Veteran Selene's Spider Slayer 10 Defeat 250 Spiders in Veteran Selene's Web.
   Veteran Spider Slayer 10 Defeat 600 Spiders in Veteran Spindleclutch I.