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Legends: Story

A compilation of the rewards you get for completing the story missions.

The Forgotten HeroEdit

In the Forgotten Hero story, you are given choices at the end of some matches that will determine what card you get as a reward. The card you do not get can be soul summoned or earned from a pack later.

Story Mission Cards (incl. decks and packs) Choice Other
Act 1
The Fighting Pit 2x Fiery Imp, 2x Valenwood Huntsman, Crushing Blow
The Escape Kvatch Soldier, Grahtwood Ambusher, Divine Fervor
Dark Omens Deck: Band of Survivors and a random Heroes of Skyrim deck Event Ticket
Solo Arena, Casual, and Ranked unlocked.
Bandit Ambush (spare) Steel Scimitar or (execute) Execute
Fugitives Legion Shield, Senche-Tiger, Bruma Profiteer
The Hungry Pack Piercing Javelin (adopt) Snow Wolf or (abandon) Cast Out
Hopes Dashed Battlerage Orc, Fireball, Bog Lurcher
Swims-at-Night Decks: Black Marsh Smugglers 10  
Title: The Smuggler
Act 2
Broadsides Lurking Mummy, Swamp Leviathan, Suppress 10  
Unwelcome Intrusion Voracious Spriggan, Finish Off, Daring Cutpurse (follow) Green-Touched Spriggan or (loot) Hackwing Feather 5  
The Rescue Deck: Dunmer Avengers 10  
Tangled Web Breton Conjurer, Silvenar Tracker, Cave Grahl (help) Shimmerene Peddler or (rob) 50  
The Brawl 1x Core Set card pack, Lightning Bolt, Shrieking Harpy, Tome of Alteration
A Fractured Legion Deck: Imperial Might 50  
Act 3
Ladies and Gentlemen! 50 
The Restless Dead Shadowfen Priest (take) Haunting Spirit or (destroy) Plea to Kynareth 25 
Interlude Tyr or Orb of Vaermina
Reive's Wrath 1x Core Set card pack, Goldbrand 25 
A Knife in the Dark Rapid Shot, Leaflurker 100 
The Siege of the Imperial City Mantikora, Snowy Sabre Cat
The Showdown 3x Core Set card packs, Deck: Warriors of Hammerfell 250 
Title: The Savior of Cyrodiil

The Fall of the Dark BrotherhoodEdit

The rewards are set up differently for the non-tutorial stories. Each story is associated with a set of cards, and the only way to earn those cards is finishing the story missions. As such, the choices you can make don't affect what cards you earn, but which cutscenes you see and titles you earn.

Story Mission Normal Rewards Master Rewards
Episode 1: Enter the Shadows
Uther's Story
Cloudy Dregs Inn 3x Knife to the Throat 20 
Murder Scene 3x Daggers in the Dark
Dreughside 3x Gristlehide Dreugh 20 
Arenthil Wethrin's House 3x Grand Ball 20 
Kastus Thorn's House 3x Brotherhood Slayer 20 
Order of the Hour Barracks 3x Knight of the Hour 20 
Temple of Akatosh 3x Chanter of Akatosh, Title: The Temple's Chosen (possible) 20 
Title: The Temple's Chosen (possible)
Docks The Black Dragon 30 
Welcome to the Brotherhood
Episode 2: The Corsair Conspiracy
Episode 2 Intro
City Gates 3x Corsair Ship 20 
Wayrest Plains 3x Protector of the Innocent, 3x Dark Guardian 20 
Title: The Animal Lover
Princess Barynia 3x Flesh Sculpture
Wayrest Sewers 3x Skeever Infestation 20 
Castle Wayrest 3x Palace Conspirator, 3x Blood Sorceress 20 
Castle Wayrest Speaker Terenus 30 
Regicide Title: The Kingslayer
Mercy Title: The King's Protector
Episode 3: The High Priest
Episode 3 Intro
Grave Concoctions 3x Marked Man 20 
Hilltop Shrine 3x Unstoppable Rage, 3x Fell the Mighty 20 
Title: The Giant Slayer (possible)
Hall of the Dead 3x Falkreath Defiler 20 
Cultists' Meeting Place Astrid, 3x Gravesinger
Title: The Risen (possible)
Title: The Risen (possible)
Ominous Tidings
Episode 4: A Traitor in our Midst
Episode 4 Intro
Abandoned Mine 3x Stalking Shadowscale 20 
Corpselight Farm 3x Little Girl 20 
Falkreath Jail 3x Quicksilver Crossbow 20 
Falkreath Sanctuary 3x Brotherhood Sanctuary, 3x Sanctuary Pet
Accuse Babette
Accuse Eliras 20 
Accuse Varlyn Cicero the Betrayer, 3x Wrath of Sithis 30 
Efficient Killer
The Traitor Found
Episode 5: The Missing Assassins
Chaos in Bravil
Episode 5 Intro
Skooma Den 3x Blood Pact Messenger 20 
Eclipse Hideout 3x Eclipse Baroness
South Bridge 3x Skooma Underboss 20 
Bravil Treasury 3x Penitus Oculatus Agent
Silverhome on the Water 3x Stealer of Secrets
Silverhome on the Water, Back Room Garnag, Dark Adherent, 3x Spear of Embers 30 
Assassins Found
Episode 6: Revelations
Alisanne's Story
Silverhome on the Water 3x Sanctuary Raid
Night Mother's Crypt 3x Underworld Vigilante 20 
Night Mother's Crypt Part 2 The Night Mother, Shadowmere 40 
Brotherhood's Fall Title: The Crypt Raider Title: The Assassin's Bane
Brotherhood's Justice Title: The Listener Title: The Night Mother's Keeper

Return to Clockwork CityEdit

Story Mission Normal Rewards Master Rewards
Episode 1: The Lost Treasure
Offer From a Friend
Thornwell Farm 3x Relic Hunter, 3x Ratway Prospector 20 
Darkened Forest 3x Thornwell Terror 20 
Ragged Flagon 3x Daring Heist 20 
Streets of Riften 3x Riften Lawkeeper 20 
Mistveil Dungeon 3x Mistveil Warden, Title: The Escape Artist 20 
Forelhost Front Gate 3x Hallowed Deathpriest 20 
Forelhost Lost Tomb Sails-Through-Storms, 3x Weakness 30 
Treasure Denied
Episode 2: The Frozen Path
Episode 2 Intro
College of Winterhold 3x Dormant Centurion, 3x Arcanaeum Librarian 20 
J'Zargo 3x Scroll Seeker 20 
Winterhold Wilderness 3x Trial of Flame 20 
The Midden 3x Reverberating Strike 20 
Alfe Fyr 3x Treasure Map 20 
Bleakcoast Ridge 3x Grappling Hook
Title: Friend to Animals (possible)
Title: Friend to Animals (possible)
Mount Anthor 3x Dragon Aspect 20 
Sightless Pit 3x Back-Alley Rogue, 3x Cog Collector
Title: Child of Hircine (possible)
Title: Child of Hircine (possible)
Return to Alfe Fyr Laaneth, 3x Ruin Archaeologist 30 
Enter the City
Episode 3: The Ruined City
Episode 3 Intro
The Ventral Terminus 3x Assembled Sentry, 3x Reflective Automaton 20 
The Halls of Regulation 3x Assembled Conduit, 3x Assembled Sanitizer 20 
Brass Fortress Market Square 3x Clockwork Apostle 20 
Mire Mechanica 3x Murkwater Guide 20 
The Last Stand Galyn the Shelterer, 3x Brass Arquebus 30 
The Heart, Revealed
Episode 4: Race Against Time
Episode 4 Intro
Cogitum Centralis 3x Hulking Fabricant, 3x Shalk Fabricant 20 
The Red Mountain 3x Star-Sung Bard 20 
The Apprentice 3x Gearwork Spider, 3x Mecinar's Will 20 
Hall of Conveyance 3x Ruthless Freebooter, 3x Firepot Spider 20 
The Betrayal 3x Kagouti Fabricant, 3x Abandoned Imperfect 20 
The Inner Curiosity Aldora the Daring, 3x Dwarven Colossus 30 
Mecinar Triumphant
Episode 5: Furnace Depths
Collapsing Tunnel 3x Verminous Fabricant 20 
Submerged Aqueduct 3x Brassilisk 20 
Piston Cavum 3x Nix-Hound Fabricant 20 
The Tools 3x Awakened Imperfect, 3x Fabricate 20 
Title: The Memory Master
The Caminus Pit 3x Reconstruction Engine, 3x Skeevaton 20 
Shaft of Sohleh Assembled Titan, 3x Hunter-Killers 30 
Swims-at-Night's Last Stand
Laaneth's Last Stand
Episode 6: The Heart of the City
The Throne Aligned 3x Memory Wraith, 3x Throne Aligned 20 
Dragonclaw Rock 3x Clockwork Dragon 20 
Sanguine Barrows 3x Barrow Stalker 20 
Eastmarch Camp 3x Phalanx Exemplar 20 
Divine Implements Found
Return to The Inner Curiosity 3x Clockwork Scorpion, 3x Excavate 20 
Chamber of Lorkhan Mecinar, The Mechanical Heart Premium Alternate Art Swims-at-Night
The City Falls Title: The City's Destroyer Title: The God Slayer
Journey's End Title: The City's Savior Title: The God of the Machine

Isle of MadnessEdit

If you bought the Isle of Madness Premium Pre-Order, all normal rewards will be replaced with Soul Gems  and Gold   equal to the amount of Soul Gems  received from Master mode.

Story Mission Normal Rewards Master Rewards
Episode 1: The Shivering Isles
The Fringe
Garden of Swords 3x Cloak/Dagger, 3x Gardener's Harvest 20 
Gates of Madness 3x Squish the Wimpy, 3x Icy Shambles 20 
Title: Gatecrasher (possible)
New Sheoth Palace
No-Rat Camp 3x Nervous Giant 20 
Notehollow 3x Grummite Magus, 3x Spawn Mother/Baliwog 20 
A Man Divided
The Other Half 3x Unstable Madman, 1x Tavyar the Knight/Rayvat the Mage
Title: The Truthbringer (possible)
Title: The Truthbringer (possible)
The Bargain 3x Gates of Madness, 1x The Gatekeeper 30 
Episode 2: A Haunted Man
Episode 2 Intro
Fortress Catacombs 3x Crazed Hunger, 3x Preying Elytra 20 
Trophy Room 3x Crucible Blacksmith, 3x Trouble Seeker 20 
Title: The Scrupulous (possible)
Fortress Ramparts 3x Fortress Guard 20 
Fortress Hallway 3x Baliwog Tidecrawlers/Smoked Baliwog Leg 20 
Necrom Graveyard 3x Ghost Fanatic, 3x Wake the Dead 20 
Fortress Personal Chambers 3x Drive Mad, 1x Dawnfang
Title: The Ghost Whisperer
The Haunted Man
Episode 3: The Baron
Episode 3 Intro
Baron's Palace 3x Ring of Lordship
Kwama Mine 3x Transmogrify 20 
Meliel's Farm 3x Hulking Scalon, 3x Felldew/Elytra Noble 20 
Mushroom Tower 3x Xavara Atronach, 3x Eager Torturer 20 
Return to Baron Navir Title: Purveyor of Prophecy
Meliel's Garrison 3x Manic Jack/Manic Mutation, 1x Thadon, Duke of Mania 30 
The Baron
Episode 4: The Betrayal
Episode 4 Intro
Druadach Pass 3x Lady Syl's Cruelty, 1x Cyriel 20 
Bthardamz 3x Pointy Wall of Spikes, 3x Mad Dash 20 
Bthardamz Dungeon 3x Doomfang Ally, 3x Golden Initiate 20 
Grove of Mara 3x Blessing of the Grove 20 
Bthardamz Secret Passage 3x Seething Flesh Golem, 1x Syl, Duchess of Dementia
Title: The Betrayer
The Betrayal
Episode 5: The Descent
The Return
Episode 5 Intro
New Sheoth Palace 3x Shining Saint, 3x Dark Seducer 20 
Flooded Camp 3x Tiny Dragon, 3x Giant Chicken 20 
Darkened Grove 3x Greatwood Elder, 3x Gnarl Rootbender 20 
Circus of Cheerful Slaughter 3x Bedeviling Scamp, 3x Manic Grummite/Demented Grummite 20 
The Trance 3x Skinned Hound, 3x Heretic Conjurer 20 
Knifepoint Hollow 3x Seducer Darkfire, 1x Luzrah gro-Shar 30 
The Warrior
Episode 6: Memories
Obelisk of Order 3x Knight of Order, 3x Jyggalag's Incursion
Title: The Prince of Order
The Final Battle
Imperial Training
The Final Battle Pt. 2
Worm Cult Initiation
The Final Battle Pt. 3
The Tragedy
The Final Battle Pt. 4 3x Brellach Commander, 1x Haskill, 1x Fork of Horripilation
Title: Conqueror of Madness, The Strategist (possible)
Title: The Clearheaded, The Strategist (possible)
Card Back: Saint
A Reckoning